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Scruffy, the Janitor who is EPIC.


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Nothing happened, because he just blew up.


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I can't really tell ya, it started jamming right away, so my dad took it to a gunsmith. I haven't seen it since Christmas.


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A 308.


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the new Alice Cooper DVD


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ARC Fett wrote:

I got some new Pickups for my guitar. Very awesome

That reminds me, I also got a chordbook form my guitar. I can play exactly like Jimi Hendrix can play right now. tongue


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J. fett, when you post, try to say something on topic. If you want to say something unrelated, feel free to use the chat room. Thanks. big_smile

I'd say Windu.


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Johan Kordav wrote:

i agree sci but i think she would like would avoid any police intervention. thats why you kill him

'Cause there'd be no investigation with a murder...


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CDs and cash, and a new gun. Sweet.


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Forbidden Kingdom


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sycophant-suck up


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Most songs by Alice Cooper and Johnny Cash. And of course, AC/DC's "Big Balls."


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The new Stephen Colbert Christmas Special.


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id, dyad, mountain, dew (especially when those last 2 are combined)


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I prefer my Betamax. tongue

Do Blu-Ray discs work on DVD players?


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I know how you feel. My prayers are definately with you and your family.


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Congratulations, you deserve it!

And it was EPIC.


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Tell the police and explain the situation.

Obama wants to prosocute people who use guns for self-defense in their own home.


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The Fox wrote:

So what. Why do people think: "If there are ghost, they can't die again". That doesn't make sense.

I think it makes perfect sense. A ghost can't die, because it is already dead. It can't get dead-er.


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Where would you guys be without me? I think it's somewhere around 4,000 less posts. tongue


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Mandalore Hunter wrote:
SciFifreak90 wrote:

Man, back in my prime I was the pokemon master. I could sing you the theme song, name all the pokemon (up to 150, when they started adding more I said forget it), what levels they evolve and learn moves and everything, and I spent amazingly depressing amounts of my 10-year old income on the pokemon trading cards.

Yep, those were the good 'ol days.

LOL. But seriously, everyone who played it could. It was the first RPG, and has more free-roam than most other games. And Draco's right about his, but he forgot about Sega.

I don't think I forgot Sega, I just don't think they're as big as the others on my list. I don't know all that much about Sega, though.


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Star Wars