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I am male.


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When fighting the Paladin, Fett could cause a distraction (bomb, flame-thrower, ect.), and send a blaster bolt into his head. He an cannot regenerate that. Also, Fett easily bested Deadpool, a mutant who once regenerated his entire body from his hand. I just wanted to add one of Deadpool's quotes (he is completely insane, but one of, if not the, best mercenaries in the Marvel continuity) "No my dear friend Ratbag, he is good. You can tell because he has a mop."

I pretend to be allergic the penutbutter, and go into the feetle position, and while you are in shock, I kick you in the gut smile .


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BalanceSheet wrote:
BFFC Chrys wrote:

Or if he used a crossbow and a squirtgun filled with holy water.

Squirtgun?  LOL, that would be funny.
Sorry, I really don't know where you could find a DVD of it...I'm not a huge anime buff, I just copied it off a friend's computer.  And I don't get Adult Swim...so I wouldn't know.  I googled it just now, and there's places that sell it online...hope you find it somewhere, it's good stuff.  smile

Boba would definetely need anti-vampire weapons to do him any damage, and a lot of time to prepare.  The only way Anderson can combat Alucard is by covering the walls wherever they fight with blessed writs (or pages of the Bible, I'm not sure), that cancel out Alucard's black magic, so Fett would definetely need those...I wonder if it's possible to bless a blaster to fire holy bolts? 
As for Fett's armor, draco...how did he get it all dented then?  I warn you, Anderson sliced a subway car in HALF with his bayonets...and Fett doesn't have armor around his neck. 
Another thing about Walter I forgot to mention...he can dodge any projectile, no matter how many and how fast.  All he would have to do is get his wires around the cracks in Boba's armor...and he would fall apart into pieces.
(I bow and enter a fighting stance).  smile

First off, it is not on Adult Swim. Second, if Fett HAD to, he could kidnap Hellsing (I do not remeber her first name), and tell Alucard to give up the fight. Fett could probably blind the vampire with his morality. As for Walter and Anderson, Fett could simply use a lightsaber, which would cut through the wires, and bayonets.

Once I enter the ring and bow, we both float tinto the sky like in those cheesey ninja movies (i.e. "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon") and fall from lack of consiousness smile .


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BalanceSheet wrote:

How would Fett kill Anderson,a guy who can regenerate, teleport, repel projectiles and summon an endless stream of bayonet-knives? 
And this iteriation of Dracula is a LITTLE bit more powerful than the one in the book or Van Helsing movie. 
As for our fight, tradition states that the challenged, which is you, decide the manner of combat.  smile

Fett killed plenty of Tradoshans, and they can regenerate limbs. As for Wikipedia, once our argument began, I went there to see exactly how good he is. He is a bit better than I expected, but he is still no Fett. Anderson's bayonets could prabably not even peirce Mandalorian armor. You need something as hot as a reactor core on a ship just to melt it into armor. For our fight, fists (feet,ect.) seems more honorable smile .


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I like Thumb Wars, and Space Balls.


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I do not particulary like her either, but I think she is a good bounty hunter.

BFFC-Mel wrote:

I had a Tie between Bebop (wasn't he an enemy of the Teenage Mutuant Ninja Turtles?) and Millennium Falcon - 81% each.

I searched for Bebop, and it is an anime about a pair of bounty hunters.


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Perhaps Fett could not kill him, but if some old scientist (Abraham van Helsing) could take out Vlad Tepes, so could Fett. He could also kill Anderson and Walter with relitive ease. In our "fight to the death", should we use swords, or fists? smile


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A pathetic Findsman could not stand up to an assassin like Aurra  Sing.


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I think Jodo Kast would win because a 12-year-old Fett bested Prax fairly quickly.
Kast nearly tied with Fett.


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Mandalrian v.s. vampire, who wins? (I will give you a hint; it begins with "M".)

I got Bebop (do any of you know what that is?).

Ph34r wrote:

Silliest SW secret? hmmm..... that's a toughie....... Oh! I keep all my figures in a padlocked footlocker, inside of  which is a huge safe, containing a smaller safe, containing a key to  a safe under my bed hidden in the floor, containing my figures. I do the same thing for my comic books and Spider-man toys. I'm a freak.  sad

I want to do that with my Star Wars, coin, and comic collections, but not that extreme.

KudarMubat15 wrote:

Yeah, they have to be wookie pelts. Boba doesn't have any real grudge against the Jedi or anything... Or does he?

In the all Fett issue of Star Wars Tales, there are Jedi heads hanging on the walls in the Slave I.


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I have read about the anime, and if Alucard is anything like Van Helsing (from the newish movie, not from the Dracula book) or D, Fett would kill him.


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The only weapon that I ever use (not counting the wip-cord launcher, and scanner for collecting bounties) are the dual Westar blaster pistols. I usually (unless there is a bounty) just blast very thing that moves, and some that do not. I once got
"enimies killed:65" and "non-enimies killed:81."

Is anyone here a fan of the shock-rocker, or the merc-with-a-mouth?

"Everyone thought it was about a truck full of dead babies, what's sicker than that? The live one on the bottom eating his way out."-Alice Cooper talking about "Dead Babies"

"Do you ever mix peanuts and cashews. And film it?"-Deadpool talking about Mandalore knows what


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ARC Fett wrote:

one of you guys or gals can take my avatar if you want. just click on my name scroll down and find my avatar then right click and save picture as then let me know i can change mine back to normal

Thanks ARC Fett! big_smile . That is perfect!


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KudarMubat15 wrote:

I am guessing it is like this:

10 = Clone
25 = Renegade
50 = Smuggler
100 = Mercenary
250 = Journeyman Protector
500 = Bounty Hunter
750 = Mandalorian Warrior
1000 = Mandalorian Super Commando

I agree, except that I would assume that 1000 equals Mandalore. It is also possible that Jedi hunter is a rank.


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BFFC Chrys wrote:

Palpatine, and how I did I have no idea whatsoever....  But I guess it's better than Admiral Ackbar.

If you got Ackbar, you could at least have free calamari!


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I think that Jango would win, but only just (as in missing 3/4 limbs). You have to rember though, Kast almost tied with Boba Fett, something Durge could not do when Fett was twelve. As it stands, though hate to admit it, Kast is an great bounty hunter.

Those are great big_smile . I am a fairly good artist, but nowhere near your level.


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Again, thank you. I am not sure if your latest post rendered the one before it irrelevent (again, I do not understad the making of avatars), but if it does not, I would prefer your way.


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THE FLASH wrote:

That happend in Twin Engines of destruciton, which(in my opinion) has the finest example of Boba's character. If any one wants one i have a list of sights where you might be able to get one

I personaly think that the "Death, Lies and Treachery" trilogy showed the greatest example of his character, but I do think that anyone who does not own "Twin Engines of Destruction", should buy it.


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I am sorry that my reply is so late, I have had other things to do. Anyway, I would prefere a helmeted Mandalore the Indomitable, thank you smile .