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Welcome to ya!


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Alderbannan? No matter how familiar that sounds, I think he means Alderaan.


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Thats easy to get lost in...there's tons of plot holes in that.


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I know in chemistry, but being sure about something. Its like having 99.8% of a child to me.


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Ralin Drakus wrote:

Whoa..... Not what I was expecting Moss.  I 98.7% sure you were a Dude for some reason...lol 

Really nice pic; love the hair   smile

98.7%? How can your percent be point-something?


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I'm surprised no-one has posted this yet, but: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.


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Miba wrote:

Like he said, MH, it happened cause of an auto-renewal mistake. That means either he forgot to select auto renew and assumed it would renew on it's own and it didn't and the name ran out. Or that godaddy was having a problem at the time and skipped renewing it for him.

Either way, good to know it'll be back. I was worried for a moment too.

I missed that part...thanks.


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I was watching the original series recently, and when Sarge died, he met Church in the afetr-life...could be church be both a ghost and an AI? Wouldn't that give him a way to survive the emp?


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I noticed that...I was afraid I was typing in the wrong address...how did that happen, out of curiosity?


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Bashing your way through little kids at Disney Land? I'm not the only one! @ Ralin, Duck Vader would be funy but imagine him having a fit as Donald Fett instead.


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BFFC Admin wrote:

From http://bobafett.com/manual/faq/:

Does the name "Boba Fett" mean anything in another language?


From Babel Fish
boba - foolish, stupid


From German Slang
Fett: cool, awesome

Submitted by Gerhard Brandt
In german slang "fett" is a synonym for cool, or voluminous. Normally applied especially to hip-hop beats but nowadays everything is "fett" if its not whack.

From Langensceidts German-English Dictionary (1970)
fett - [fet] 1. adj. fat; fleshy; voice; oily; land, etc.: rich; 2. fat; grease; drunk typ. m bold type; fleck m grease-spot;~ig adj. hair, skin, etc.: greasy, oily; fingers, etc.: greasy; substance: fatty.

In German, fett spelled with a lower-case "f" means fat.

Its the name of a sauce at a chinese resturaunt in Oklahoma...


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Happy birthday Si...and happy quarter life crisis!

BFFC Admin wrote:

What were all the scenes? (I didn't see it.)

1. Boba Fett fights Jedi, jumps into Sarlacc on purpose
2. Father/son dance off
3. ...?

He and Lando (just Lando really) are talking about Slave I.

Lando: "I like the color, but I don't like the name that much."
*Boba stares at Lando.*

Not much, but when you see it on the show, its funnier.


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And so people were furious. Romans were about to reinstate the colosseum's fights, but now took their anger out on


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Revan, Mustang GT's are my fav cars...I think I'll be drooling for awhile...


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But their hostage, Fett_II also couldn't survive in space, so when he died someone from the BFFC wrote a eulogy for him. That person was

I also liked how he fought off 80 Jedi, then jumped into the Sarlacc on purpose.
"WOOOAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Meant to do it!"

It was BOMB.


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Imagine wearing your Mando armor while riding it...


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3 times? TWICE. I followed Malak's lead with the force drain first time I played...I killed Malak at the same time he killed me *he hit me, I poisoned him*. At the movie, it said I had died, so I got to fight him again, which was th reason for two times.

Don't let your health drop below a quarter, EVER. The same thing happened then for me, and I'm not sure if my game glitched or that's all games, but just a tip.


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But the frisbee miraculously bounced off the God of Clumsiness's back, and was passed to


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Dude, you look awesome man...nice bike too.


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Of course, Fett was lost in this intire thread, so he decided to make it believable by


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Alo Fett wrote:

Yep, Penny Arcade. A little crude at times but funny none the less. Plus I am a gamer and get most all their comics.
Yeah, I'm glad we have more options now rather then 600 Bobas running around.

people could've customized back then...but now we have 600 Jango's, Kal's, Vau's, and everything else running around.