The thing is...I f-ing live in Japan and I can't nail one down to save my life. It's like they all went straight to secondary market. I have been to stores around Tokyo that have samples for display purposes but I can't find anyplace that actually sells the damn things. I am only interested in the prototype and maybe the Holiday special versions but man it's crazy. The Japanese love to pull this kind of crap. A few times I have gotten lucky and been at the right place at the right time but usually when something like this hits I am left in the dark. And I'm not really asking for that much sad boo-hoo...pitty party


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No jock, my dog was so smart that he could hold a taper candle in his mouth when we went trick-or-treating until the point that it got too close to his mouth and then he would drop it and let us put another one in to replace it. He was sooo smart. This dog could climb ladders and he could just feel when you had had a bad day. Okay, I'm going to stop now because I am about to cry thinking about my childhood dog.  But the candle thing...WOW, it surprised us all...and the crazy thing is that one year he just suddenly picked up a candle, unlit, and followed us when we left the house to get the goods. I think that year I was a terrorist because the older brother in E.T. was going as one. What a stupid kid I was tongue


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I am looking for someone to help me do the lettering on a short comic story I am doing. I can send you the scans and then I would ask you to follow the script and insert dialog and thought balloons and the text where appropriate.

This is a non-Fett project. Something along the lines of a Steam Punk/SciFi project based on a short story by Edgar Allan Poe. If you are interested or know someone that might be please let me know. No money up front but I will share whatever revenue it might generate proportionately.



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but as well as being the president he was also a member so he...


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

I admit I haven't really contributed much lately, and that many of the posts I have made are small and probably really weird. In my defense however, I'm just getting well again from a bad case of the flu. Swine Flu actually, I ended up being confirmed for it. ><;

tachyonblade wrote:

This is related to another topic and the idea seemed to fall silent to most people's ears but I am still thinking it would be cool to get a club exclusive figure produced. I know that is not a website suggestion but I am just thinking it might be another way to legitimize the club in the bigger picture. I actually shot off an email to Hasbro a while back explaining that we are a club and that we were interested in doing an exclusive figure etc, but I didn't mention anything about Boba Fett or the BFFC - just to be on the safe side - anyway, I got nothing in the way of a response.
I think the site is pretty solid the way it is I guess I am thinking more in terms of solidifying the community through something tangible.

That would be TOTALLY COOL! Except I lack funds right now for such a thing. >< Oh well, I say go foreward with it anyways.

Your posts are always great! Fair and interesting. And I am so super happy that you got over the swine flu!


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especially considering the size of his...


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

I don't know and again, I don't care. Hot dogs really gross me out, the end.

And we really need to stop hi-jacking this topic. I don't think the next time Tach comes on he'll appreciate his topic has turned into the "Cecilia hotdog topic".

No, no,'s all good. I enjoy the way real discussions evolve within a topic. It's more natural just as if we were all sitting around a table having a chat.

And for the record, there are no pork products that I will consume, hot dogs make me sick just thinking about them. My dad used to say hot dogs are made from "lips and a-holes" because they use everything but the actually meat to make them! I know there are a wide variety of Hot Dog products but I'm with Cecillia...except I think after I punched the guy I would snag his bag of money and split! And then go to Subway and have a turkey breast six inch.

If it were truly possible I would be a full on vegetarian and live the vegan lifestyle but it's just not practical here in Japan so it's fish and fowl for me


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

Ooh I know what you could do! You could be a MELTING FACE NAZI. Well, I think that'd be awesome anyways.

Quick poll everyone; has anyone ever gotten those orange and black caramel with peanut butter candy on Halloween, and if so, do you like them? Call me crazy, but I, in fact, like those things.

Those totally rock and are yet one more thing that we don't get here in Japan! Halloween used to be my #1 favorite "holiday" but living here it just doesn't do it for me... actually most of the holidays stink here sad


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

Well, you know, I rather like that the fandom isn't especially strict, and that theres lots of holes for us to fill in with our own ideas. It helps me a lot when I write, I must admit. And anyways, I think fanom is almost always an interisting read.

Yeah, I mean the original films etc. give us all a nice place to start and to get the creative juices flowing so that's why I give Wookieepedia some credit too. I totally agree though, there is a lot of original fan work that is just as interesting and fun to look at, read and enjoy as "canon."


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Miba wrote:

Well, they have good pictures, I'll give you that. I go there occasionally to grab pictures from them.

But otherwise? More than half their articles are incorrect, and they change now and then based on whim. There's a lot of infighting between the people in charge. And, well, there's a lot of "mistakes" and incorrect articles.

I agree with you Miba, it's good for some visual reference materials but this whole topic brings up an issue that I think is somewhat irrelevant...i.e. Star Wars canon...

I know we all want there to be a definitive story line with clear cut and explicit characters and situations but Star Wars was never meant to really be that kind of universe.

Star Trek had "star dates" way back in 1968, granted, they didn't really have a continuity worked out back then so the date meant nothing until the trekkies got together in the 70s and 80s and developed the ST canon. Nevertheless, ST is more of the type of show that is designed for that kind of organization and canonization.

Anyway, what I am saying is that, yes, it is very frustrating trying to nail down timelines, characters and various other details but I think that is indicative of Lucas's lack of vision. As we all know he was not really sure he was ever going to get the first film made... since those days he has tried to convince us all that he had it all planned out from the beginning, but we all know that's BS.

I give the Wookieepedia folks credit for making the effort to untangle the mess but in the end I don't think there is ever going to be a definitive canon. I think we all have to just work it out for ourselves.  I can't site specific examples myself but I have been, on a number of occasions, sadly disappointed with a lack of continuity and consistency with Wookieepedia but as pointed out above, we are talking about a body of information spanning over 30 years, several video games, novels, comic books, RPGs, toys and fan-based mythology. Writing a master's thesis gave me a unique perspective on how difficult it is to collect, analyze, synthesize and present vast quantities of often variable and complex information from multiple sources.

Long-story-short, I think it might be expecting a bit too much to have a fully consistent, maintained and complete, 100% accurate canon of the Star Wars universe.

But every effort counts and it's better to have people out there trying to make sense of it all and maintaining an open discourse than if we were all just making it up ourselves. Or maybe that would be interesting too!? I know I have my own version of the SW universe that I prefer over the "official" version.


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Miba wrote:

Sorry, I guess I misunderstood you then. Before when you said you wanted an American junk food fix and that Japan had nothing like that I thought you meant they had no hamburger places there. And, yeah, McDonalds are all over, tons of them. We have four of them in our tiny little town. Don't much like their hamburgers, Wendy's and Burger King are better for that. I do like the chicken sandwiches and pies though.

I only eat chicken and fish,  no cow, pig, sheep, kangaroo, rat, dog or any other kind of cooked flesh so hamburgers are not really my thing anyway. I do hit the the Mac-fish from time-to-time and the BK Bigfish is not too bad here. But none of it tastes the same as it does back home. So Guam was nice for that if nothing else.


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Sorry to double post but this one deserves its own...

As some of you know I have been living in Guam for the past couple of months...

Well after dealing with just as much crap there as I was here I decided to return to Japan...

I just got an email that my room mate there, who was also the manager of the property, was arrested two days after I left for sexually assaulting a 13 yo boy after getting him drunk! The owner of the house returned to Guam and everyone living in the house was kicked out and my room mate  is now in jail awaiting trial. My room mate is the type of guy who you could never imagine being capable of doing such a thing, very responsible, clean-cut, friendly, works as a middle-manager at a local luxury brand boutique etc, but it seems that he invited three underaged boys to his room to watch a porno and got them all drunk and then molested one or two of them!

Talk about good timing! I think the force was with me on that one...


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"do you work out?"


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This is related to another topic and the idea seemed to fall silent to most people's ears but I am still thinking it would be cool to get a club exclusive figure produced. I know that is not a website suggestion but I am just thinking it might be another way to legitimize the club in the bigger picture. I actually shot off an email to Hasbro a while back explaining that we are a club and that we were interested in doing an exclusive figure etc, but I didn't mention anything about Boba Fett or the BFFC - just to be on the safe side - anyway, I got nothing in the way of a response.
I think the site is pretty solid the way it is I guess I am thinking more in terms of solidifying the community through something tangible.


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I am really hoping this film comes to Japan...the Japanese usually really dig Tim Burton films. They still produce new merchandise for the Nightmare before Christmas here. Ever year new day planners and calendars and phone lanyards and all kinds of stuff are sold. Edward Scissorhands is still really bid here too although there was never much merchandise associated with it.


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Man right now I am just so super happy to be back in Japan...the timing was just perfect.

We get things here with a bit of a lag so the Clone Wars TV show just started here when I got back. I only missed the first episode and am faithfully recording the rest because if I buy them on DVD my Japanese friends won't have the luxury of understanding anything without the subtitles. Also, the zones are different so anyway i have just now started watching the show. Two episodes in all I can say is that is is really cool to see something "Star Wars" new every week. I know a lot of people have mixed emotions and I am not really a fan of episodes one - three anyway but, again, it is really cool to be able to watch a new SW show every week...I mean if nothing else it beats the hell out of the zillion different versions of the same NCIS/CIS/SVU/Numbers/ Detective/ Legal shows that seem to be overwhelming the American television landscape. We get that crap here too but I never watch it because it is so formulaic, and if I am going to watch something predictable it might as well be filled with robots and space ships and light sabers.

So for now I say The Clone Wars TV show is pretty cool and fun to watch.


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Miba wrote:

Actually I was saying that those restaurants are in Japan. In fact my dad was on a business trip there and ate at McDonalds. He has pictures of this.

I seem to have been wrong about Long John Silvers though, they aren't in Japan.

Oh we have McDonalds out the ying-yang... everywhere you go you can find one. There is one station here in Tokyo from which you can reach seven (7) different individual MDs within a ten minute walk in any direction, no joke, no exaggeration. 

Sadly no Taco Bell and no LJS, Burger King just came back after going bankrupt a few years ago.


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Miba wrote:

I was under the impression that Japan has McDonalds and almost all the Yum! brands (such as Pizza Hut, KFC, Long John Silvers, and A&W).

I would die for some Jack in the Box or Long John Silvers! None of that in Guam or Japan sad


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BFFC Admin wrote:

Welcome back, tachyonblade! I hope to visit Japan someday; you have quite a recommendation given all the places lived.

I grew up in Orange County, Costa Mesa...that's my very favorite place in the world - but that's more about being a kid in the 1970s playing with my Star Wars guys and digging on So. Cal. 70s culture, than it is about the place itself. But it was a great place to grow up.


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Once again, sooooo happy to be back and even better from Japan. I gave up on Guam because the average I.Q. was jutst a little higher than a bucket of paint. I hate to over-generalize but I am a trained anthropologist so I am not going to make excuses for my attitude. I have lived in five countries, four continents and I can say with a great deal of confidence that Japan is a better place to live than Europe, the Middle East, the American mid-west, and most other places I have lived or visited.

Anyway, really looking forward to getting back in the scene with you guys.

I truly love the BFFC.

Happy to be back here, happy to be back in Tokyo.

I can't believe it but I now own a real 1970s Blue Snaggeltooth!


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Hello everyone, I am back for now. Thank you all so much for your kind words and encouragement. I am now living in Guam. There is absolutely nothing to do here and I have no friends but I needed to get away from Japan for a while. I also needed an American junk food fix. They eat a very healthy diet in Japan but after nine years of it I really loved my first meal at Taco Bell, a place I usually only went to once a year when I lived in the states.

Anyway, you guys are all I have right now so i really look forward to some stimulating interaction.

Can you believe one at the hotel where I work knows who Boba Fett is! No joke!

Man! I want to cry.


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Hi guys, I got access to a computer so I thought I would ask a question.

Does anyone know how to tell the difference between genuine vintage weapons and repros?


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Fett_II wrote:

there's no need for an origins movie, we already learned his "beginnings" in AOTC.

I have to agree. The character has been over-elaborated to death.

And anyway, there is no way to make such a film in such a way that would please even 50% of the fan base.


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Congratulations! I wish your new baby boy all the happiness in the world.


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I brought up the topic a few weeks back about people dying and no one notifying their friends and then their friends keep wondering why they never return their mail. Well I am going to be going away for a while at the end of next month. I'm not dying, although I wish I were, but I am facing some difficulties and I won't have access to the internet for a while.

For those of you with whom I maintain a regular dialogue through PMs and regular posts I just wanted to let you know.

I may chime in a few times before I leave but I am going to start to get busy and won't have much time for fun stuff.

Best Regards,