Okay, first off, don't get to carried away here. And keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and you're not going to be able to convert them. Keep it civil.

I think homosexuality is perfectly fine. If people chose to be gay, don't you think they'd stop when they're getting attacked and sometimes killed for it? Plus there have been reported cases of homosexual behaviour in animals.

I think almost everything in The Bible has to be taken with a grain of salt. You never know how much was mistranslated or purposely added in or taken out by biased people who want their message to be heard, weather they think it's God's message or not. I try to follow the Ten Commandments and most other things are judgement calls.

I believe in evolution; I think the seven days were metaphores for millions of years. I wouldn't think people in Biblical times would completely understand the concept of evolution, or maybe even that long of a timespan.

Like Miba said, I think Christianity can be compatible with other beliefs and philosophies. I'm admittidly not that familliar with it, but Taoism makes sense to me.

EDIT: This whole conversation is totally off-topic. If anyone wants to still talk about this (as long as it stays civil), move over to Karson's "Do you go to Church" thread.


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Terra wrote:
BFFC-Draco wrote:

Can I play guitar? No. No. No. No. No, no, no, no, no, no no no no no no. I'm still saying no. That's how much of a no it is.

Hmm. That's a lot of no's. You sure? tongue

Long time I didnt play. Last summer I dated a guy who wanted to offer me a brand new guitar he just got. Guy was too weird, I couldn't accept, as I didn't want to have any bond with him. Would have been nice to play again though.

You really never tried?

Oh I tried. It just didn't go so well haha.


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Can I play guitar? No. No. No. No. No, no, no, no, no, no no no no no no. I'm still saying no. That's how much of a no it is.

It's a "z" and I can't find a place that'll illegally tattoo a 16 year old around here. Plus it's free.

One thing you need to know about Draco, He is HARDCORE

Awww Karson, how sweet.


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Thanks haha I just need a tophat.


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Alright thanks.

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak- … 6290_n.jpg

haha why thank ya

five finger fillet and some other stupid things. Lately I've been giving myself a tattoo with pen ink & a thumbtack. Not recommending any of that.

So he turned around and saw that the girlish voice came from none other then Vin Disel.

(Man, I did not see that one coming)


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so he realized the only option was to...

(I can't believe this is still going haha)

I'm still here  (hold your applause).

I still drop by occasionally, but between my lost of interest and my legendary procrastination, ya know.


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Si Titran wrote:

I don't have a favorite right now! I'm so bored with like everything im hearing. Nothing excites me. Whats new and great? ( or old and great that I just don't know??)

What kinda music do you like? I might have some suggestions.


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I saw Judas Priest with Whitesnake a few days ago. They were both great.


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Commander Appo wrote:

All religion does is cause suffering, and waste time.

Actual religion is a great thing, it's the zealots and manipulators who twist it and their followers who cause the problems.


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The Fox wrote:
Seco Fett wrote:

And you leave out the possiblity of disaster! What if a flood like the one in the Bible happened? Wouldn't all the fossils be scattered all over the place? If there was such a flood, what would we find??? "Billions of dead things, buried in rock layers. All over the earth." And what do we find??? "Billions of dead things, buried in rock layers. All over the earth." Sediment would have settled into rock layers, so having that, wouldn't prove evolution.

Well, evolution is more likely and it feels very odd for me that there's "someone above us who can do whatever he wants". And IF there was a God, why don't everyone believe in him? If I was a God I'd make everybody to believe in me!

Because God wants us to have faith in him. If he made us believe in him, there would be no faith.


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I was saying that the people who run that site ignored carbon dating.


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They say those dates because they likely used carbon dating or a similar method. If they do this, and get an estiment of the time, why should the put "might," or "may be."

The first link is at times biased to the point of withholding information. While talking about dinsaur ages, they say scientists guessed, when in reality, they use carbon dating. While talking about life elswhere, they do not mention that we have possibly found bacteria fossils on Mars. Also, part of their evidence for life only existing here assumes that all life in the universe has a radio reciever.

Although, in all fairness, I have not read through the entire site.


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I doubt that they have ever said evolution is a fact. The may have talked about it as such because there is more proof.


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Seco Fett wrote:

Sorry to wreck your fun...

How can you say they didn't have scales? It's like, duh. They've found 'em frozen.

Seco, read the post 2 above the one I'm quoting.


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Seco Fett wrote:

I've never heard of dinosaurs having feathers! I don't believe it. after five years I've never heard that. give me a link please?

Let pretend that they did have 'em. Read some of the other reasons.

Dinos with feathers is a pretty well known fact. All you have to do is look it up. Why should we pretend they didn't have them?


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J. fett wrote:

Damn If Id Known That Youd Guys Would Be Procks To Me I Wouldn't Have Come

im 13 f----- years old and i dont know as much as u guys do im just saying what ive been tought. u dont have to be so mean about it........dammit

1. No one is mocking you, we are having a debate. if you say something incorrect, you'll be corrected. That's what a debate is.
2. No one is beig mean, you are just overreacting.
3. Don't swear.
4. Your age doesn't matter. If you know something about the issue at hand, say something about it. If you don't, then don't.


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Theory is part of science. Creationism is only a theory aswell. You keep giving reasons as to why evolution is not true. How about a reason as to why creationism is?


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There is an edit button so you don't have to double post.

I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to say. Scientist dig underground a lot.

Don't insult people because they disagree with you.


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J. fett wrote:

and if evolution was real shouldn't humans have wings or some obscure thing that normal humans dont have.

Evolution doesn't work that fast. Plus, we have just about everything we need.

And realized the last few posts were incredibly boring, and decided to...