Scruffy. Dun dun DUUUN!

"Don't get all up in my grill, bizitch."

We need a loophole.


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I had a birthday a while ago. I'm 15 now.


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That sucks. What were the rumors?

Someone in my study hall broke a calculator, se we can't talk in there at all for the rest of the year.

Then they remembered that they all slept with everyone's cousins.


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I like this one: .


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This is going to be in a couple years: .

So they began to suck.

But they exchanged a meanigful look that seemed to say...

This guy?


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Valthonin wrote:
regimas wrote:
Valthonin wrote:

What are you talking about?


I do love DC, but my favorite villains and superheroes are from Marvel: Ironman and Venom. So Im going to have to side with Marvel. But yes, DC is classic and you gotta love the classics.

new MK game.

Yeah I just heard! At first I was super excited, then i heard that theyre not going to have fatalities... I couldnt believe it. That is what made MK so unique and horrifically addictive and fun. That is just stupid... Apparently the guy behind DC said that he didnt want the DC characters portrayed in death scenes.

The 'good guys' of DC are the only ones without fatalities, last I heard.

But this became an obssession, leading to...


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Welcome back.

shot the director

Secretly impaled Jose the hitchhiker who is EPIC on the Mop of Scruffy the Janitor who is EPIC.

and died. EPICly.

But then everyone realized that Scruffy the Janitior Who is EPIC is too EPIC to be killed by poison, and that the fake death was part of his EPIC plan to EPICly...

Oprah ate them.


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I bought an extremley hard to find CD for ten bucks.

Commander Appo wrote:

The Universe goes on and on forever. It never ends, as far as we know. How can one being, even if he is supernatural, watch over something that never ends?  He'd be helping endless planets, which makes no sense because then he'd never have time to give Jesus to us or anything.

Even if God is real, does he watch over just Earth? Then where is he? Invisible? In medieval times we believed that God existed in the clouds up in the sky, in Heaven. Now we know that nothings there.

And we know what the center of the Earth is like. There is no Hell or Satan, just a Mantle, an Outer core, and an Inner Core. So Hell or Heaven can't be real.

Science is based on FACT, which means humans have proof that things exist. Faith is based on FAITH, which means that there is ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF.

People who are on the side of faith always argue about how Evolution is wrong, but they can't say anything to supporty their faith because of the lack of proof that God exists.

And Sev, I never said that if anything bad happens that it's his fault. I just said he never helps us.

And when did I slander Christianity?

Just about everything you said here is not what Christians actually believe, just what you assume we believe.

Commander Appo wrote:

You say the scientific community isn't open-minded? Try and tell someone religious that God isn't real, they'll be so set that God is real that they won't even think about what the are being told or take into consideration what they are being told, at least in my experience.

It sucks yo have had to deal with people like that, but the majority of Christians are not like that.

Commander Appo wrote:

The scientific community is will actually change what they think as they learn new things. Before Darwin, scientists didn't even know what Evolution was. As you said, 95% of scientists lean towards Evolution, ehich means that they DO accept new theories, unlike in religion where people are told that THIS is the way it happened. They don't do any research to try and prove that they are correct, they just assume that
Awhatever they believe in is right.

Uhh, wrong. Most people don't belive what they are told because theywere told it. Most of us realize that somethings are probably misunderstood or incorrect, and actually think about it, and come up with our own theories.

However, if someone put an article in the newspaper about how scientists have recently come up with a form of teleportation, most people would believe it.

Do you mean the pages are taking a long time to load, or just not much activity?


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Here's a better article: .

So Draco called Dateline: to Catch a Predator.