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Almost forgot, Chewie sans shirt as I am hairly like a Wookie.  In fact, I have been called Chewie on more than one occassion


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Bardan Jusik or Zuckuss.

I can identify with many Jusik's qualities and career moves.  When I came in to the military (still active) the plan was to spend a few years and then go officer, but then I spent some time with the likes of Kal Skirata and his mando boys and I converted.  I forgot about my dreams of being the guy out front and was content, and thrived as a team member to something that far surpasses the sum of its parts. 

He was also a gifted healer, my chosen profession.  Coupled with that, the deep affection he has for the Madalorian culture, makes him the character I identify with.

At times I can see traits of Skirata as I mature in my military service, as I take on the mantle of "ole Sarge" as the troops seem to be getting younger and younger.  I currently lead a guy who was born in the 90s (sorry to any of the younger members).

All that said, I can also see parts of my self in the bug man Zuckuss.  He may not be the sexiest of characters to all of these Fetts and Solos here, but he is a realistic one (realitvely speaking).  He is out there doing good stuff and living a rough and tumble life, but realizes he is in over his head amongst the likes of Fett and even Bossk.

He is fairly honorable, does right by his partner and lives up to his committments the best he can, and is smart enough to recognize when he is out gunned, but still brave enough to lay down some effective fire in a scrap.  I feel like him on a daily basis amongst some of the greatest warriors ever (keep your Spartans, these guys are far more lethal).


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I am a Christian, and must confess I am a reformed "Jesus Freak" who went about trying to evangelize by pointitn out "how wrong people were".  Odd, I had very little sucess that way.

These days, I prefer to live my faith through my actions and hope that the thesis of my life leads others to Christ.  I must admit that I have more sucess in this manner.

I, along with my two little mandos (I also refer to them as my ninjas) go to church and try to live our faith daily and not only on SUN.


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Many Sci-Fi guys dislike the movie dur to their deep affection for the book, which was a masterpiece due to it's "spot on" politics and recreation for airborne operations (the guy was a paratrooper).

I loved the movie, not just for the co-ed showers, but for the great quotes

"I only have one rule: every body fights, no body quit.  Don't do your job, I'll kill you myself."


"Rico, I need a new Sergeant, you're it till you're dead or I find someone better."

Awesome liners and if you look into some of the politico tones it is entertaining and thought stimulating (yeah I said that).

Roughnecks forever

Fett has removed his helmet as already noted in the previous posts,but let me add this..

Traviss has written how much the clones felt at home in their helmets, having the ability to communicate, listen to music and such all from the comfort of their own helmets, besides they are climate controlled to boot.  Fett no doubt has similar options and then some so why wouldn't he want to keep it on. 

Having worn body armor for extended periods of time, eventually it just begins to feel natural and you feel strange without it on.  Especially if you have all your own creature comforts like snacks and the iPod pouch on it.


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Three years for sure, but so much happened in those three years.  While WW II was from 41-45 as far as the US was concerned think how much happened not only as far as combat, but as social, political and scientific advancement.

We saw the birth of true SUPER POWERS with the breakthrough in atomic energy.

Women breaking through into thte workforce.

Soviet and Western tensions that would define the poitical backdrop for over 50 years.

Arms build up.

War that led to several more.

Much can be accomplished in just a few short years.


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I love Bossk's character, and a well played TRANDO is so awesome to have around, but they have a way od dying as they are less than tame in a fight and tend to get roughed up a bit with all theri risk taking, but you have to love/fear them as a foe. 

They make the perfect enemy for human kind, they are our polar opposites in many ways.  They make great default enemies from D&D to STAR WARS.

Thanks for being so damn nasty and scary.

It has to be Ford, even Peter Griffin agrees.

Close after him is all the special effects puppets form Jabba to the Sarlacc.  I know it is more than one, but how amazing were they all?

James Earl Jones voice, it made III perfect.

Fischer and Portman, thanks for all the beauty you brought to the galaxy far far away...  With looks like their's they didn't need to be able to act, but Fisher was so good as Leia, she makes imagining her in the books so easy.

Jackson plays the same role form afro sporting hitman, McDonnel's gunman (Coming to America), Shaft to Mace, but you have to love that bald beautiful black man , such force and anger, so cool.  He may be John Shaft with a purple light saber, but he makes it so cool.

Still love Chewie as a furry man myself.  His ability to accept himself in a world that frowns on excess body hair has encouraged me to head back to the pool.

Even though Boba wasn't raised a Mandolorian, he has since taken on the mantle of as Mandalore, even if reluctantly.  That said, there is no evidence that the culture supports homosexual relationships, as they are not practical.  I am not hear to espouse my ideas, but I reference the things TRAVISS has laid out in the books, if it isn't practical, you don't do it. 

Yes, Boba was brought about in an unusal fashion, but he did marry a woman, and sire a child.  After he left his wife for mistakingly for dead, he moved on to become the bounty hunter we all love, but she mentions that he left the sexual side of life alone.  His work consumed him, much like work does many these days. 

I'd put forth he doesn't even think about it, he just takes care of his gear and does job after job.

We should take Fett's example on this afterall, who cares?


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Of course Jar Jar was retched but I am glad to see that so many of you are tagging Luke and his dear old dad as the whinners they are.

I despise Anakin for his weakness.  Sure I love my family, sure I'd sacrifice my wealth, health and my life for them, but lighting the galaxy on fire to do so...is the biggest display of selfishness in print.  He willingly makes a deal with the devil to ensure Padame's life (in is defense it was Natalie P).

Luke, he redeems himself in the books, but his QUEST to redeem his father at the expense of the mission is selfish too.  Simply removing a great evil with out attempting to redeem it is far more pragmatic and saves life and time, not doing so is selfish as the redeemed where special to Luke, mean while the galaxy burns.  SWe see the same thing over again with Darth Cadeus in the last series.

The only characters that don't suck at times are HAN, Chewie and the collective Fett Genome.

Love those Mandos

I give him the kill in the last book, all though not directly, he helped "do the deed" so to say.

I am a big fan of the series, until this book.  It made me want to "unread" it all after that weak ending.  I wanted more Fett action, and I love the way TRAVISS has taken Fett and the Mandos, I recommend her books to all of my brothers in the Army, it really is the soldier's tale and she caprture the warrior mind set.

I wanted more Mando breaching and clearing, and then the big "light" fight, not the "Force".  I hope to hear more of the "Mandalore" and his exploits soon.


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Fett isn't evil, he is just a professional personal soldier.  He works for himself and is all about the mission's accomplishments.  Several instances point to this from Karen Traviss' work (large part for my fandom).  He doesn't approve of the slow kill of Admiral Palleon, and his work with Jania points to his "fluid morality". 

All of the books pertaining to his bounty hunting shows no malice intent.  He is methodical, and clearly recognizes the cancer of the Emperor and his power hunger ways. 

Boba Fett isn't a good guy or a bad guy, he just lives life by the code he adopted from his father and put together on his own, much like we all should.


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New to the site and would love to put the hospitality of other Fett fans to the test.  I am soldier and love the Mando while my boy, 6 loves all things Fett.  Can you help us out?  Something cool, it might end up on my own kit for real in Iraq.