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Where do you store your vibro blade...How you would carry out a mission...How did you train?
I think you should try to make the quiz.


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Where he ordered something that would change the course of time. It was something more so grand than cheesepuffs ever could be. It was


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Mandalore Hunter wrote:

"...And Yoda said, let there be lightsabers, and he saw that they were good..."

I said this about the Jedi Church. About the Church of Fett:
"Boba said, let there be credits, and he saw that they were good..."


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Hoth to get some Tauncicles.


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SciFifreak90 wrote:

Oh my, another dazzled fanpire. If I killed one baby for each twilight bumper sticker I've seen on facebook....that's it, we'd skip a generation.

I'm going to have to jump on the band wagon and say The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger just made an amazing joker. Honestly, if you were going to play one role before overdosing in a hotel room, he picked a damn good one. I'll also join the rest of us manly men and say that Ironman was a close second.

I did not, however, enjoy the new Indiana Jones, at least compared to the originals. Even then I didn't like Temple of Doom; Last Crusade and Ark of the Covenant were the best of the series in my opinion, and making The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull just seemed like they were milking the good Indiana Jones name. My loss of faith in Father Lucas was completed with that movie.

Same here on almost all those points, except we'd skip about five generations with me.


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Schizophrenia-brain disorder.


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regimas wrote:


are you tryin to pull a glopino on us?

Glopino did this kind of stuff too?


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Commander Appo wrote:

lmao I would totally like to see what goes on inside those "churches". Someone definitely should go dressed as a mando. That would be hilarious.

Don't forget the Sith Lord to go with the Mando!


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Werda Verd wrote:

The Jedi Got Run over by a War Droid

Coming home from Darth's house Christmas eve. Now you can say they were all shut down after the Clone War, but as for me and Yoda, we believe.


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Not to mention thet their "code" is them repeating everything said in the movies...I think two people at least should go to one of the Jedi Curch's sessions, one dressed up as a Mandalorian, and one as an evil Sith...Say stuff that will contradict their code or something like that.


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I'm never ashamed to call myself a fan...I'm kind of like a jock at  school, and never ashamed to admit my fandom. Just know that it's other fat, 40 year old losers who made the Jedi Church. I(Just a joke, making fun of our stereotype)


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SciFifreak90 wrote:

......just gimme a beer and I'm good to go, to hell with this fancy stuff. HOWEVER, this can only lead to evil and...evil things if it turns into an alcohol thread....my bad.

You are far too evil SciFi...Even Sidious would be impressed...


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Wow, I just exited facebook to see what's going on over here...I do believe I'm a fan...Are all of the fans on the Facebook page from the BFFC? I've found that alot of pictures look familiar from the Post a Picture of Yourself thread.


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Seems like most of it was stolen from Family Guy.


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Valthonin wrote:

where could you find out where they are? if theres one here in miami, im definitely crashing it.

That'd be funny if someone went there as Indiana Jones, with a friend in Boba Fett armor...hillarious.


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After Luke had whined Leia gave him the plans.


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Probably...have you heard of the dude in England (I think that's where it was) dressed up as Darth Vader and hit people in the Jedi church with a cane? Revenge of the Sith for real...


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Open the page to number 337: "...And Yoda said, let there be lightsabers, and he saw that they were good..."
Go in Mando armor and say you want revenge.


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Yeah, he is...just by a few inches if I remember...


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Johan Kordav wrote:
Mandalore Hunter wrote:

Are you in the military, or doing some sort of ROTC? Your uniforms look like my ROTC uniform...

yeah im in a NJROTC at my school

MossNoth wrote:

Johan: Looking sharp! 8) You're pretty well decorated.

Thank you i try my best

I see...I'm in AFJROTC...


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That stuff is awesome.

I was just making a statement...but seriously, he was the original Mandalorian, so it would make sense to have him as their first honorary member.

Novall Talon wrote:

This past weekend, the Vok'Chi clan and Hellfire squad of Mandalorian Mercs based in the UK were proud to present Jeremy Bulloch with official honorary membership as a Mandalorian Merc. 

http://i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc79 … G_1694.jpg

The invasion report from Vok'Chi was as follows:

"Today the Vok'Chi clan including Hellfire Squad of the Mandalorian Mercs invaded Heroes & Legends 3 on a very special mission.

Our mission was to make Jeremy Bulloch a Honorary Member of the Mandalorian Mercs. Jeremy was very pleased and humbled to have been presented this award.

Mission successful."

Jeremy is our 3rd Honorary Member following Daniel Logan and Karen Traviss.

Jeremy should have been the first Honorary Member considering he was the Original Fett.


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Are you in the military, or doing some sort of ROTC? Your uniforms look like my ROTC uniform...


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Stone Mando wrote:

im dislepsic,so writing is hard for me.i could not read till i was 14.im just presenting an concept.what if boba fett got on the falcon with everybody else and found himself a part of the rebellion,wanted as a rebell with evrybody else.hed have to take the ball and run with it.hes so much smarter than all the other characters.so hed end up running the show and taking over.

Sorry, didn't know. Please forgive me if you thought my comments were rude.