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When me and jumpy mcgee were taalking in the chat room, we came up with a wild idea to do an RPG in chat, maybe under Role-Playing. Do you think thats a good idea to do?


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Cin Vhetin wrote:

And just a question like that. What do you think is better? Movies based on videogames, or videogames based on movies?

Depends on the movie. If we're talking about Ghost Busters then games based on movies.


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Miba wrote:

I was kinda wondering if anyone would say anything about this. Up until the last year or so I kind of didn't like him based on the only knowledge I had: Magazine covers. I saw him as a bad guy. Well, I was wrong and I admit that and I was starting to like him and now this. He really was a good guy, and pretty cool. And this is sad. It's also sad that there's still so many people out there who don't know so much about him and see him as the bad guy, like I did, through carelessness and lack of knowledge. Though I was just starting to get into his stuff, even I am saddened by this. RIP.

I used to see him as the bad guy, and now, I'm regretting everything bad I've said of him. He was a good musician.


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I would wear that shirt everyday...just to prove how big of a Boba fan I am.


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While there, Tom dedided to make the box a better place to live in. He started this by...

True Warrior wrote:

If Boba doesn't appear, An evil performance out of Anakin would be a good way to go.


Do you think that might be the series' ending? Anakin's brush with the dark side and death of Bane?


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So you're basically saying that Aaron is deleting the posts right now? That's good.

It was kinda noticeable.

Hey Werda, I tried to send you a message, but your inbox is currently full.


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This is one of my best Halo 3 kills ever, I was AMAZED by it when it happened.

So that was you?

Fett_II wrote:

boba probably won't be in the clone wars tv show.

It never hurt that much to be hopeful.

I was thinking that if he was killed off, it would be by Boba, in some kind of introductory for him in the series, or be an opening for Anakin's dark side in the series.


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I definitely found it a dissapointment, how it's canon, I have no idea, but so much that was once canon in SW is now considered non-canon, so I think this will be too, in a few years. But I do hope they make a sequel that isn't dissapointing.


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He forgot to pay his electric bills, so his electric company attacked with force by hiring...


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Do you think they will kill him off? Or be captured by the Republic, since he was never mentioned inthe movies?

I realize we are talking about a show that could be classified as a kid's show, but I was wondering how we got so off topic as to debate what is a kids show and what isn't.
On topic: I guess you could consider Bane to be the Fett of the CW series, but I'm hoping that they introduce Boba soon.


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Halo 1,2,3, Super Mario World, Starfox 64, Super Mario Bros., Pac-Man, DBZ: Burstlimit, Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox Assault, Star Fox Command, Battlefront I and II, Space Invaders...


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Fett_II wrote:

looks like there's only half a dog.

You have to love point of view, huh?


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So people of every world decided to fight hot grease with a bio weapon called


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The helicopter was on a self destruct sequence however. Right before the helicopter blew up, Palin screamed:


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Robo Celine Dion then made it her goal to make this thread make sense. She started by


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Sev Fett wrote:

Apparently dead bodies give us BFFCers a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

I wonder where we get it from...


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Mandalorian Assassin wrote:

No kidding.  Besides; there're enough games out there where you play as some sort of super-soldier, or genetic experiment which gives you immense power.  I for one am glad about the shift towards playing just a relatively ordinary (in comparison) soldier.  (ODST's are hardcore, yes, but they're a LOT closer to standard soldiers than SPARTAN's)

Yeah, Bungie said you have to think before a battle to win, unlike the other Halo games where you just charge in. You also get a new gun, the silenced SMG. You also get free-roam in the game, and you won't meet the Chief in this game at all.


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But even Stefan lost interest when trying to read this thread from the beginning to now. So he called in the help of


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Hey Werda, I'm not a gold subscriber, so I haven't played Wars yet, but what kind of gameplay is it? Is it still FPS, or something different?