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Thats so cute that you can do stuff like that with him. Train him well.


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Well as far as I know its in the books. As the Nulls weren't even mentioned in the first RC book. So to me that means that it wasn't in the video game.

Its still funny! I think I'll put it in my locker wink


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Very nice ner'vod. Looks like you had some fun. I think its boss to have armor and a buy'uce. ( ooh i hope i spelled that right. Im tired after finishing so much homework.)


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Books! Language is beautiful, even when being brash and crass. You can create special effects with your imagination that no computer or special effects guy will ever come up with. And once you watch a movie all you are is alone again, but a book, is personal. You hold it, touch it, smell it and they can surround you and my simply looking at them can bring a whole world and memories of where and when you read it right back. Oh yes. Books hands down.

Vinyl (records) or Cd's (digital too).?


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Hey guys! I am back!

Its a long story, but I got grounded, then my brother ( can't we be rid of them??) found a way to bust up the computer. But Now that all is resolved. big_smile What's going on?

Oh ok. Sorry if i was being one of them.


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Welcome back! I'm not sure if I met you or not but I'm happy you're here if i did or not!


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Happy Birthday guys! I don't think 24, 33, or 27 is all that old anyway! Its not years, but the miles. Or mind set for that matter.
My birthday was in May, and I turned 17!

Explsions are fun! Why does it matter if he used 1, 2 or ten rockets. Just because you don't agree that doesn't mean its wrong does it?

I don't have much Fett in my life, per se. I have an action figure and the bobble head. I hope my mom or someone gets me the fat head beacuse I just think that would look spiffy next to my computer big_smile


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Rogue was startled when she landed on the stone courtyard. Two lizard like creatures rushed toward her, and tried to put something into her neck.

"NO! She shouted. She felt clean of memories save her own, and it wasn't ready to just have others again. "You can't touch me. I'll kill you."

"Don't worry lovely." The critter said. "I ain't going to touch you, just the soul crystal. We were warned about you ahead of time."

"Whats going on?" Rogue demanded.

"You'll see."

There was a sharp and intense pain as the soul crystal embedded itself in Rogue's spine. She could not help but cry out.

"Ah quit your whining." The lizard said. "Everyone gets one here in Gerridar." And with that the strange disfigured being lifted Rogue up and dragged her to a room. "Here listen to the Countess. Im sure you'll be enlightened." And with that he shut the door, leaving her in a small room save nothing but a stool.

Soon Rogue found out what the creature had meant by the countess. She was a striking woman, yes, but what caught Rogue's attention was her message. Truely it was a lot to take in all at once, but that did not matter. The message hit home. And Rogue was most definately intreagued. This could be a new life for her here. She didn't need to have such a complicated past anymore. And she could have power. Power that came from her internal strength, not just from someone else. Yes, Rogue was very interested.

So she left  the small room, looking for her way to get to Tesba. There seemed to be a stable of sorts not to far away. And there didn't appear to be any faster way to get any where, so she went into the stable.  She looked around, but didn't see much. Since it was desert, she wanted something that would work there. "Excuse me?" She asked the figure that had his back turned to her. "Do you have any camels?"

"Yessss" said the figure, who was yet again some creature or mutation that Rogue had not seen before. "One Jussst came in. You may take it."

"Thanks." She replied and went in the direction that he pointed. She climbed on with just the hint of sturggle, but then took off towards the safe zone.  It didnt take long for her and the camel to fall into a nice rhythm. She almost felt that it was a quite nice new experience. She laughed as along the way she passed some man trotting along the way on a donkey. She wasn't going to break stride, nor did she know how, but as she passed she saw the look of discomfort on his face. She chuckled to herself.

As she entered Tesba, she could hear many murrmings of all the different goings on of the area. There was talk about a sandworm, but Rogue didin't know what that was. So she dismounted and left the camel where it seemed all the other animals were. She wondered what to do next. But she was a bit tired from the ride so she decided to go into the bar she just saw and at least rest and have a drink.

*I hope this is ok with everyone. Sorry for my lateness.*


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Name: Rogue ( Anna Marie)
Age:   25
Job:  X men member
Realm: Earth ( the not too distant future where mutants have appeared)
Abilities:  Rogue is able to absorb psyches and abilities of individuals or several beings at once. In the case of super powered individuals, she absorbs any extra abilities they might possess. This absorption usually leaves its victim weakened, and sometimes unconscious. Their powers may also be temporarily weakened or removed. This transfer is usually temporary, lasting for a period of time relative to how long contact is maintained. If Rogue holds on to her victim for too long the victim may die. Most often this process happens instantly when Rogue touches someone.
Appearance: http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc27/rogue_r/X-men-Rouge.jpg

Rogue walked the halls of the large mansion. It was late and everyone else appeared to be asleep. This was the time that Rogue liked the best of all, where it was quiet and she didn’t have to worry. Well, worry as much. She always had nagging thoughts inside her, some she was certain did not come from herself.  The weight of those that she had touched still lived with in her.  Many years had passed for some, but time didn’t matter. Some now just were a part of her.  She allowed her thoughts to wander, and as they rested on the thought of Gambit, something strange, even strange to Rogue, happened.  An odd hole opened underneath her, all full of spiraling blues and whites. As she fell into the vortex, Rogue  could feel the old memories leave her. She felt the strength and other powers she had gained from Ms. Marvel leave her. She continued to fall, and soon she just felt like Anna Marie, a girl from Mississippi. It was just her once again.

Fett has much to do with himself. He knows that the Vong would never allow the way of life that he has known to continue. I think it is as much as self preservation than a code of honor. It just makes more logial sense to fight the invaders, who want to fight you.


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Hmm.. last time I checked I was 5'6". But I'm done. Thats all I'll ever be.

Finally got to see it yesterday and it was AMAZING! I'll fight anyone who doesn't like this movie.


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Not alone Si Titran. I liked some of them too. Some I didn't, like Leia's buns.

Oh wow. That is so cool!  You did a good job regimas. Looks like so much fun.


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Oh I love those movies so much. I've always read the books and loved them. I only wish I got to see them on the big screen.

So many movies from books totally mess up the story line, and while LotR does change somethngs, its tolerable, and sometimes for the best.


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Least favorite character? I would have to say Count Dooku. He's supposted to be this powerful Sith apprentice, be so big and bad for basically starting the Clone Wars in all, but in the end he's just a pawn and puppet and thus deserves his demise.


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Thanks! I've got a spiffy  nice avatar now too. I'm sure i'll like it here.


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I love action movies! So many to choose from.

Terminator 2 is a good one. I also enjoy True Lies because it is trying to be over the top and silly at the same time. The Matrix triliogy always puts me in a good mood too.


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I think most scary movies aren't all that scary. I think mine is Psycho. The black and white makes it creepier.


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Thanks! Its a line by Boba.


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to quote Han Solo "Ancient weapons and hokey religions are no match for a good blaster at your side" I'll take a nice pair of WESTARS any day.


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So many clever signatures. I don't know how i could but a value on them all.  I'm new but, how do you like mine?


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Avatar request page? Is that the link on the header? How do you post a picture?