I've never really thought of Boba as a villain. He's a complex character with his own moral code that may be confusing to others. The Clone Wars really showed that Boba is emotionally damaged which explains why he puts on the 'cold and emotionless' front.

It is said in a novel that Boba got his rep for taking on the jobs nobody else would. This allowed him to distinguish himself as an efficient hunter and place himself at the forefront of his chosen career. But really, did Boba choose his career or was it out of necessity for credits to survive in a galaxy out to get him?

I prefer the stories on obscure characters that were in the background of the films. I'd rather they leave Boba out of it as I felt they ruined the mystery of his character with the prequels.


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Pip eyed the guy with the interesting dress sense. His head was wrapped like a Tusken raiders but he wore the chest plates of a Mandalorian. Either the guy was well traveled or he simply didn’t have any dress sense.

Not that Pip was by any means a slave to fashion. The object of Pip’s interest was not party with the security detail as those guys were busy harassing a skinny Twi’lek waitress. Pip saw that the Tusken Mando was eyeing off someone in one of the booths.

Like a life-sized boulder, Pip placed himself between the Tusken Mando and his possible victim. “Hello friend,” Pip said as he gulped a mouth full of his brew.


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Has to be The Empire Strikes Back. We first see Boba Fett after all.


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1. Wolverine

2. Xmen

3. Iron Man


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I do like the rocket launcher on the jetpack. flying and firing on the run!


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Pip was having a great time. Sure he’d suffered a few hard blows to the kidneys and his gut but it wasn’t anything he wasn’t used to. He spat out a mouthful of blood on the floor and laughed darkly as his opponent spat out a tooth.

Unfortunately his opponent seemed to lose his fire along with his tooth. It might have also been due to the arrival of the hired muscle that walked in the door. The security detail was something of a joke but Pip didn’t fancy getting a stun blaster bolt to the butt.

Instead Pip made his way to the bar and glared at the bar tender until a drink appeared before him. “Put it on my tab,” Pip sneered, he knew the tender was afraid of him. That was why the guy never bothered to chase up Pip’s debt.

Settling down on a bar stool, Pip waited to see what the security detail was up to.


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Name: Pip Norton
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 38
Occupation: Miner
Appearance: Average height, black hair in a buzz cut. Wears brown coveralls and a faded black long sleeved shirt.
Weapons: Has various blades stashed in the pockets of his coveralls but much prefers a fist fight.

Pip Norton knew there was no such thing as a quiet drink in the Trawler’s Gap but then he was sporting enough irritation that he’d happily join the punch up.

Langer and Weston who had come in before him were already unconscious on the floor. “Jerks can’t hold their own,” Pip muttered to himself as he purposely trode on both of the mens fingers as he passed. Neither man stirred.

Pip pounded a meaty fist on the bar, “Drink,” he growled at the bar tender.

A glass of a foul brown liquid was heavily laid before Pip. “The usual,” the bar tender said as he scampered away.

Pip downed the brew in one long chug. Slammed the glass down and wiped his mouth and jaw. “Now then, who wants a busted lip?” he snarled to himself as he headed to the brawl.

He sure doesn't spend it on shoe polish or paint for his armor tongue

Name: Dallas Pettington
Nickname: Petty
Affiliation: Changes on a regular basis
Powers: Mild telepathy, flight and impervious to fast moving projectiles.
Appearance: http://www.gameartisans.org/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=7533&d=1216830919
Background: Boy from the wrong side of the tracks. His first job was as a pick pocket but he was quickly caught and spent his first short stint in jail. Upon realise Dallas took on his first “real” job as a cashier at a discount warehouse.

Unfortunately he made friends with two of his dodgier colleges, Marcus: a shapeshifter and Alex who was able to turn invisible. The trio teamed up and started stealing credit cards, it was at this time that Dallas learnt of his ability to read others minds. He was able to “hear” people thinking their pin numbers when at an ATM.

Alex would then rob the person while Marcus would shapeshift into the victim and go and clean out their account. Then they all got too greedy. The day Marcus suggested robbing an elderly woman was the day that Dallas felt a twinge of his conscience.

Marcus and Alex quickly ditched him and reported him to the police. Again Dallas did some jail time. Upon this second release Dallas decided it was time to start afresh. He moved to Norton Peak in hope of cleansing his dirty soul.


Dallas stood back in shock as people started going nuts in Norton Mall. The fact that people were starting to loot the place brought back bitter memories to the petty thief, but in all honesty what could he do? If he tried to help it was more than likely that he’d be blamed for the crime taking place.

Instead he walked over and picked up the battered pram that had started all the fuss. He handed it back to the freaked out woman with the baby. She muttered a thank you then cleared out. Dallas decided it was probably best for him to do the same.

As he exited the building he noticed a limo parked outside the mall. Dallas raised a brow it wasn’t uncommon for a limo to occasionally pull up at Norton Mall, but not at this time of night. Dallas strode towards the limo and tapped on the driver’s window, it was only polite to warn the driver of the chaos going on inside the mall.

Maybe he advertises in the personals:



no idea but nice to know it's there smile


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now if only it worked tongue

since you need another person I'll give this RPG thingy a go

Name: Halex Treton
Side: Sith
Rank: Master
Age: 31
Weapon: Lightsabre, red blade of course
Looks: Long black hair, piercing black eyes and an almost lipless mouth. Wears black robes.
Acts: One very cool customer, channels his anger into his fighting, thoroughly enjoys killing his enemies.
History: Halex joined the Sith ranks in his late teens and has been learning all he can during his time with them. He is strong with the Force and tends to use his abilities to drain other Force sensatives. He wants to eventually rule the Sith ranks but he's a patient man.

money is a big motivator for him but it isn't everything, he has a code *maybe more of a guide* that he lives by so it's possible that he'd do something without money being a big factor but he'd have to really be passionate about it

teasers maybe, we can live in hope *fingers crossed*


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lol that is a funny image

somehow I doubt Boba would be a waiter, he likes getting his own way too much smile

the lightsabre fights were far superior to the original trilogy and I thought it cool the way you learnt more about Palpatine

also loved the battle droids - roger roger smile

haven't played Battle Front but I've played a lot of other Star Wars games. my fav would be KOTOR!


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thanx for the ratings smile

F3TT 8/10
Fett II 8.5/10
Revan07 8/10


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I hadn't noticed they were different, I'll have to take more notice next time I watch


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yeah I remember reading that too, I had forgotten until you mentioned it

it would have been interesting if Boba had rebelled and said "Dad I don't want to be a bounty hunter, I like my head on my shoulders" tongue


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thanx for the welcome..... I think tongue


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Do you think that Jango really wanted Boba to be a bounty hunter like him? or was he simply teaching Boba the only thing he knew?

I think it was likely that Jango was teaching Boba what he was good at and since Boba was his clone, Jango knew Boba would excel at it.

agreed AOTC by far, also because Boba was in it smile