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Who teamed up with Chuck Norris so they could get Stefan's air compressor for themselves.


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tachyonblade wrote:

I don't have a lot of stars but I try to make my postings count. I notice that some folks just chime in on a topic to get a posting point. That's why my posts tend to be long. "Quality over quantity." And in my case there is an inverse proportion between how often I work and how often I post. Lately I post rather often which means I am poor and board. Does this just sound like sour grapes?

Well, it could be considered that your posts have a great quantity, not for how many posts you have, but how much you have in the post. That's not to say that it takes away quality, but it seems you are trying to do both to me.


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I just got GamePro and found out the Flood will be in Halo Wars. It looks pretty good, they've even made a new Flood form for te game.


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virulent_messiah wrote:

Yeah, man. I am soooooo far away from 1001 posts...lol

You're a lot closer than I am.


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If you could be anyone in the world other than yourself, who would it be?


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Do you know of any reason why IE has it changed Miba?


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Who allowed himself to get eaten so he could take it out from the inside. Within the stomach, he found


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Depends on the color quality of your screen, but yeah, it turns to either light-grey, or black.


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bats wrote:

I have thought a lot on what these two ,,,have said ,,as in my Nature ,,I always see the best in Downs
made me ,,think ,,better to check my emails before I post them  as I Do rush !!!,,not much time do I
allow myself,, really didn't think my Spelling was that awful or is it I annoy Both of you ??
I'm a very Happy Person,,proud of what I have done in my Life and travelled nearly all over the World
been in the Air-Force that help a lot ,,and did my Nursing afterwards,,raised three  Boys who have all done well
in their Lives ,,as for the rest of my Siblings,,they are depend on Social Welfare, the whole lot ,with no
Direction in Life at all,,
So have a good  Snigger at my writing etc,,as I find it very Distasteful ,just hope in the Future when you have
your Down-Times ,,hope you can cope with Life


I don't think they were trying to laugh at you bats. I guess one thing you can do when you type is type how you talk.


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Thanks. Have you seen the new RT shirt on their site?


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do you know how long it will take between each episode of Relocated?


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Yeah, none of that really seems Star Wars related in anyway, save the fact that you're just printing pictures onto different items. Who do you see cook with an apron that has Boba getting knocked into the sarlacc!?


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SciFifreak90 wrote:

That's a huge cake for your 6th birthday.

Maybe Indy discovered a forgotten city so his parents got him a big cake.


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Werda Verd wrote:

Ok, some kind soul put Ep. 1 on Youtube, so I saw it there. Can't wait to see more, Ep. 1 not as funny as I'd hoped. Never the less, it means RT is doing more vids now and in the future.

I think its a good way to get people back into Red Vs. Blue though...a good transistion back from Reconstruction to their normal days.


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Just went public. Saw it just now. It was a pretty good way to open the series, nothing big yet, but I can't wait for the next episode!
EDIT: Forgot to mention, they don't show much of Blue Base, and Caboose doesn't have any lines in this one.


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Indiana Jones before the prologue of the Last Crusade.


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BFFC-Mel wrote:
tachyonblade wrote:
Karson Fett wrote:

Jarr Jarr rocks!

Yeah, why not, you've convinced me that Jarr Jarr is not all bad.

Maybe Jar Jar is tasty to rancors... that's got to be a good point tongue

Bwahahaha... now where's Rev he's usually the evil one tongue

So is Jarr Jarr the SW equivalent of Calamari? Or is that the Mon Calamari? Maybe Jarr Jarr is chewy.


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

You're fourteen, right? Everyone at that age hates their life for one reason or another. Its a stage. Very rarely is it not. In a few years it'll be over.

Not everyone hates their life at that age.


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I'm more hopeful of seeing Church. But you're right...this is probably the only time I've been pumped for a monday.


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I know its been awhile since anyone has posted on this, but I heard on the Rooster Teeth website that they're starting a new mini-series of RvB tomorrow, so that might explain a few of the questions here.


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Miba wrote:

I dunno about eating the ship, but I'd eat Boba. wink

You'd eat Boba...? For some reason, I've just started to think about episode 6...


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Good point Val (The very last post). In fact, all this is off from the topic's first question. Perhaps this topic should be closed...


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Man...I'm sooo hungry for cake now...


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BFFC-Mel wrote:

But the real question is: Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy?

Sorry had to lighten the mood - couldn't help myself tongue

Yes I do.


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Humorbot5 wrote:
Valthonin wrote:

At one time, everyone thought the world was flat, did that make it true? No, they were wrong and they realized it when scientists came and showed them they were wrong. And what 'high ranking scribe' are you talking about? Because that doesnt seem too credible.

Just as a general interesting, and slightly off-topic; I do apologise, fact, it is a common misconception that the general populace ever thought the world was flat and certainly never "everyone" thought it was so.


But yes.

Scepticism leads me to believe that if a Christian were to find evidence that Jesus (person) was never born and never existed, the Christians would cover that evidence up in any way possible.

That however is scepticism and the point of faith is to ignore scepticism.
Unfortunately that is something those who do not believe cannot comprehend.
After all how could you possibly ignore reason and evidence in the face of something as trivial as a thought.

I had quite a magnum opus planned for the rest of this post but I think I shall save it. At least for now.

You could possibly be right, yet you could be wrong. It depends on how trustworthy and honest that Christian is.