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The Mandalorian Legacy is now on Twitter! You can follow the film's progress and updates here!  You can follow us here, as well as become a fan on facebook and myspace.



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I don't know if everyone here has seen our post in the film section, but we are currently making a large scale fan film about Boba essentially growing up and becoming the bounty hunter that we know from ESB.  The film will be titled The Mandalorian Legacy.  We have a website, myspace and facebook. The website (which will be undergoing a major overhaul soon) is .  You can also follow updates and discussion about the film in posts in the film section boards.

It will have a run in limited theaters around the country first.  When that time comes, we will post cities and times when the movie will be showing, so everyone can go and see it.  After that, it will be available on dvd and possibly blu-ray.  We are putting our best efforts to make the film just as good as the Star Wars films that have come before it.  A lot of work was done to ensure that the story fit into the SW canon and that it had good writing, dialogue and great actions sequences.  This is being made by people who have a love for Star Wars and for the Fett.  Our goal is to make a film that you cannot tell apart from the Lucasfilm produced SW films.  We have assembled a highly talented cast and crew and I am very excited for the film to get released to the fans.  This is being made for all the fans and we hope that you all will enjoy the film!

We would like to stress that all merchandise in the online Store is original copyrighted material that is not owned by Lucasfilm, or infringes on any intellectual properties under the Lucasfilm Ltd umbrella, and is owned by the respective production companies.   Lucasfilm has been very gracious enough to let us fans make fan films (as long as we do not profit from them) and it is not our intent to anger the corp that has been so good to all fan created content. Other properties, such as Warner Bros. and TFC have not let fans do this.  Our biggest source of help from the fans is by individual and corporate sponsorships. These donations help fund the film and allow us to actually achieve what we would like the film to be. If any of you would like to contribute and donate in any way, it would be greatly appreciated in getting this project fully off the ground.


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A new webdoc, Fashion in a Galaxy Far, Far Away has been launched which spotlights the costume design process for the film. This is part one in a two part series that will give an exclusive look into The Mandalorian Legacy costume deparment. You can find it along with all the previous webdocs at: http://www.themandalorianlegacy.com/webdocs.htm

The film has been accepted onto IMDB and can be found here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1260577/. The page is currently being updated with the entire cast and crew; it will continue to update as more cast and crew are added during production and post-production.

Any fan that wants to get some exclusive TML merchandise can now aqcuire it with the launch of the official TML store. As time passes, more exclusive merchandise will be released for fans that wish to enhance their collections and help support the film (all merchandise profits help fund the film). http://www.themandalorianlegacy.com/store.htm


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On Saturday, July 26, 2008 a viral stunt occured at San Diego Comic-Con to promote The Mandalorian Legacy.  To find out more about it and also view some pictures from the event, go to www.themandalorianlegacy.com/news.htm

The first TEASER POSTER was unveiled with the viral stunt and can be viewed at www.themandalorianlegacy.com/posters.htm

"The Rebel Alliance needs your help!  We need new recruits to help get a package from a bounty hunter we hired named Boba Fett at the San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, July 26, 2008.  Visit www.jointherebelalliance.com to get all the information on how to help!"


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We are currently working on a large scale Star Wars film that has been sanctioned by Lucasfilm about the originations of Boba Fett titled The Mandalorian Legacy.  Visit http://www.themandalorianlegacy.com to check out all the information about the film, including concept art, pics, behind the scenes videos and more.  You can get access to more exclusive content by joining the mailing list.  We will also be at the San Diego Comic-Con this week and will have exclusive convention t-shirts available and more. 

Other sites of interest:
http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Manda … 337?ref=ts