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What kind of colors are you using


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the last one is amazing smile

Thats pretty cool, it seems like they made it so you could easly really make this.

wow, how much did that run you?


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Thats a good way to put it, Peaple become more wise with age and as time passes Boba will learn and become a stronger leader Like Jango and Jaster before him.

LOL did you kill your whole team


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I agree with true warrior, I took the time to look at all the pics and was just amazed


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I agree with that Mccoy smile


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This is way late! But I have bad a slow computer so I dont come on much.

Anyhoo Congrats and I wish you all a happy life together! smile


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If I had to name him........ I think it would be Mereel.

That was a really cool story, I just played threw Republic Commando again and was in the mood for a story. Thanks


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I Think I agree with macoy on this. Altho Im sure deadpool is very smart, From what Ive seen Boba is probebly smarter

The cities afraid of me Ive seen its true face.

Great build dude, love the mask


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Very nice, lets see more


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I have paint them and make them look good!


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I have the death sentence on twelve systems!

(masterChief) Ill be carefull.

You'll be dead!!!


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Led Zepplin is by far my fave band. They can do any type of music

VALTHONIN! You have no right to tell me I have false belieif, NO right. What I said is not my basis of belief! but a few words that my late Grand father told me, which he told his unfaithful friend...... his freind now goes to the same church I do. It was just a veiw you can look at it.

I think of it this way, If evelution is right I (a believer in Christ my Savior) lose nothing, but if Im right he who believes in evelution or anything contrary to the word loses everything!

And I do believe things evolve over time, but I refuse to believe my great grand papy was pond scum or a munkey.

I will stay firm in my Lord and will not be swade from his word!!!!!!!!


OK I see. And I totally agree with what you are saying. Both Fetts were killed of in a pretty dumb way. Some may disagree but both could have been something more. Or maybe its better that not much was shown so the books and our minds could make it into something better then a movie could do?

I dont mean to be rude, but in the mandalorian culture you dont have to be born into a clan to become part of it! Rep coms, Null arcs, Kal Skerata himself, all adopted into a clan. Even Jango was taken in by Jaster Mereel. Its not so much a clan or group but a family.

I'm pretty stupid and dont know what tpb means, but the RC novels will be continued this year with a new title "Empereal Commando" since the republic dont exsist. Cool name by the way smile


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Well, one ODST helmet is cut and glued. Wisconsin is a cold place in winter so we cant fiberglass till spring.
The COG armor was.... underestimated sad But Regimas bought cog tags, and built a Mark 1 Boltock.
Reg just got his X box 360 sooooo.................. he's kinda indisposed. We will try to post pics as we build

Sorry if I have not been on in a while but we have been pretty busy with school and some family problems.

I would like to see some request of small projects peaple want to see made. Got to keep me busy with something smile


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Nice stuff! My armer is very simple........like cave man simple, but its way better then nothing