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BFFC therealmccoy wrote:
Stone Mando wrote:

i hate families.

not a very mandalorian statement

Yeah I agree. Especially since that is what the BFFC is for me in many ways.

OK, I searched a lot and I got a lot of information about what some members think of the Holiday special but I would like to hear some concrete reasons why people hate it so much.

Maybe it's different when you are an eight year-old boy watching it after just coming off the SW theater experience but when I watched it as a kid I thought it was great. It seems to me that the show was largely produced for children and in that respect it hit the target.   Droids, again I watched it with great enthusiasm and was always looking forward to the next episode. Ewoks, well, I didn't get into that so much., maybe if I was younger.  My brother liked it a lot but he is five years my junior.

I thought it was really cool to be able to see the crew in action on TV, and, as we all, know, it features the first appearance of BF.

So I'm interesting in hearing specifically what was so bad about the show and if there is anything about it that wasn't just terrible beyond the animated sequence.

Rad! Thanks.


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I dig it! I think it brings as all together as a community in a more direct way.


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Stone Mando wrote:

i hate families.

I truly hope that sentiment does not extent to your own!
I think that might be taking things a bit too far but I tend to have a similar dislike for the over elaboration of the Mando culture and the key role that a once minor character has come to play in it and the rest of the galaxy.

One of the things that bugs me about Traviss' work is her heavy british "tone of voice" that pervades her novels. Nothing against the Brits or the way they speak it's just that at times characters say things that I can't really hear them saying if the story were part of the six films.

Does anyone else know what I am talking about here? There are just certain turns of phrase that no one in the films did or would have used.   However, this criticism extends to a lot of the novels, especially the main characters and the way they are handled by different authors.  I know these characters are older and growing and evolving but some of them are becoming so bland that they are not even interesting to read anymore.

Anyway, personally I have the hardest time getting through Traviss' books than any other SW author, such as T. Denning's or K.J. Anderson's.


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BFFC therealmccoy wrote:

i'm only skeptical because the 501st is so well known it became canon-ized in episode 3
and even they aren't sponsored by lucasfilm

Hasbro did go on to produce a 501st stormtrooper figure so there must be some possibility.

http://www.hasbro.com/starwars/default. … t_id=18132


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

Eh, the fasions there are overrated. I see images of their so called trends and cringe. Granted, I'm not into any trendy clothes, but those are especially bad.

I agree, but I look at this subject from a very specific perspective. I did my master's thesis on fashion and identity in Tokyo. It's complex and the thesis is super dull reading but in general you are right. The fashion thing here is way overrated. And to be honest most people here are clones. They follow whatever is popular at any given time and change their style when the wind changes direction. That's one reason why I am working for the Gap. It's not too trendy and you can mix and match easily. I worked for Ralph Lauren here in Tokyo a few years back and that was hell.

I am an artist at heart so I tend to be pretty simple when it comes to my own style so I don't worry to much about the trends.


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Seco Fett wrote:

Man. I'd die to work at the GAP in Tokyo! But you're right, 2,400,000 yen a year is nothing in Tokyo. What are you're housing arrangements?(if you don't mind my asking. wink )

The idea of working at the Gap in Tokyo, I agree, is really cool. I speak Japanese all day and hang out selling clothes. The reality is a bit different. I live in a descent apartment with my wife but she basically puts food on the table. I have to buy Gap clothing so that cuts into my already meagre income. I am lucky that I get a chance to do something that few westerners do but I just wish the conditions were a little better. I would really like to be a full-time artist...but that is probably going to have to wait for the next life.


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Miba wrote:

Right. You can only see what your score is. The plus and minus signs are how to either give positive or negative karma, like Fox said. If you click the link called "Reputation/Karma" next to the points you can see what other members have said about you or whoever it is you clicked on.

Thanks a bunch for the info. That cleared everything up.


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Well maybe we don't need a full sponsorship deal, just recognition on a level that would allow us to do some fun things like club exclusive figures. Maybe we could work out a licensing deal with Lucasfilm. It would be free advertising, which the site is already!, and they could take a profit off the top or something like that. I don't know I'm not a business guy but I have to think if it is approached the right way we could work something out.

As far as what the figure would look like...my vote would be for the prototype design with a removable helmet with Jeremy's visage.
Like this:
http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/multimed … &pos=2

Maybe we could even get Jeremy's feedback on the idea.

If no one has any objections I might write some letters to find out about how Lucas goes about working out licensing deals. I won't mention the BFFC.


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Is there no way we could get in touch with Lucasfilm and try to make the club official without sacrificing our souls to the devil? It seems like this could only be a good thing for them and Jeremy already seems very supportive of our efforts. It just seems like we could do some fun and interesting things if we had their blessing/ support. i.e. the club exclusive figure I mentioned in the first posting.


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Werda Verd wrote:

Its very well done. An odd concept, what is the member going to use it for? A Sith (specie) being both a Tusken AND mando is unusual.

Thank you kindly for the compliment. He is using it for his avatar for one. Reduced down to avatar size most of the detail is lost but it worked and he was happy.


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I think I get it now....the plus/minus sign doesn't show up on your own icon because you can't issue Karma points to yourself right?


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

Anyways, I'm trying to become a cartoonist. Stupid hard field to get into, I know. But everyday I open the comics in the paper and hate what I see. I want to make better strips.

Man! that will always be the dream for me, to be a cartoonist. But I am aiming more for comic books. And I am totally with you about backgrounds.


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I did my undergrad. work at the University of Kansas, anthropology. I did grad. research in Japan at Sophia University. I finally got my master's at the University of Hong Kong, anthropology.

I loved school and studying and research.

But here's the killer........I work at the Gap in Tokyo now. I don't make more than 24K a year.  I'm going to cry now so I'm going to sign off.:(


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I hate to always ask stupid questions but I did look around and I could not find the answer to this one.

Does one need to be of a certain level, a certain number of posts, Karma etc to issue Karma points to other members? I wanted to express appreciation to a member in the form of Karma but I can't seem to figure out how to do so.  I really, really hope this is not a stupid question.

Thanks in advance...


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Has anyone ever suggested the idea of getting in touch with Lucasfilm or Hasbro or both about producing a BFFC exclusive figure or other merchandise?

I know this is a not-for-profit deal but maybe we could do something for cost for members as an initial offering.

I don't know, just an idea.


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MossNoth wrote:

What would a basic avatar illustration look like?

Basically anything you want. You can check the link mentioned above.

You tell me what you want and I will do the illustration itself and scan it free of charge. If you would like the original I would charge a reasonable fee. You can see samples of my work here in the fan art section, I have work in the drawing and painting sections, or see my personal website for a sampling of my art in general.


Please let me know if I can answer any other questions.



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I want to give a big shout out to everyone shout participates here on the forum. Some of you have noticed me whining about living in Japan and it does get really lonely here. I have, however, found a place where I can share my passion with like-minded folks who come at the topic from more-or-less the same cultural context.
I really appreciate all of you and I appreciate the chance to be a part of the BFFC.

I know, I know, this sounds like a hallmark greeting card. but it is tougher than you might think living in a foreign country for ten years without people to share your interests.

Thanks guys and gals.


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This one is pretty dark buuut...

I guy is waiting in a hospital for the Doctor to give him an update on his wife. His wife was in a serious car crash and sustained heavy damage.

The Doctor comes out of the operating room and looks at the waiting man.
The man asks the Doctor what the news is.

The Doctor says,"Well, this is going to be rough to hear. Your wife suffered sever trauma to her spinal cord and will be bound to a wheel chair for life. You will have to feed her and support her in the toilet and take care of here every need. She also broke both arms and will require 24 hour assistance. Also, she suffered slight brain damage and has a great deal of memory loss so she might not even recognize you."

The man stands there and starts to cry. He looks up at the Doctor and says, "are you serious?"

The Doctor says, " No, I'm just f...ing with you, she's dead."

I told you it was dark.

Which Fett do you like the best and why?
Holiday special, Films, Droids animated etc.

For me the prototype that is seen on the first Kenner card for the action figure is the coolest. Partly because he was so mysterious then but I also like the color scheme the best with the two different colored gauntlets and the exposed flame-thrower. I also like the way the suit fit better. He looked a lot meaner and tougher then in my opinion.

What does everyone else think?


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If anyone is interested I am working on a custom mando illustration for a member. I am trying to make a living at art but I will do painted illustrations for a small fee for avatars, RPG models or just your personalized mando. (prices vary according to the detail and complexity) I will do basic avatar illustrations (scans) for free.

Please take a look at my illustrations posted in the fan art section under tachyonblade.

Also, here is the custom Illustration mentioned above. He is a Massassi/Tuskin/ Sith hybrid


The quality of the thing is central to the issue. The most difficult thing for me to get my head around is that with advances in technology and all that we should have learned from the past some of the sci-fi films, TV shows, and especially animation is of a lower quality than a lot of what was produced in the 70s and 80s! It should be easier to make high quality entertainment not harder. and less expensive. Instead, it costs more to produce crap!
Again, on the positive side, there will always be people like us. There were the zillions of letter writers who kept Star Trek alive, there again, with varying quality, but nevertheless they kept it alive.

Just think about how long this fan club has been kicking and if the traffic is any indication I think we will all be talking about SW and seeing new SW stuff for a long time to come.  I really hope so anyway.

It took me a reeeeeealy long time to get into the novels but I was so in need of a new SW fix that I picked up the Bounty Hunter Wars series.  Now I am well on my way to reading all of the novels.
I Think Fett_II is right. the important thing is to highlight the quality work that is out there.

If a may though, I know I am going to get a lot of crap for this....I love the holiday special...Wookie Life Day is on my birthday November 17th!  and man, the animated sequence kicked ***!:)

If you think about Star Trek and how long it has been kicking after only two seasons back in 1968, I think it was, here we are at the tender age of 32. I think we have many more years to go and as new blood, new creators, new artists, new ideas filter in, kind of like what we do here at the BFFC we have many more years to come. And the quality issue, well, that's also in our hands to a certain extent. Supply and demand and all that. I mean, George want's to make as much money as possible and if people are not buying his product he will change it...I hope.

I remember talking with a comic nook store clerk, kind of like the comic book guy on the Simpsons, about how no one cared about Sw. This was back in about 1987. He was telling me that because of the space shuttle and the growth in personal computers and advanced technology in general that people were not as impressed with sci-fi as they used to be. He had it in his mind that SW was a dead deal. Something from another time. Well, here we are now with the prequels and tons of SW merchandise, SW conventions (Celebrations). Fan clubs like this one as well as many others. New novels, comic books and toys and it's  22 years later. I think the fans will keep SW alive forever. There may not be major productions, films, TV etc. but the fan base will stay loyal and that will generate a community and a demand. Whenever there is a demand for something someone will fill it. So on the positive side , as long as there is money to be made SW will continue. Now, as for the quality of the productions...well that's a different story.


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Werda Verd wrote:

Ok, the quotes are getting long. So I'll start straight.

No, I was saying the difference between someone who believes what they want versus what is taught is simple--do you KNOW what you believe is true. The "book" that Christians live by has its significance in the fact that its writing was guided by God's hand. Our "reading a book" has nothing to do with salvation--it was his writing it. Where do you base your faith? It has no foundation, no confirmation.

This concept of "truth" still eludes me. Who are you, or any other christian or anyone else for that matter, to tell me what truth is?

There is no truth. There is only belief.  People, christians, used to burn people alive because they did not agree with the church. What kind of truth is that.  AND, the same thing happens today. Why can't people get it through their heads that they don't know everything. I am so sick and tired of the self-righteous people telling me what reality is about. If you really have it all figured out then the rest of us are all f---cked. If you are happy with that idea then good for you. I believe that if God is there he is way more powerful and omnipotent than most christians think.   The church, the Bible, the Judeo-christian-islamic tradition are all human constructions. God decides everything despite some small pathetic bible study or sermon.

I am not going to contribute to this thread anymore because it makes me believe less in God not more. The more I talk with christians the less I want to be one.

I think truth is subjective and there is no one single exact way to experience it. And I think it is very unchristian to try to force one's beliefs on others and I think most christians should be more flexible about the nature of God and his place in the universe. This world is such a hard place to live in and people can be so cruel, why would you want to tell someone they are going to hell because they do not believe the same way you do?

What we need is more compassion and understanding and tolerance and more understanding...not more myopic, closed-minded dogmatic assertion of religious beliefs.

Basically, I hate anyone who thinks they have it all figured out. The most stupid people I know are those who think they are the smartest. Absolutism will be the end of us all.