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Ocelot walked down a hidden stone pathway from the palace; blasterfire and explosions could be heard close by. He left his lieutenant in charge of palace security, no one was to enter.
Adamska approached the Auction House, which was little more than an open marble rotunda with carved Greel-Wood chairs. His last report of a Mandalorian sighting came from this district, whether it was one or a whole squad, he didn't know.
Blasterfire was close, possibly less than 200 meters. Faint blue reflections could be seen on the glass windows on the opposing building to him; along with distant agonizing screams.

"They're being slaughtered."

Ocelot pressed against a large marble planter opposing the Auction House, looking between two shrub bushes with his optical binoculars. From what he could tell, there was and entire squad of Mandalorians scattered throughout the city block. Adamska altered his view back to the Auction House; he spotted was a Mando-esque outline moving through the dark rotunda; backlit from explosions, smoke and blasterfire.

"I'll bet he's not one of our boys."


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Ocelot sat on the ledge of the landing platform, smoking a cigar. Night had fallen over Theed, the skies were clear, calm, and uneventful...such peace would not las for long. Adamska spotted a cluster of faint lights moving down twords the planet at high speed, maneuvering like ships.

"What the...?" He stood up and pulled out a pair of optical binoculars to observe the now overly bright falling objects. Just then, comm chatter went berzerk.

"Baseplate this is Bravo two zero, posted on bravo tower. We got contacts heading into the city....Raise the alarm."

"I'll be damned. The Mandos are finally mounting an assault." Ocelot shook his head in disbelief.

"Milady, this is Adamska. Get to the throne room, I'll meet you there along with teams two through five, we are under attack, I repeat, we are under attack."


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Adamska walked impatiently down the massive open marble hallway to the Queen's observation pylon that extended from the main palace. He had heard over the Queen's private comm channel someone by the name of Carth Onasi had arrived, but Ocelot was not informed. That really aggravated him. The expression on his face was stone-cold and killer.

"-and with that, you have my thanks, Carth Onasi." Queen Kalipana finished politely. "I would like to introduce you to my head of personal security, Adamska Ocelot. Adamska, this is Carth Onasi of the Republic Navy. He has come to assist with security."

Carth nodded in acknowledgment, but Ocelot just stared.

"I'll be on the east landing platform. Comm me if more important matters come up." Adamska gestured his hands as if mock-shooting the air with finger guns. He began the long walk back down the massive open archway to the main palace hub.

"If pretty boy thinks he can just stroll in and takeover...he's dead wrong."


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Name: Adamska 'Revolver' Ocelot

Age: 56

Species: Human

Affiliation: Queen of Naboo (Or so you may think...)

Rank: Head of Security for the Queen

Job: ^

Weapons of Choice: 2 Custom-Bore ArmSpec SAA-C Ballistic Handguns

Armor: Blaster dissipating clothing

Appearance: http://www.colourhill.com/proimage/01948-1.jpg

Personality: Sometimes overly serious, very militaristic; unlike his nation. Don't let his age fool you, he'll rip your arm off and beat you to death with the bloody end.