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The Mummy 3


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"What I want...I want help; and fellow Mando'ade to follow me. What's in it for you? 35,000 credits if you help me fake the Moff's death. Here's half." Ralin reached out for the money; acting as though he hadn't seen any for ages.
"Very well. We have been in chaos since Jango Fett left us. I will follow you for now. And you have Mandalore's helmet, so I guess that means you are the new Mandalore." Xeldor turned and looked at the corpses on the ground. Nobody cleaned up the two bartenders he had killed.
"Ralin, the Rebellion wants us ALL dead. By joining me, you will help us avenge all of our fallen vode."


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Xeldor noticed that time was running out. Uriel would surely attack soon. He went to one of the stormtroopers outside.

"Relay a message to your commander for me: Uriel WILL strike soon."

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Xeldor saw the man leave. He also noticed that he left two troopers to guard the Cantina. That would keep Fett away from him; for now. Xeldor turned on a comm. slicer, to listen to whatever report that trroper would file. He knew the workings of the Empire quite well. The report was un-interesting.

"Data control," Xeldor muttered under his breath. The only complete and fully functional part of the fortress. It had records of everyone on planet. Except him, of course. Finally, an idea came up. He would give up his rogueish nature, and swear allegiance to the Emperor. Or at least; act like it.


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That looks awesome MSW. I'd rate a 10/10.


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That was pure movie magic. Funny, even though I hated that it was done. But Bossk has a greater grudge against Fett than Solo ever did.


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Xeldor noticed the stormtroopers. Not very rare on Chandrilla these days. He walked over to the counter, where one was drinking some water, and no helmet on.

"Its dangerous to take off your helmet when a whole planet hates you."

"Its dangerous to talk that way to the Empire." The bounty reports obiously had not reached Chandrilla, as this man did not know Xeldor. "That was some stunt on the speeder bike."

"What speeder bike?" The trooper glared at Xeldor.

"That fly-by you did. Nearly fried me." He gestured to Xeldor's DC-17. "Not many own those anymore, and somebody nearly killed me with one."

"I only use this pistol as a last resort, and hidden, resort." The trooper got up.

"Come with me."

"I tried to help you, and this is how you repay me? I'll tell you this: The Rebellion will try to kill Moff Relias soon, via a bounty hunter named Uriel Kreigan. This hunter caught me, to take me to Rebel symopathizer who ordered the kill. I'll help you get this man, if you don't arrest me."

"I'll think about it. I won't arrest you if you do prove useful; for now at least."


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I tried to; but couldn't without cutting some of the picture. Want the point, Sarge?


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SW, hands down. The stormtroopers would overwhelm any force. The Rebellion would never back down. The Jedi and Sith would use their awesome knowledge of the Force to make any enemy stop in their tracks. The Mandos would have a new challenge to rise to. Jar Jar would annoy them to death. The Yuuzhan Vong can die off for all I care...Nothing can defeat the SW universe; unless God was part of this topic.


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1. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
2. Star Wars
3. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
4. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
5. Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
6. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
7. Spiderman 3
8. Pirates of the Carribean: The Black Pearl
9. Iron Man
10. Spiderman 1


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Xeldor looked at the Governor's building. One way to take out the Governor was simple. The Governor's chamber's were on the second floor; when the Moff goes to sleep, simply throw a grenade in. He noticed how others tend to stay away from this building, so it would be apparent that either he or Uriel had killed the Moff. Another successful way to kill him off is to snipe. Xeldor had finally turned away from the Moff's estate, and headed over to the cantina, where he spent his nights, simply to be rested before the night.


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And don't double post. That's spamming. Good thing Draco didn't catch it.


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Xeldor had successfully tracked Uriel to the cantina where he was earlier; very far from the Governor's household. Uriel was sitting at a table by himself, with a holo image of the Governor's home, and was apparently studying a successful route to enter.

"You could enter through the front," Xeldor startled Uriel. "The Moff kept everything else under lockdown, but never suspected someone to enter the front door..."

"The door needs a code, you..."

"And I know it. You didn't listen to me. The Rebellion doesn't want the Empire to know who it's contacting. They WILL kill you after you kill the three targets."

"He never mentioned three targets."

"But there are only three high-ranking Imperial Officers on the planet." Xeldor glanced over his shoulder. The new bartender looked nervous; probably because the former one had died of no apparent reason. Xeldor pulled out his DC-17, and shot him. "He was a Rebel spy; and no Imps are here. Guess who he was looking at."


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See? What did I tell you about 3's?


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"Just the impression I was trying to give..." Xeldor laughed. He turned to the former owner of the speeder bike. "What's the code to that bike?"

"Why? Its gone now!"

"I'm going to track that man. He has something valuable to me."


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Of course. There's also Jurassic Park I, II, and III, and last I checked a T-Rex is REALLY bad thing.


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Every bad thing happens in three's. never think that you're safe until the third thing happens.


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"The Rebellion? I like money, sure, but I haven't picked a side yet in this war. The Rebellion has stolen alot from me, and I'm not sure if I want to give them forgiveness." The man looked at Xeldor, and the Uriel and back again.

"Are you sure? 35,000 credits is alot to waste."

"Wasting it is one thing...this is morals we're talking about now. As for assassinations; it doesn't bother me. I'll work for you, for a time. I will betray you in the future, it's just my nature. And I want half the money before an assassination, half afterwards. The same for my friend here."

"It doesn't bother me that you'll betray me later. The Empire will lose valuable assets. Very well, you and your partner get half now half later. The target is Regional Governor, Moff Relias. Good luck getting in his appartment."

"That will be easy..." retorted Uriel. Uriel and Xeldor left, and walked into the street. "Never...call...me...PARTNER!" He shouted. Xeldor looked at him, and turned his head, and picked up a comm. "What are you doing?"

"Asking if someone else wants a job. I wasn't referring to you as my partner. You can take my creds if you want. I'm after taking out big political figures on both sides. Like I said, you can join my side, where it's easier. Kill off both sides, until one remains. The one left will be weak, and someone with a good sense of leadership can take over. A better Sith than Palpatine..."


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"Yes, I suppose I will follow you. I need some entertainment. Pull a gun on me again, though, I will give you a horrific death. Ner vod, stay in comm." Xeldor passed the Mando a short range comm., and left with the Hunter.

"If you serve the Empire, they kill you. The Rebellion will kill you. Pick one side, or my side."


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"Yes...I am Mandalorian. My helmet was passed down from family generations, and it once belonged to Mandalore the Ultimate. The Rebellion found me on Mandalore, and wiped my memory, and stole my armor. I recovered my memory when I found my helmet, but I never recovered the rest of my armor. As you'll notice this new set..." The stranger was deffinitely not a Fett, but he did seem familiar.

"Anybody can lie about stolen armor..." the Mando snarled.

"Candosii, vod. If I am not Mando'ade, then how would I know the language? My father taught it to me, before he was killed. Your armor means justice. Wouldn't you find it an injustice not to help a fellow vod?"


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Xeldor walked through the crowded city, trying to avoid attention. It was a little hard, since he was wearing Clone and Mando armor, but Fett would probably not be around this part of the city. Xeldor was in the area that held the higher class, such as Mon Mothma, and the regional Governor. Xeldor turned his head, and saw Mandalorian armor.
"Not Fett..." Closer inspection showed that it wasn't Fett, but instead, another Mando trapped planet side. "Better hope he's friendly to vode..." One shout could either get Xeldor caught by Boba, or help to get away. "Black armor means justice, and there is no justice served when one Mando captures another...Ner vod!" The figure turned, and the way his blasters were holstered, reminded him of Jango Fett.


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I don't think he'd be wearing Mando armor. Not unless he messed up Jabba's order, that is.


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You have people here who will support you no matter what Terra. You sound like a great person to me. If she does call the cops, it would probably turn against her for false accusations. Your word against hers, and you sound to be the better person. Anyone in their right mind would side with you in this case. My prayers are with you Terra.


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I don't really know you Terra, but I'm against people like that. I would help you if I kow how, but I don't. I'm sorry that she is a b****, but no one can help that. Sorry that I cannot help you.


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Xeldor was tired of talking to Ferla.

"You don't understand. I WANT the Empire to win this war. The Rebellion will die, but I want them to feel good about themselves first. To make their downfall more painful." Xeldor punched Ferla in the face, and Ferla fell down, unconscious. "And I told you NOT to call me Xel!" Xeldor threw Ferla in the street, and left him there.