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Well, after reading all three pages I am going to be a bit of a downer here. I have a master's in anthropology. I think the Maori thing works to a certain extent, if you buy in to the Jango/ Boba connection. In the first release of the films Boba Fett's voice was anything but Kiwi!
His voice was really evil and menacing but not New Zealander. I hate Karen Traviss' work because she is building on a mythology that was to never be. It's in the media of the era, it's in the movies.."no disintegrations!...As you wish"   "he's no good to me dead!" etc.  Boba Fett was never meant to be the major character he became in episodes 1-3. I think what George Lucas did with Boba Fett is so f,,, stupid. The more mysterious his character is the more impact it has. All of the "mando" crap that has evolved since Return of the Jedi  is just fluff to me. And as far as canon goes...I dare anyone out there to tell me where it starts and where it ends.  (I mean really, even if C-3Po's memory was wiped R2-D2's wasn't and they were both in the Death Star when Ben Kenobi became one with the force.)I would think that R2 just might have mentioned to 3Po that Darth Vader was his maker....)

But I digress ...there was never supposed to be a fully fleshed out "Mando" culture so I think it is cool to just leave it as it is.


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I know this topic has been, in one way or another, given the once over but I just read a SW book that implies that Boba Fett is not really a clone but some guy named Jaster Merell.

Please all of you in the know enlighten me WTF is going on with this? Is he Boba Fett or not?!


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I think names with the first name having two syllables first and then the second name having one syllable work the best i.e. Boba Fett

things like

lila tan
ranto fill
tyulim far
pomto rall
are a good way to start the process.

Give that a try.


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

Ah HA. I think I figured out Tach's favorite (provided I'm allowed a third guess...), but I think it's the 6th one, the one he also uses as his avatar. It dawned on me suddenly, because he uses it for his avatar AND it features the prototype colours, his favorite version. And he hid it in the very middle as well.

Or maybe I'm totally off on this? XD I dunno, just another guess.

Nope! You guessed it! That's my favorite.


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And all of this over a character who was supposed to play a minor role in the background.
I would have preferred it if KT stuck to writing her own crap. Her books read like a British soap-opera.

Boba Fett was much cooler before all of the elaboration.

But I am really old-school.


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Miba wrote:

What's bing?

And I can understand using something that you've used since you started out. In 2002 I got a LiveJournal and that's just what I've always used. I didn't get in on the myspace or facebook or anything. I don't need to cause I use LJ and always have and the others just aren't appealing, nor have I tried them. So that's a very acceptable and understandable reason for not using google, is cause you've always just used yahoo.

And there's that too!


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Miba wrote:

Quite right you are, Fett_II.

Tachyon, my argument could stand for any search engine. But if you specifically single out Google and say "it doesn't give me what I want" when that's the only search where you don't use correct searching methods, then you're setting this test up to fail.

Well, I never said that Google specifically doesn't give me what I want. I said that it doesn't do it BETTER than any other engine out there if you know HOW to search for what your looking for. I have never NOT been able to find exactly what I was looking for using Yahoo and I recently ran a test and got exactly the same returns for the first "10,234,345" sites. Most humans are going to stop looking after the first five to ten sites or until they find the info they are looking for.


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Sadriel_Fett wrote:

I should be a good little Mando and say the Mandalorian BL series Legionnaire droids, but I'm going to have to go with HK-47 from the Knights of the Old Republic game. 

However, if we're including droids from outside the Star Wars universe, then I'm going to have to go with H.E.L.P.eR. from the Venture Brothers cartoon.

I have to agree H.E.L.P.eR. is a close second for me.


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

It's still not fool proof though. Sometimes adding more words to a search can narrow down results, and sometimes it can make it all the wrose. Because instead of getting items related to the search you'll get everything related to the first half and everything related to the second half. But yeah, the only way you'll get me to use Google is if every, and I do mean EVERY, other search engine died and went to Internet Hell.

I'm with you all the way,

Punk rock!

Subvert the dominate paradigm!


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Fett_II wrote:

also, searching anything with quotations will give you more direct results.

But that is true of any of the search engines...and knowing "how" to search is equally important regardless of what engine you use so I don't really buy that argument Miba.


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BFFC Admin wrote:

Hmm... Palitoy appears to be a British toy company that was bought by Hasbro. Which Boba Fett figure is this and where does it say Palitoy?

Palitoy was a British company and had the SW license back in the day for the UK and other places in Europe.

The original (vintage) Boba Fett figure has several variations but the most obvious is the shade of green used for his chest armor. I got a Palitoy version a few months ago loose with the original weapon and card from a guy that had had it since he was a kid.

Since then I have been looking around price guides etc. for details on the price difference. Again I don't really care how much it is worth in terms of how much I can make off of it because I want to keep it for myself. I am just curious as to what the difference is in prices depending on the variations.


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As Smashing Pumpkins once said...

"The world is a Vampire, sent to drain" 
The people of this world are basically terribly cruel, the world is a terrible place, I am really sorry for your misfortune.

Maybe karma will come around and bite them in the ***!?


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

I boycott Google and if you like YouTube, so should you. Ever since Google bought YouTube it's gone down the drain. =/ I can, and do, live without Google.

I have only used it once or twice in my life.  I think the search returns it gives are a lot of fluff. I mean cross-reference "hamster" a million ways and you are still going to get a bunch of crap about fuzzy critters that may, or may not be what you are looking for...just because the cross-referencing is so extensive does not mean that you always get what you are looking for.

Furthermore, there is in fact, such a thing as too much information. A lot of Google returns are irrelevant.

In my opinion...
And Youtube does not seem to have the zazz that it did before, I agree there too.


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Does anyone know if the Palitoy paint variation of the vintage Boba Fett figure is any more rare  than the Kenner version?  And if so, does this effect it's price?

I don't really care about the "price" of the figure it's more an issue of VALUE to me. I will pay more for something that I really want than it is worth if I really want it...does anyone follow?


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Here in Japan people spend the Christmas holiday with their significant other and it's all about money, I know it's getting that way everywhere but since Japanese culture is not based on Judeo-christian tradition it is a really materialistic time so I try to stay home and not go out for any reason whatsoever as it really makes me sad. Then when the new year roles around families get together and people usually don't go out. Totally backwards!  I really hate the holidays now.


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Not a quote but,

Fett makes a statement without saying a word the way he holds his blaster in the films!


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In my opinion, Boba Fett is only the character he is today because of the way he looks. As has been commented many times here on the boards, George Lucas has just been making things up as he goes. Boba Fett was originally a very minor character with nothing to support him but his visual aesthetic. By which I mean, he looked cool. Everyone knows his original color scheme was supposed to be white, and then for his debut he has the revamped, and I think the best color scheme all, with non matching gauntlets and exposed flame unit. He also has several wires hanging off of his armor in different places  and an extra belt that is visible on the Kenner photos taken for the original carded figure. One of the coolest aspects of the color prototype armor was his kick *** gloves, the brown and beige two-tone gloves with the military patches. Those gloves totally rocked!

Anyway, the confusion concerning his armor, I believe, is a result of the over elaboration by fans who Lucas has exploited to make more money. Between the comics, novels expanded universe etc. Boba Fett has become something he was never really intended to be, a main character. The fact that we don't have all of the details and back story concerning his armor is, I think, part of what makes him so cool. So much of the mystery surrounding Fett is gone, and I think that has done more to reduce his image than to enhance it.

On another note, Jango's armor looked brand new, Boba's has seen some serious action. My understanding from the received view of a few years back was that there was never supposed to me that much of the stuff around in the first place and I remember reading somewhere that the idea was that he salvaged bits and pieces as he came across them and refurbished them. Does anyone else remember that aspect of the mythology? I think this was well before karen Traviss and all of the other expanded universe crap.

Sorry about the negativity, I am really old-school!

Hi everyone,

I finally found a store here in Tokyo that is selling the Kubrick sets and selling them individually as well. The sets go for $90.00 The individual figures are $13.00
When i was there yesterday they only had the white prototype and both animated versions available for individual sell. If anyone is interested i would be happy to pick these up and send them to you at cost with no extra charges. The shipping for individual figures would be about $7.00, and for the sets I think it would run closer to $15.00
Anyway, considering what these things are going for on ebay I thought I would offer this to you guys. I didn't want the entire set so I was really happy to find a shop that sells them individually. 
Please let me know ASAP as they only had two boxes left and only the three I mentioned above for individual sell.
He's pretty cool!


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

I would really like to give you tips and whatnot, but you're soo much better then me, it's unbelivably hard to do. It should be the other way around.

However, if you're serious about it, why not try ConceptArt? It's a site where serious, talented artists post their work and critque it and whatnot.

Thanks for the suggestion...I think I will look into that.


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Sorry to double post but there is like NO activity on the boards.

Does anyone have any real criticisms of my work? I do truly appreciate the praise but I want to get better and the only way to do that is by learning from your mistakes. So please blast me if you wanna tongue


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netracinya wrote:

Wow, they're beautiful. Hmm, intresting. Boba Fett started out in a white suit. tongue

They are beautiful. I wish more people were more excited about his art.


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Seco Fett wrote:

I guess I took my vacation because it seemed as if no one liked me. Perhaps that's what more people should do. If people don't like you, just leave and come back later. Now basically all the people who didn't like me are gone.

I am happy you are back and I don't think there were people that didn't like you so much as just some miscommunication between you and other members.


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EdieKaye wrote:

I'm getting the Ecko hoodie for Christmas. I probably won't wear it often, everyone thinks I"m nuts as it is. I like it. It's very heavy, nice quality.

The hoodie is the only cool piece in his collection. That's not a bad choice and I would probably wear it if someone gave it to me as a gift.


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Super cool collection of cards!


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

Aw, I love Thanksgiving. Turkey is so delicious, and drowned in gravy, with a side of mashed potatoes also drowning in gravey.... Forget all those other sides, all I need is turkey, potatoes, and gravy.

That is the only thing I truly miss about the holidays back home...everything you said. You can't get turkey at the supermarket here! and no gravy either and alas, no mashed potatoes sad