Sadriel_Fett wrote:

Ragelion, maybe you can help me with a question about the artist sketch cards that are included in the Topps cards packs.  I know on the back it says 1/1 of a series, but are these one of a kind sketch cards, or did Topps make multiple copies of each sketch card?  Thanks for the help, dude.  Later.


Sorry for the lateness. For the sketch cards, there is no multiple prints of it. We get blank cards on the front and they all say the same on the back. Now some artist may draw the same thing more than once. I try not too.  But they are still the one and only card like that.

Cujo - Spiker was fun. Never drew him before. Jaxxon was fun as well. I love this set since we could do the EU stuff. Movies, books, comics, and games. So it was wide open. I wanted to hit the other characters that were not a main in the 6 movies. And I will be at Comic-con. I didnt get an artist alley table, but I will have a home base at Matt Busch's table. He and I and a few others are doing a Beatles tribute book together.

Sadriel- Thanks for the kind words and promoting me over here. I was tempted to make a post with my art awhile ago when I registered but didnt want to look like I was bragging or anything. smile

Im not just the artist...but also a member.
Been on here for sometime, but just mainly a lurker. This might actually be my first post. smile
Thank you so much for the word of encouragement.
I am a fan of the Mandalorians, Commandos and anything armor basically. smile