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republic commando isn't really likely to be found in any up-to-date store, your best bet is to look online.

Republic commando can be found on Steam for $9.99


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Sadriel_Fett wrote:

I had never heard that before.  Very cool info.

The problem is that none of it's written down, I think Corben is DEAD, and McQuarrie isn't talking.  Nobody involved with Heavy Metal had the slightest inkling of the success it would become, and the print we have "restored" to DVD isn't even from the original; that was thrown out.  It's from a theatrical print that someone found in a can.  And this was in an era where movie prints were commonly recycled for elements, so we're lucky it survived at all or we'd be stuck forever with that awful VHS release.

Basically all we have to go on is a man in his 50's who may not even be remembering correctly who was friends with people formerly at Nelvana and Heavy Metal.  So while it is information, it's also unfortunately absolutely unprovable so if this were Snopes, there'd be a Yellow button next to the listing for this.  About the only thing that can be "proven" out of all of the above is that

A) Nelvana internally had a sequence for Heavy Metal, and declined to be involved.

B) Nelvana commonly re-used bits and pieces of incomplete things.

c) Nelvana dropped out of contributing to Heavy Metal at the last minute to do Rock and Rule.

D) Han Solo in the Holiday special Boba cartoon looks a LOT like a parody of Han Solo.

E) Boba looks kinda like the Space Hunter.

You can glean from these details that the above MAY be true, but you can't actually prove anything.. and amongst Star Wars history it's hard to "prove" anything anyway, as Lucas is prone to make attempts at retconning _reality_ when he feels like it.

Remember: In the 80's Lucas used to pretend the Holiday special never existed.  Period.  Anyone who asked him about it, he had no idea what they were talking about.  It wasn't until fans started bootlegging it around that he had to admit that it did, in fact, actually exist.

Point of clarification: the bible never said Adam and Eve were the first humans.  It said they were the first of his chosen people.  Cain went out to take a wife from elsewhere.


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Miba wrote:

Also, that cartoon segment was originally meant for another cartoon called Heavy Metal, it just ended up in the Holiday Special.

According to my father, it's, in fact, entirely possible the character of Boba Fett was inspired by the old "Space Hunter" 5 or 6 shot subseries in the Heavy Metal issues of the late 70's.  The character went through parodied versions of sci-fi movies and epics (Buck Rogers and such) and basically screwed over people like "Duke Starhopper" and "Princess Fileta" regularly.  He believes the Boba Fett animation bit in the Holiday special is actually a scene that was axed from the Heavy Metal movie not because they were afraid of being sued by Lucas or anything for the mock characters; but because Nelvana declined being the studio for Heavy Metal.

The original animatic for the Space hunter sequence remained in their vaults and was later recycled into the Holiday Special.

I, for one, don't think Space hunter was a direct inspiration for Boba's personality, but McQuarrie was a semi-regular contributor to Heavy Metal.  According to my father and Corben, McQuarrie designed the Space hunter.  The fact that he re-used an incredibly similar appearance later is of no consequence although debated.

McQuarrie himself disavowed all connection to Heavy Metal when he became a Born-Again a long time ago, so he's sure not answering questions about it.

Somewhere in there lies the truth, but watching the Boba bit again pretty much secures it in my mind: that was definitely part of Nelvana artist's original pitch to management about doing Heavy Metal.  In fact, many of Nelvana's artists 'defected' and worked on Heavy Metal under pseudonyms anyway, so there may have been a more last-second reason why the sequence got canixed and re-used later.

Close to on topic with this, I hope.  James Arnold Taylor just recorded me a set of 6 liner/bumpers for Town Park Radio and Clone Wars.  I believe that makes Town Park Radio.. the only internet radio station in the entire galaxy endorsed by Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Lamo Calrissian wrote:

I know Boba Fett is a mercenary and all about looking out for himself and collecting bounties, but he must have political opinions.

I got in a big fight with my dad over this. I said that Boba Fett would definately have two political stances. 1) no restrictive gun laws AND 2) support for gay marriages.

My dad got pretty mad, although I did get him to admit that Boba would at least support some form of domestic partnership laws.

What say you fellow Fett fans?

...I don't think he'd care about any of it.  At all.  In the slightest.  The only laws he cares about are his own personal ones.  He'd not be pro-gun rights.  He'd not be anti gun rights.  He's not pro homosexual marriage OR even heterosexual.  He would not care about any of it any more than he cared about what Luke Skywalker had for breakfast on his 7th birthday.


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Miba wrote:

Karson, that's a bad idea. The reaction to the event depends on the sort of person they are. I would be upset if f my husband, whom I love lots, "forgot his wallet". That doesn't mean I wouldn't love him. People can be upset and mad at each other and still love each other, it's normal. If I had "forgotten my wallet", he would have shrugged it off. Because I care more about money than he does. However, when the truth came out and the other learned that it had been a test, that's when the real fighting and trouble starts, and the reason behind the event is likely to break you up than the event itself.

You shouldn't have to test someone like that. If you (not you specifically, you in general) don't trust the other person enough that you have to resort to doing things like that then maybe there's something wrong with you, and not them.

Oh but it's okay when girls decide to test their men with silly things like that?  Pffft.


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Master Fett wrote:

Yeah it was Weird Al Yankovich. If you haven't seen White and nerdy you sould I recomend it.

Yankovic, not Yankovich.  While we're at it, the plural of "Lego" is "Lego" (in joke to Miba)

Miba wrote:

Sadriel, I agree completely on how he keeps messing things up. We already have a set canon, and now he's trying to go in and change everything and tv is a lot bigger way to reach people than books. Pretty soon all the newbie kids who watch it will be adults claiming they're true fans who know what canon is, and they don't because they've never touched a book. *ahem* On a side note I'd like to say "I told ya so" to everyone in general on this point.

Canon changes are nothing new to Star Wars.  Canon changed to make the Jedi religion a recent memory instead of an "ancient religion" as Han referred to it.  I recall the initial release of Empire Strikes Back mentioning the Empire having "come into power hundreds of years ago" and planets suffering for generations under their rule.  At some point Lucas simply decided to throw that away so that he could make this Empire rise and fall in 20 scant years.

Who shot first?  How old is the Millennium Falcon?  Where did Han get his scar?  How old is Obi-Wan Kenobi?  And let's not forget the very first canon shift: Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa suddenly being siblings, when, if that were always in mind, it would have fit in the first movie just fine and there was no reason for them to have kissed.  These are all things that just keep changing.

The fact is, "canon" is malleable, and you either have to accept whatever the current Word of Darth Flannel is on everything involving it or you'll end up hating Star Wars for it.  Your generation of fans seemed alien to my generation for all of the above reasons.  We KNEW the true canon of Star Wars.  The Empire was a long lasting scourge on the galaxy.  We KNEW that Jedi was an ancient tradition.  We KNEW that R2D2 was just a random astromech droid and Threepio just a random protocol droid, and they existed as comedic relief, not as some sort of connecting thread.

All of these things changed.

...and before anyone types a response about Mandos and the Resurrector of them, I remind you that will require spoiler tags or Miba will, rightfully, rip your head off.  I know what I left out, you know what I left out, don't spoil it for anyone else.

And I'd like to reiterate, Jango DID train these clones.  Boba is not old enough at this point in time to take the concept of Mandalorians to any appreciable level, the clones are.  Did Boba recieve more personalized training then the clones?  Yep.  Did (we'll use their height of power) King Leonidas personally train every man to pass the agoge?  No, in fact many passed it with no formal training whatsoever, yet those warriors were still called Spartans.

Boba wasn't old enough to even declare himself a "Mandalorian", much less pass the title along to the clones or not.  This needs to be made stock stone clear: The last Mandalorian DIED.  There are no Mandalorians left to hang the title on anyone.  Neither Boba NOR the Clones really have a claim to it.  When Boba later remakes the Mandalorians, he is simply doing exactly what the giant fighting force had many years before the Battle of Yavin.

Jango Fett, the last Mandalorian, trained the clones, but did not give them the title Mandalorians.

Jango Fett, the last Mandalorian, trained Boba, but did not give him the title of Mandalorian.

They honestly both have arguable claims to the term, and had not the Clone Troopers given up on that and become the Storm Troopers, (a sad, laughable shadow of their former glory), then Boba would have had to fight a War of Succession with them over it.

Fortunately, the Empire diluted their genes and their training removing them from Jango's teachings long before Luke and company took care of that for him anyway.

Short version: Until someone comes along to kick the crap out of a group of warriors using a dead warrior caste's name, then they are exactly what they say they are.

Also: Jango DID train the clones.  He is the one who came up with the training program the Kaminoans used to train the clones.  He wasn't just there to eat food, raise his kid and get fat on residuals.  The second-to-last Mandalorian DID train the clones.

Warrior caste names are not genetic inheritances.  Just like royalty, claims dilute when the title is not properly passed along.  Had the Mando-clones survived until Boba's maturity, then he would have had to raise an army and go to war with them over the title.

Mandalorians also refers to people born on the planet Mandalore, not just that warrior caste.

-----------------Long Version--------------------------------
Let's first pretend there's no planet called "Mandalore", and it ONLY refers to a warrior caste.

Sure they're Mandalorians.  They're "Mandalorians" in the same way that lots of people in the real world call themselves "samurai", "witches", "berserkers" and "ninja."  When there's no existing governing body using a term, then anyone can come along and use that term for their own needs.  They have some claim to that title, because they are all clones of, and trained by, the last adult Mandalorian.  Sure, someone can come along and fight them over the word, but until that happens, they're Mandalorians if in name only, much like that horrid gecko thing is Godzilla in name only as well.

Ask Miba how I feel about having to call that damned gecko "Godzilla".  Problem is, if the creators say so, then they're correct.

That having been said, blame this one not on the Clone Wars writers, but place it solely on the shoulders of the Traviss fans.  Are you guys not aware they've been letter writing like mad to Lucasfilms to get their way?

Now, we're going to go back to canon reality, that a planet named "Mandalore" does, in fact, exist.

Karen Traviss is an INCREDIBLE retard.  It does not matter that the people presently living on Mandalore, whom would be "Mandalorians" as people living in Canada are "Canadians", are pacifists.  Any of you ever been to Sweden?  I hear there's no such thing as Vikings anymore.  In fact, they don't even maintain an army beyond self defense forces.  Internationally they're pacifists.

Because the current peoples of Sweden do not have Vikings anymore, that means there can never have been Vikings nor can there ever be again?  (Fast history lesson, Swedish Vikings went east and pretty much founded Russia.  The Norwegian Vikings are the big sailors, but they were both the same people at one time and an incredibly fighting force)

This planet of Mandalore happens to have a warrior class that once used the name of the planet in the past.  There is no big "canon shift" here.  All Lucasfilms has stated is that the present occupants of the PLANET Mandalore are pacifists, which is a stark contrast to their history.  Something to bear in mind, we're not even sure if that's how it will play out.  Historically speaking, it's not like this is the first time the Mandalorians have pretended to be pacified in order to survive, either.

Miba: above and beyond all of this agreeing with you allow me to re-emphasize:  So long as there's people living on a planet called "Mandalore" there will always be "Mandalorians".  Whether they are a warrior race or not is irrelevant, they are inhabitants of the planet "Mandalore".  It was sort of silly to name the warrior class after the planet in the first place, when you think about it.  The planet is named Mandalore, there's a person named Mandalore, and those who live on the planet are called "Mandalorians" as well as those who follow the leader Mandalore are called Mandalorians.

I mean, it's not like there's a such thing as the planet "Sardaukar" or the planet "Fremen", or the planet "Hawkman".  As I recall, these proud warrior races are the inspirations cited by Karpyshyn in refining the concept of Mandalorians... it's a foolish cultural mistake in the first to name the elite warrior class after the planet itself.

And before anyone brings up Sparta, I remind you that was a tiny city, not even the seat of it's country's government, and it was somewhere up to 80% a slave class.  The name of the country was Laconia.  The inhabitants called it the Kingdom of (whoever), and those who passed certain tests were referred to as "Spartans".  Out of the remaining population, less then half were able to pass and called "Spartans".  Point being, it's not the same thing, despite what movies would have you think there was never a giant mass of land called "Sparta".

I don't think it was a good move on Karpyshyn's part to do that, and it almost feels like an oversight which somehow led to the planet and it's elite warrior class being called the same thing.  And I don't want to hear anyone try to tell me that every resident of Mandalore, at some point in their history, was a warrior.  It is absolutely impossible to maintain an entire society with nothing but people who spend their primary time in martial training.  It's simply not possible to leave all farming, governing, manufacturing and foodmaking to warriors that reach "retired" age.

The "Mandalorians" are clearly a cut above warrior class, they even call worthy people born offworld "Mandalorians", yet, there is still a world called "Mandalore".  This whole thing sounds to me like an overreaction to what many think of is a blaspheming on one use of the word, when it's likely a statement about the current beliefs of those who exist under the other meaning of the word.


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bats wrote:

Zivi look up on,, Google about the Comic .. Footrot Flats ...by Murray Ball
I have the Comics,,based on his farm animals and ..Horse ..is this cat that
rules .. Footrot  isn't the Dog real name ,,he won't tell because he was brought up in a
House for Lost cats ,,when Wal found  him
Nead a good laught ..these are the Comics to read

....what?  I'm pretty good with scripting, if someone is willing to provide me with a Bats/English English/Bats dictionary I can make a translator that will run right in your browser.


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bats wrote:

I don't know if any of you ,have read the Footrot comics ,they are about life of this Dog
On a farm in New Zealand and the main thing thing that ,rules the the Animals is
a Cat called ,,Horse,, he is a fiece cat ,,he did fall in love with the Bikies Cat ,,
he was based on a true cat ,,and when the writer told us that Horse had passed away
we felt as if we knew him  .


I realize this is a redundant post here considering I've done it before but.. Bats, you seem like a nice enough lady I just can't figure out what in the screaming yellow honkers you are saying.  Use punctuation correctly, for the love of sanity.  It's like reading an EE Cummings poem, only without any meaning or artistry to it.


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Oh.. and Torchlight is pretty much modern Diablo, but I'm not sure if that's ON 360 yet.


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Dead Rising, 360 or Wii version.  They're not EXACTLY what you're looking for, but very enjoyable.

If you liked Gears of War's Combat system, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is pretty good as well.  Don't let the naysayers get you down, it can be an action fest or a methodical shooter pretty much depending on what difficulty level you set it at.

Terminator Salvation is pretty much Gears of war with a Terminator skin on it.. so it's good too smile.

I'd recommend more but... I'm tired, lol.

Je'karta Ka'rta wrote:

Uphill both ways in the snow 6 miles a day.

I'll second that.  Let the old farts worry about watching guys on TV screens do things we're no longer capable of doing.  You should be out DOING those things, not worrying about what some football team is doing.  You can watch football any day of the year.  By the time you are even 32, my age, you'll have seen so many football and hockey games you'll have no chance of counting how many are bouncing around in your memory.

New Year's Eves?  You bet your butt I can count how many of THOSE I have had.  I wasted more then a few of those on treating it like just another day, and now that I'm a married man, I have no CHOICE but to treat it like just another day.

Football can wait, man.  Go out and take a chance on life.

With the Zentradi?  I know, we don't even have the fortress built yet.

We're screwed.

Start those padawans early!  the sooner a child learns to respect a weapon, the better off they'll be and the less chance of danger.



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Caillou (you're all spelling it wrong).  I thought I would enjoy every Christmas special on the planet but no... no this proved me wrong.

And as for Dora... yeah she's pretty bad.  It's so patronizing I can't see it aimed at any self-respecting children of any age... however hands down, the worst child's show to me is *drum roll*

....anything involving Elmo.  Sesame Street has pretty much gone to hell because of Elmo.  Sesame Street, for the very longest time, prided itself on teaching children things, from colors and pattern recognition all the way up to social issues and troubles that may face children.

Now, however, in recent episodes, more then 70% of the entire show is face time for what's apparently a retarded Muppet, it can't talk right, it's a spoiled brat, it never shuts up, and nobody ever even makes a cursory effort to discipline it!

Check this out... here's Kermit trying to teach something, and Elmo spazzing the hell out.


Why is THIS overtaking Sesame Street?  I know for a fact I'm not just getting old man grumpies as well.. the show has gotten downright moronic.


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Boba most likely means it does not exist as the Jedi think it does.

It's like worshiping a pistol.  The pistol is just a tool, a means to an end.  It does not lead you, it does not influence events.  It is just a tool.


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Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

Bleh, reading Miba's reply to these kind of threads always depresses me.

And yet the poor girl married me.  Year round Christmas with me.  Nothing overboard that I can tell, but I'm almost always wearing some combination of red and green, or a flatout Christmas shirt.  I listen to Xmas music every Sunday, and I REVEL in the commercialism of Christmas.

So many religions have their celebrations at or near the Winter Solstice it's impossible not to love the general merrymaking.  Even new religions like Wicca get in on it


And yes, Wicca is new.. it's just a whole sort of general mishmash of older religions; the term itself didn't even exist before the 1950's.  No, it does not derive from the Welsh word "Wicce"; at least, not how you think it does.  If you call a college professor coining the term in 1951 and saying he got the idea from that other word, keen, you're right... but it was not a "real" religion before then.  And don't you dare call it Druidism.  Any real Druids would gut you and then sacrifice you for mocking their religion.  Don't call yourself a "Witch" either, because that term was INVENTED by the Catholic Church.  It means exactly what they say it means because they invented the word.


Heck Christianity even MOVED the birth of Jesus to December and overtook the tales of Mithra's birth to get in on the action in the early 300's or so.  Everyone wants to get in on it, and what better way then crass commercialism mixed with genuine love and togetherness?

it honestly creeps me out that people try to decry the commercialism as if it's oh so horrid.  Some businesses operate in the red from April until the day after Thanksgiving; that's why it's called Black Friday.  Commercialism stimulates the economy, and it's just a good way to play clever games.  My wife won Christmas last year over me, but I beat my brother with a GI Joe Nightraven.  This year... well frankly Miba's hard to shop for, lol, so she may win Christmas yet AGAIN... but that's part of the fun.

I don;t like people who make it all about the money, and all about the presents, as if it's a REAL competition... but I also don't like the people who effectively crap themselves about commercialism.  They're trying to cling to a holiday that NEVER EVER EXISTED.  There have been writings over three thousand years old complaining about how Saturnalia (and the celebration of Marduk, for another culture.. BOTH parts of our modern Christmas) is no longer "like it used to be" since people concentrate too much on buying and selling things.

However, I greatly agree on one point.  People treat retail workers like CRAP this time of year.  People are just.. rushrushrush OMG you're out of this well screw you you retail peon!

Furthermore, if you're out on Christmas Eve shopping for Christmas dinner, you are, by default, by your mere presence treating them like crap.  You needed to think of this a week ago, instead of coming in run run running around the store when not a single one of the workers wants to be there, much less putting up with you complaining that items are out of stock.

Fett_II wrote:

that's not the worst spelling of tatooine i've seen, my friend spelled it tatoonie in a video we did lol. unfortunately i didn't see the video until we presented it, but we got an A on it nonetheless.

Well, that's just a transposal of letters.  Common typo.  Ntohing wrong with that, eh?


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Miba wrote:

Jar Jar was perfectly fine, he's just clumsy, just like me. And btw, you forgot spoiler warnings. wink

Oh, and you forgot one of the men on that list up there, Zivi, you forgot Mr. Darcy.

Ahhh yes.  How could I forget Fitzwilliam Darcy?  He's my answer to women who whine "My husband/boyfriend/live in sin partner just doesn't understand me!"

Yes and no.  He does not understand why you do many things.  Think of the part where Elizabeth was crying over her sister's shame.  If Darcy were oh say.. Edward Cullen, to use the same example, he would have stayed to tenderly stroke her hair and let her pour her heart out and.. frankly, take advantage of her weakness.  Mr. Darcy, on the other hand, saw that there was a problem that needed to be solved. 

The woman he loved was crying her heart out, and that broke his.  We don;t get why women like to have "A good cry".  It doesn't make sense to us to wallow in bad emotions.  no matter how many times Miba tries to explain it to me, it just sounds STUPID.  How can wallowing in and prolonging your problem help it?  Apparently it does so I accept it.. but it doesn't make sense to me. 

Even though he knew for a fact she would not love him ever; for she told him so (see?  There's another thing.  What you tell a man STICKS, and you also have to TELL him things) he loved her anyway.  So what did he do?  He learned what was wrong, calmly took his leave, went home, had a shower, and then went out to move mountains for the woman he loved.

Elizabeth, unfortunately, though Mr. Darcy was gone for good, due to her "shame".  Would it have been better for Darcy to tell her what he was doing?  NO.  She would have insisted he not do it, and perhaps even forbid him from doing it... or perhaps even delayed him further.  A man sees a situation, and thinks of the most efficient way to fix it.. and then does so.  Miss Bennet clearly does not understand men; just as much as men do not understand women.  If she had, she'd have known the real reason he left was to fix it.

Men and women do NOT understand each other.  they never will.  To even ATTEMPT to fully understand a woman is to give up your manhood, and for a woman to attempt to completely understand men is to give up womanhood.

Tell me ladies.. who would you, personally, rather have?  The mincing prettyboy who lets you cry out in his arms until dawn... or the real man who leaves as soon as he understands the problem, and then is back in your arms by the next dawn, with news of having solved the problem.

Be honest. 

It doesn't make you weak to want a man.  Here's the secret: men want and even need women as well.  A man is strong where a woman is weak and vice versa.  We are made that way.  Women emote and feel better, and gosh darn it often see things that should BE common sense that a purpose-driven man could miss entirely.  Men are wired better with logic, reactions, and a drive to accomplish.  Women civilize men, there's a reason married men live longer then unmarried.  It takes a man and a woman to do things right... that's why we HAVE two genders.

It's also general advice to.. well everyone.  If you're a male and always seem to be a girl's "best friend"... the reason why is because you are emulating a woman, you just happen to have a penis.  I know, I used to be one as well.  Being a man does not mean shoving a stick up your *** and being callous to all things.... but it sure means growing a spine.  Women don't dig jerks... they dig MEN.  The reason why you may think women dig "jerks" is, frankly, because you see people more assertive then you and refuse to see them as anything but abusive twits.  Don't try to emulate what you think they are... you'll just become a jerk.  Become what the really are.... men.  Spine, not a stick up the ***.  smile

As for advice to women.... heck I'll leave that to Miba.  I don't understand women.

I'm not one.

... if they make a Bounty Hunter 2 game, it should happen in the Jedi Twilight universe.  The tone of that series is just BEGGING to have a game based on it.  The Jedi twilight storyline has a lot more room for real Bounty Hunting then many other settings, barring of course the Luke/OT era.

I'm probably alone on this, but I'm getting tired of seeing games with parts that "cleverly intersect" with bits from the movies.  There's a huge universe out there, we don't have to see Luke/Anakin in every honkin' game.