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"Ah.." Xeldor noticed Ferla behind him. Xeldor shot his ION charge at Ferla, and fried his blaster. Xeldor noticed that the sniper wasn't Fett, but Ferla's blaster setting. Xeldor pulled out his vibro blade, and threw it at Ferla. It pierced his stomach, and Xeldor activated the automatic retrieval. "I told you not to pull a gun on me! I'll let you live, just because you are the only one who ever followed me, but if you do this again, I WILL kill you without second thought!"


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Xeldor noticed Ferla's blaster. Before he could shoot, Xeldor jumped underneath his chair, and kicked out his legs to trip Ferla. Once Ferla was on the ground, Xeldor picked him up, and broke his shooting hand's wrist.

"Never pull a gun on me..." Xeldor growled. The guards ran into the cell, but Xeldor threw Ferla into them. "Its a bad move to leave the door open." Xeldor turned, and locked the door on Ferla and the guards. No Hunter would catch him, not this time.

Outside of the prison, Xeldor's helmet registered a sniper locked on to him. "Fett never gives up," thought Xeldor. Xeldor pulled out his E-11.


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On the street, he was captured by the Bounty Hunter's Guild. They knocked Xeldor unconscious, and carried him away. Later, Xeldor woke up, to see his old friend Ferla sitting across from him.

"How'd you get past the quarantine?" Xeldor asked.

"I have secret cloaking device on the ship."

"Wasn't good enough to get past these guys. Hold on. They didn't take off my armor. I have an ION charge in here. I think I can get us out of here."


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Same here


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Xeldor threw down the flash grenade, and covered his eyes. Fett was thrown back from the explosion, and his rifle fell from his hands. Deciding not to attract more attention to himself than he already had, he did not shoot Fett, but ran outside into the crowded city and into shelter. Nobody could find him there, or so he thought.


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Be sure to watch it all.


This one too.


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Xeldor noticed the cloaked figure coming closer. He pulled out a Flash Grenade, and used a magnetic lock to clip it to his forearm. Then he drew his DC-17 pistol, but kept it in the shadows of his cape. His helmet registered the weapons on Boba, and Fett was keeping it to a minimal. Xeldor had planted an electrical charge regulator on the bartender in case of betrayals. Besides, this would make a perfect distraction. Xeldor hit a button on his gauntlet, and 50,000 volts of electricity was sent through the bartender. Even Fett turned his head.

"Bad move..." Xeldor muttered to himself.


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MandoGirl0415 wrote:
regimas wrote:

hope bobas not assaulting statues in this one...

Yea it wasn' tmy favorite part of the first one either. I actually have to change the channel until it was over when i watch it. I am weird I know. tongue

I changed the channel too. And you who said you liked it... *shakes head*


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I've seen a VHS of ANH, original VHS tape. Had an interview with Lucas. I didn't get into it until TESB. I liked it when I saw Boba Fett. I was 5 at the time. Boba Fett made me like Star Wars. I am a die-hard Fett fan.


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Lucas is awesome! If he wasn't smart, we wouldn't be at the Boba Fett fanclub, because there wouldn't be one.


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Only the prequels. I wish I could see the originals in the theater.


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Xeldor turned his head. He knew people would notice his fear. Seeing a cloaked figure move towards him, he recognized the gait. He checked the door again. He bribed the bartender regularily, 25,000 credits a week, to keep him safe. Only the bar tender knew the code to the door. And the only person richer than him that would bribe people, was Boba Fett. He had several tricks left to get out, and the last one was something never seen before. Not even Fett would know this one. And just in case he did figure it out, it would be too late.


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STORY: This RPG is set in the time of the Empire. Civil War against the Rebellion. The setting is on the planet Chandrilla. The Empire has a halfway installed garrison planetside, but recent Rebel sabatoge runs have crippled the supply link to the base, and the Rebellion has their most powerful Mon Calamari cruisers create a quaratine on the planet. The most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy is trapped on Chandrilla, as well as several Senators that are very close to Emperor Palpatine.

TIMELINE: Early days of the Galactic Civil War; the Empire is trying to run over the localized governments on more and more planets, Chandrilla is the birthplace of Rebellion Leader Mon Mothma, the local Rebels have destroyed main routes to the Imperial Fortress outside the city.

RULES: No killing other players.(Exception if you are affilliated as Unknown) You cannot enter the Imperial Fortress, unless you are directly affiliated with the Empire and a higher rank than Corporal. You can be affiliated with the Empire, Rebellion, Bounty Hunter, Civillian, or Unknown. (PERMISSION ONLY FOR UNKNOWN) You can enter Mon Mothma's appartment despite affiliation. You can be any species from the Star Wars movies, or the EU. List your weapon, if melee, what hand do you hold it in? If blaster or grenade launcher, be specific. You can have more than one weapon. You can talk to my character despite affiliation. (You can PM me if you want permission to be unknown. There can only be three other unknowns but as the game progresses, I will add to this number, and unlimited other affiliation.)

Character: Xeldor Vython

Age: 28
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Unknown
Weapon: E-11 blaster rifle, DC-17 blaster pistol, concealed vibro-blade
Appearance: Tall and Muscular, wears a mix of old Clone Trooper armor and Mandalorian Super Commando armor. Face is always concealed behind ancient Mandalorian helmet. Wears a torn black cape, carries his rifle at all times.


       Xeldor is a rogue to the Empire, and has an extreme bounty on his head for a failed assassination attempt on Palpatine. He has supplied the Rebellion with numerous details; but also secretly ships weapons to the Empire. His past is very dark, and there are more rumors of his past than Darth Vader's. Only one stands true. He is an experienced Jedi Killer. No one has seen his face, not even those killed by him.

Xeldor waited in the Cantina, for the Imperial contact to recieve the weapon cache. He would occasionally turn his head to see if a blaster was pointed at his head. He could feel his temperature rise in his helmet, and kept thinking Fett was behind him. The entire Bounty Hunter's Guild and Fett were after him.When he heard of the quarantine, he thought he was safe. Then he learned Boba Fett was trapped too. As he faced his table again, he noticed the bartender waiving him a warning for bounty hunter. As he turned to leave, someone had locked the rear exit.


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I'm good at swoop. i'm only good at pazaak in KOTOR II.


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I know the armor very well. I just have to look at some of the gear and guess the function. 98% of the time, I'm right. I don't have any armor to study up close like you though. I'm planning on making it though.


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I'm not that good at pazaak


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Some one finally agrees with me.   and you have to sell ALOT of stuff if you want to get it


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Draco's right actually. Surely Jango would value stealth over a loud explosion. Poison darts over rockets.

Not to spam,  Die-cast Boba Fett figure with removable helmet(with a face underneath)is my most valued possesion. I stay strong when I think of his accomplishments.


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I hated that part in the first one.


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I don't think Boba would eat fried trandoshan legs.


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I don't have the software yet. I have a new computer. It only really lets me get on the internet

If only Boba HAD said that, would the whole movie be turned around?


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thanks. it looks really cool. can i repay the favor in any way?


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I looked at the size requirements. You had it correctly sized, and its only 34.8 kb, so I really dont understand the problem. maybe you do.

It was about 10240 (I dont clearly remember) but it works now. Thanks, this really is awesome.