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what day?


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If Bossk had been able to kill Boba if he ever got the chance, what weapon do you think he would use to pull it off, and how would the galaxy be changed?

Note: If you say blaster, be specific.


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Its KOTOR I. I'm playing the games right now.    With Fett armor!


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its Casus with 2 S's, not three. Cassus Fett was the tactitian in the Mandalorian wars I wondered why they did that too


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I'm still having problems with it. And I don't have photoshop.


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Yes, but Jango taught Boba not to have any emotions. Or at least not to care really. Jango had viewed caring as weakness, so had Boba later on. Most of Boba's legacy is said to be rumor, but id someone could find one weakness, they'd exploit it until the day they get decapitated by Boba.


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If you look at it, it seemed to me that he lacked a poison dart shooter. He might have had one, but he never used it. (I would've used it on Luke above the Sarlacc if I had a poison dart shooter.) The objects in his shin pockets are ways to open a door being completely silent. Thats another thing one had that the other didn't. I do question why he got rid of the thigh and shin guards though.


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Alright; but everyone knew Jango was more of the human side of the Fetts. He actually showed some emotion. I saw how unattached Boba was in the movies and still believe that he is that way. No care for anything but himself and Slave I. Just something of the movies stuck in my head I guess...


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That is awesome...and how do I transfer it to being my avatar?

actually, never mind that. when I tried to make it my avatar, it said it was too large to be uploaded to the server.


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I forgot about it...you put a post same time as me and I got confused...sorry about that. How long do you think the real Fett name will live on though?


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Whose armor does Boba use in TESB and ROTJ? He took Jango's, and Jaster Mereel's, and made his own. The costumes were different in both movies, so he obviously changes armor to fit the situation. His armor had different weapons than Jango's, but he could have upgraded. Same with Jaster's or it was his own. What suites do you think he wore in TESB, and then in ROTJ?


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My question though was, how long do you think the name will carry on? It may never die. Boba has lived through so many encounters that I'm starting to think he's immortal.

woops    didn't mean to do that double post thing....sorry 'bout that...


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I don't really believe that. I know the story, but real Fett fans know that he doesn't allow emotional attachments. Not to say you aren't a true Fett fan.


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Thanks for welcoming me Werda Verd


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I meant the serious blood line. Not the name stealing that cost Jodo Kast his life.


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The first Fett you see is Boba. The original (chronologically) in the movies was Jango. Their ancestor is Cassus. How far down the line, how many years will pass before the Fett name no longer exists?


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Yeah but a darker red more like blood red around the visor.


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Thanks Si. Cool pic, and I wanted to know what your signature means.

Bossk is my favorite. Killing Wokiees as kids? What can make you better prepared for bounty hunting. Not to mention that he's pointed a blaster at Boba's head more than once and he's still alive.


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I want to request an avatar that is Boba Fett's Mandalorian helmet (not Jango's) The color scheme though would be blood red around the visor's slit, and black where Boba's was green. Try to keep the battle scars if you can. That's why I said Boba and not Jango.


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So do I get those stars just by adding posts and all? And what does reputation/karma mean?


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So how do I get myself past New Member? And how do I raise my reputation?


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Thanks, but I don't think I can fit into the trunk of your car...Anyway thanks for the info. I've been a Boba Fett fan for a long time, but I haven't heard of this site untill recently. Anyother Fett fanclubs around?


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Hey people....I'm new. Doe sending this count as a post, or what does?