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I try to post something every chance I get that is additive and not just fluff. One problem I have is that I live a day ahead and a country away from almost everyone else. Living in Japan means I get the new posts a morning after the night of active posting. Also, there's the cultural thing. Pop culture here is waaay different than in the states and movies usually take a while to get here. As I mentioned in another thread. SW the clone wars animated series just made it here this October so I am always behind on news and trends so there are just a lot of things that I can't comment on because I have no experience with them. I really want to go back home.  And I missed you too Karson!


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Miba wrote:

Those are pics from my Halloween.

Very great work on the dress. Very impressive. That is a great talent to have and you guys both look great. Looks like you had a lot of fun.


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BFFC Admin wrote:

If you do a Fett one first, I can put my advertising efforts behind finding you a typographer... wink

I have a Fett one on the table but this one is going to need colorist and letterer. I have put a lot of work into this and I need just the right person to help out. The story is short and simple but, I think, really cool.

So if anyone knows anyone who wants to collaborate on a Fett comic I am up for that too.


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Of course I know who he is. I still read Disney comic books.

That is fantastic! I love it. Very creative and well done.

Also, you guys as so lucky...I went to a Halloween party here in Japan...more than half the people didn't bother to dress up and the other half went home at 9p.m...the party started at 7!

Japan blows!


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His design and conception work is the sole reason that we are still here today talking about Star Wars and all things related 32 years later. I know George Lucas was necessary to get everyone together to put things in the context of his half-assed story, but I truly believe the movie's success can be attributed to the way the Star Wars universe looked and "felt" and the best things was,,,,WAS,,,it was not over-elaborated. They didn't call the blasters EE-3s, they didn't emphasize the technology overtly. If George did anything right it was letting the imagery speak for itself. As an artist myself I can truly say that Ralph is just the Einstein of visual futurism. Between him and Sid Mean an entire generation has been able to visualize the future and the fantastic in ways that before the 70s were really not possible.
The evolution of art and design hits bumps in the road from time-to-time. Like for example when Filippo Brunelleschi explained the principles of one point perspective it opened up a whole new way of thinking about (thinking about) how to render the world around us. Picasso did similar things with composition and Dali did it thematically.

Before Star Wars, Blade Runner and I should also include Alien, H.R. Higer, Sci-fi was a kids genre with stories wrapped around technology...flying saucers, "zap" guns etc.

Ralp and Sid and Giger just pull things out of their heads and say "there it is" "this is what the future looks like" "This is what technology looks like" " this is what the world looks like"

As an artist the most frustrating thing is to try to create something original. So I try not to look at other people's work as much as I did when I was a kid. Ralph's designs sold Star Wars. Without Ralph there is no Star Wars.

I know those are bold statements but that's how I feel. Sorry for the length...this is something I have a great deal of passion about.


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Cin Vhetin wrote:

Love everything you've posted here, especially the very last one. Really eye candy stuff. Got more?

Again, thanks so much for the kind words, it is always nice to hear encouragement, and much appreciated as well.
The vast majority of what I do is non Sci-fi/ Boba Fett related. I share these pieces here because I feel like they resonate with other members.

I do a lot of life drawing and painting from observation. I also have a deep interest in erotica, which does not mean porn!

Anyway, right now I am doing a painting for my Starbucks cup. I don't really care that much but if I am going to carry around a plastic cup with me everyday it might as well have something cool on it so I am doing a Boba Fett piece for the wrap-around image for my mug! And using that mug gets me a small discount and contributes to saving the planet at the same time...yada,yada,yada...
I will post it with the above when I am finished.



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On a side note...

If anyone has any requests or commissions I am open to that too...


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Si Titran wrote:

I love how you used actual materials! So much of everything is digital anymore, but I think that nothing can substitute the look and feel of real mediums. ( Not that digital is bad.) I did notice that the one drawing was oil pastel too, and I mean that in a good way. It has a warmth and color that is inherent in the pastels. Also I'm biased as they have been a favorite of mine my whole life.

My favorites out of the bunch is the first drawing, the fourth oil pastel and the last one, (i think that used the paint?). I like the balance in color.

You have a real talent, one that I wish I had.

Thanks for the kind words, I very much appreciate it.
Yeah, I really love working in oil pastels but to get any real detail you have to work on a really large scale. That piece it 2X3 feet and I still could not get the detail I was aiming for.

Eurycea wrote:

Anytime I wear a Fett shirt I usually hear something from someone, but not every time.

I tend to not converse with strangers much though, which almost defeats the purpose of being here hmm

Now see, that kind of thinking is exactly opposite of how I see what we do here.
I mean, if I had people around me to talk to about BF then I wouldn't participate near as much as I do. I am here because I don't have folks to chat with about my interest in SW and BF. 

Being part of this community gives people, like me, an opportunity to connect to others who share my interest. It brings together, otherwise perfect strangers, in a forum where they can share and communicate in a "safety zone" I don't want to get too pseudo-psychological but as we talked about in another thread the BFFC is a lot like a subculture. So being a member in my opinion says more about your interest in SW/BF than about how social you are. smile

Anyway, I met a guy in Hong Kong, on a streetcar heading toward Wan Chai, a district in HK,
who had an awesome tat on his calf of Boba Fett. I had to comment on it and he turned out to be from the same general area of the planet I am, OC, California. Small world huh? I have, However,  never met anyone in Japan who is a fan! sad


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Too kind, too kind. Thank you for your kind words.


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Thank you for your kind words, much appreciated.
Honestly I used nothing but paints and brushes to color everything here. I don't even have a graphics program, although I wish I did. I use mostly Gouache, a raw pigment based paint, for my painting and india ink for my...well... inking.  Gouache, once you have your technique down,  can produce effects that simulate digital art. Which is why, with all do respect, I am not really a fan of digital art. It takes a lot more time to achieve the same results as with photoshop etc but even more skill, technique and ability to do it by hand. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bragging here it's just that because of digital graphics programs people are starting to lose a respect for hand drawn art and don't appreciate how difficult it really is to do.

So my list of materials would be
1.) Paper, illustration board
2.) Pencils (sometimes colored pencils), brushes, various sizes
3.) India ink
4.) Gouache
5.) Oh! Yeah and on the fourth one from the top I used oil pastels

BTW which pieces did you think were digitally colored? If you have the technique down you can create  a lot of effects that look digital. One of my biggest inspirations is H.R. Giger. His stuff is amazing and he typically only uses regular acrylic paint for his paintings!


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Here are some of the pieces I have done over the years. Any feedback good or bad would be greatly appreciated


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Then David Hasselhoff showed up and said...http://bestweekever.blogs.com/photos/uncategorized/david_hasselhoff.jpg[img]null[/img]


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I am a mac user so I am thinking this info will not apply in my case? I have done everything I know how to. I don't have illustrator or photoshop so I guess I am out of luck!


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BFFC Admin wrote:



Please consider creating a new topic in the Fans forum:


Welcome new members!


good idea, sorry about that.


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BFFC Admin wrote:

Scan @ 72dpi, RGB, to JPG at maybe 1000x1000. The image galleries here (http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/multimedia/galleries/) can take that and resize automatically.

Can I resize an existing file because i don't have the originals to scan again?


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Can you read this



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I'm not a tech guy so this is going to be a stupid question for some of you...

Is there any way to re-size some of my fan art through the site? I mean without working on it on my computer first and re-uploading. There are a few peices that I was not paying attention to when I scanned them and they are waaaay too big the way the are saved.
Many of these works have since been given to friends or sold.

It's not that big a deal but if it is possible I would like to shrink a few pieces to fit the screen.

Thanks for the patience dealing with an analog-human.


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I think this extends to all areas of the Star Wars universe...the design is what attracts me the most. I am convinced that is the whole reason SW became as successful as it did...great design work. A lot of the tech from the old movies still looks futuristic. The original stormtroopers still look futuristic. Just totally great design work.


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I know this has been done in a general way but I am curious as to how many people live outside the continental United States.
As some of you know I have lived in Japan for the past nine years. I came here for graduate school and ended up bouncing around Asia until finally settling down here in Tokyo.

Anyone else live abroad and if so where, how long why?


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A little off topic but...what Japanese words did you learn?


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Pay ipa hatari tapu, from the original Huttese meaning...
(this does actually mean something in Huttese, can you figure it out?)

So far I have met David Prowse, met him twice, nice guy but in it for the money.
Kenny Baker, total a-hole, also twice, he was mean on both occasions.
Peter Mayhew, super kind, super nice, it is obvious that he is appreciative of being part of the SW universe.
Ray Park, Darth Maul, he was so super cool!
Mark Hamill, What can you say, the guy loves himself...
Jeremy...the absolute coolest, kindest, nicest, friendly guy of the bunch. He was so nice to me. He acted like he remembered me from myspace. I am sure he had no idea who I was ( a white guy meeting him in Tokyo) but he was so very nice. He took a picture with me holding the photo he signed.  I am really fat in the photo or I would post it.

Maybe this has been done before but I couldn't find it so please let me know who you have met and what your impression was...


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I know this is a rather banal topic but who out there is on daylight savings time and who isn't?
In Japan we don't do that so I never know what time to call home this time of year. And, I guess my GMT changes too, or does the system track that?


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Seco Fett wrote:

Hello Family. Some of you might remember me. I haven't been on in more than a year.

I'm still a loyal Fett fan though.

Man! it's nice to have you back. I was gone a while myself.
And as for random and pointless postings...well, we all communicate in a different way and doing so through the filter of a computer one-person-on-one-end and another-on-the-other not too mention the lack of volume, tone of voice and eye contact and physical gestures it does become rather difficult to truly communicate one's thoughts and intentions.

We are becoming a society of non-social (not the same thing as antisocial) beings in the traditional sense. I mean, without the BFFC I would be missing something in my life, but it's just not the same thing as sitting down with a friend at a restaurant or cafe and having a serious discussion. But then again, I guess, it's not supposed to be that kind of thing. In any event I suppose it is different things to different people and that's the way it should be.