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BalanceSheet wrote:

Well in that case, how would Fett "ice" Walter if Walter had taken the time to rake his wires along the surface of his gaunlet, severing the flamethrower lead and detonating his externally-mounted rockets?
And how would Fett use the flamethrower on Alucard, if he releases to Control Art Restriction level one?  It would be difficult to burn down a massive wolf covered in eyeballs.  (Still gotta find a picture to show ya.)

*gasp* never heard of Anduril, that's Aragorns sword from LOTR.
Our duel lasts for days, the very heavens are shaken by the clanging of our blades.  You shatter my sword, and I use the remains to chop the ONE RING from your finger.  Naturally, you must now explode.

Fett could kill Walter by simply (with his hands behind his back) run up to Walter before he could attack, and, as the Human Torch II say, flame on! The same thing would work on Alucard.

But then you realize that it was a fake ring. I then pull out the sword formerly in the stone, and a light-saber, and use sanontaru Oni Giri (demon cult) on you. You have almost no chance of survival smile .


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That is great! I am sorry that I did not notice this topic before. I am a fairly skillful artist, but nowhere nere that good.

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SciFifreak90 wrote:

I've read it. Very meaningful, very good.

Yeah, especially the very last line.

Boba Dude wrote:

Thats pretty good, I like that.
I never would have thought of that tongue

Nor have I.


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Hear Yee, Hear Yee: If Windu did that to anyone else, we would not hate him. If he killed Jar Jar Binks, we would love him, and we would not call him a Sith. We are completely biased. Think about that, I know I will hmm .


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Once again, I think that is a tie, but I will vote Sing.


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Again, I think that is a tie, but I shall pick Durge, since he is practicly immortal.


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I would say that it is a tie, but I shall pick Fett.


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SciFifreak90 wrote:

Boussh, in my opinion. While the hunter's exploits are for the most part unknown (are there even any books about Boussh, or a short story like Tales From the Mos Eisley Cantina?), he is an Ubese survivor, which goes to say alot considering what happened to the planet. Zam, on the other hand, has little to brag about. Minor shapeshifting abilities, adequate weapon proficiency, but nothing out of the ordinary that doesn't include sending bugs to do your work for you. That goes an insult to both Jango and Zam, both of which I despise.

I agree with everything there, exept the last sentance. I formerly agreed with that, before reading Chrys's "30 Seconds to Live". If you have not read that you really should.


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I am a fan of Lego Star Wars aswell.


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I read about on a HUGE vampire site, with TONS of information.To ice someone means to kill them (get it?). I do not use slang, other than to make a point of something, or somthing.

I have never heard of Anduril, but then, the same way you got your sword, I got Excaliber. We then have an intense sword-fight, but niether of us can defeat each other smile .


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When Alucard melted, did his heart actually boil? As for Walter, if Fett got up close to him, he could (I am only using this slang term for the sake of irony) ice him with the flame-thrower.

I then to Force-choke you, I am not Force-sensitive. I now play Alice Cooper music, which freaks you out. Then, slam my old Betamax (I do actually have one) on your head, which knocks you out smile .


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Actually, a flame-thrower would kill a vampire (I cannot belive that I did not think of this). With sufficient heat, it would boil his heart, which is a way to kill vampire. Fett is pretty fast, so he could easily dodge the attacks. Perhaps not Walter's, but he (Walter) may be fast, but he is not strong enough to break the armor.

I quickly abanden the hammer, and throw my fisrt rabbit at your monkeys, which obliterates them (seriously). In the commotion, I grab my hammer, get behind you, and aim for head smile .


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BalanceSheet wrote:

Well, how did Fett knock Deadpool out? 
Getting a bit off topic...so...
Alucard would shoot Boba Fett and/or release control art restriction and eat him.
Walter would get his wires around his neck and decapitate him. UNLESS Fett had a lightsaber, in which case Fett might be able to chop through the wires, if he's good enough to stop ten of them before they reach him.
Anderson would bury him in a storm of bayonets.

We fight for two straight hours, and take a time out for Super Smash Bros Melee, where I beat you up as Pichu.  smile

He knocked him out with a stream of blasters to the head. For all three of those characters, Fett would run up to them and beat them up (at close range, they could not hit Fett with those attackes).

We then play Mortal Kombat: Trilogy, in which I kill you as Reptile. When we are about to start the next round, I say that I need to use the lavitory. I actually snak off, grab a hammer, and aim for your head smile .

I did not know role playing was so fun.


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BalanceSheet wrote:

Ay, neither of them are the sharpest crayons in the box.  Who knows how good of an actual fighter Boussh is anyway...at least we get to see how much Greedo sucks.  smile

Yeah, I picked Boushh simply because he made somewhat of a name for himself. By the way, on a Star Wars board, it would probably be better to use 'not the brightest light-sabers in the hilt', no offense or anything.


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BalanceSheet wrote:

Well, those kind of matchups are usually biased anyway...I remember the Vader vs. Maul Tales comic...tried to keep it within continuity which kinda made it impossible for Maul to win. 
How did Fett take down Deadpool anyway?  Out of curiosity...killing immortals is not an easy thing.

My stomach still hurts, and I hate Star Wars toys because they don't have enough P.O.A.'s, but I concede and put away my stick. I try to punch you but you keep putting the darn toy in my way!  smile

Fett did not kill him, he just knocked him him out.

I put the figure away, but we keep blocking each other's attacks. It appears that we are too evenly matched smile .


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thesithlord wrote:

I'll have to go with Boussh on this one, Greedo was just way to easily dispached by Han in the cantina

I agree, but Balancesheet makes a good point.


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I would say Zam Wesell.


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I would say Durge.


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Ig-88 would kill him, but not when he was in his prime.


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I would say D'harhan, but the Imperial-assassin Dengar may be able to get in a few good shots.


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I would say Jango.


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I am twelve.


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BalanceSheet wrote:

Anderson survived a .454 explosive round to the forehead.  He can handle a blaster bolt. 
How did Fett battle Deadpool?  Not the same universe...

I am angry that you would decieve me like that, so I pull out my beatin' stick and aim for the head.  smile

He Wizard magazine cross-over (you can read about it on this site, I think). I did not know Anderson could do that, but it is obvious that Fett can best and knock out imortals. Deadpool did not have an infinent amount of blades, but he has anywhere from twenty to thirty-five blades on him at all times.

I pull out a mint-condition green-back Fett figure, and put in front of my head, knowing niether of us can harm a Fett. We then agree that there shall be no more cheating (deception, weapons, manipulation) smile .


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I hate reality (both television, and the real world).