Beating the first LEGEND OF ZELDA on one try.

From turning the game on, untill sinking the third silver arrow into GANNON's hide, I never fell to all the rock shooting baddies or hungry, bomb dinosaurs or wierd jumping things.

that or

Scoring 91 points on SUPER TECHMO BOWL with out over time after a car wreck, I think I had a small concussion as I don't remeber much of the game other than being awesome.

I agree with you about OBI and QUI-GON, is was good to see OBI fleshed out and to develop an appreciation for how awesome he was.  I do hate that we only see a glimpse of QUI-GON, he is an incredible actor, I had forgot about KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.

To leave NATIE off though, for shame.  Her and Carrie Fisher set the standard of beauty in the SW Galaxy, and in many ways have become a cross cultural phenomena.  The brass bikini and the over the top costumes are indetifiable by almost anyone.

Is hard as I come down on VADER for betraying the whole galaxy to a geratric, it is almost understandable when you look at the face of Padme.


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I figured a consieur of all things strange would know, but the actual/factual Ligers and Tigons, not to forget the the Ti-Tigons are truly amazing and a lot scary. 

Dr Moreau's Island anyone?

Maybe one would have worked, but two would for sure.  It is actually called "bracketing" and we do it with mortar and artillery strikes, you shoot where they were and will you think they will be.  It increases your odds of a kill, increases, not gurantees as there are none. 

I like to post, and tactics are where I am strong at, that and candy consumption.

Clones, far and away.  It pains me to watch TPM except for the lovely Natie P and Darth Maul.  Clones was cool as it opened the STAR WARS universe open so to say on the Silver Screen.

MACE got his cut on, YODA fights too, more NAtie P in her PJs and a mid drift, scant Jar-Jar and of course Jango.

Block at Anikan (his whinning has made me reconsider how BA Vader is in comparison to Chuck Norris) and YAHTZEE.


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What I like about Boba's armor is that is functional while JAngo seems more for show.  Sure both are lethal, but one got the perm a shave at the hand of a Jedi, while the other stacked Jedi up like cord wood outside.  I think Jango's garb was part of his gig for the Kaminos, they did like things crisp and clean afterall.


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draco fett wrote:
Viking1 wrote:

When will someone say the "liger breed for its magical properties"?

Yeah, that's, like, my favorite animal. It has mad magic skills. I don't know how I forgot that. GOSH!

Google Ligers or Tigons, it'll blow your mind

More Mace Windu.  I know he is PE #1 with what he did to poor old Jango, but he was the best saber fighter in the Order.

He and Jango should have had a longer more viscious battle with him taking a shot or two in the process

MandoGirl0415 wrote:

I am looking forward to it since I am a big clone trooper fan (and when i mean big, i mean if I could I would join the GAR) but i am just not looking forward to seeing them being killed. (They represent the real soldiers that fight for us for me and it kind of breaks my heart to see them killed, but also becuase they are basically slaves to the Republic and have no life outside war. I don't know abow anyone else but it just pisses me off how alot of Jedi and other people think nothing of them and will let them die and not even bother to help them.

*clears throat*

Well back on topic: yes i am looking forward to it big_smile

I see the Clones as the modern day soldier thanks to TRAVISS who should be writing CLONE canon, in fact I would buy an entire series of SKIRATA and the boys from OMEGA and DELTA, and forget about the JEDI SITH, as it resonates more in my heart. 

I think that the writers of the CLONE WAR era are doing a good job of helping to tell the story of realistic warfare through the vehicle of SW and I love it. 

I also love when some of the JEDI begin to see the CLONES for the unique individuals they are and no longer as the "meat droids".

That said, hug a soldier, sailor or marine (forget the airmen) and thank them for what they do, but realize that an ARMY is for keeping peace through war if diplomacy fails.


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Jango was clearly a ladies man, hence his shiny armor and fancy twirling of his blasters, the equivalent of a peacock flexing his feathers.

As far as him getting his son through less convientional means, I believe that lies in the fact that he wanted a model to mold with the mysteries and uncertainites removed.  Boba was an experiment of sorts that he happened to love.

The fact that there isn't more hooking up in STAR WARS has always striked me as odd, I see it from a practical movie making sense, but I was surprised that people behaved more like our 1950s in relationships.


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Not bad, my son loves his Game Cube


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draco fett wrote:

I called a random number and said "Is this KFC? I'd like some chicken, how big are you're breasts?"

Nice one, best I ever did was call Proctor and Gamble and told them they turned my teeth green with their paste, but couldn't hold the act very long and ended up cracking up.


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F Zero for the Super Nintendo, I am a bit behind the gaming curve


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When will someone say the "liger breed for its magical properties"?


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the most dangerous of all animals



small mexican dogs that bear an uncanny resemblance to rodents


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revan07 wrote:

Mooses, never seen one in reality

Not sure but I think the plural form of moose is moosi, much like more than one ninja is ninji.

I could be wrong though


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I can't remember the comedian, but he did this to a telemarketer, it was pure comic genius.

When the guy rang his phone he threw on a southern accent and said he was Investigator so and so and he wanted to know if he knew so and so. 

The guy had the telemarketer back pedaling answering questions to where he was on the night of so and so and on and on with the rapid fire questions.

He said this was a murder investigation and this was the last number found in the guys phone and tried to allude he was a suspect. 

He got the guys personal contact number and said there was going to be a local unit out to see him shortly and to stay on the phone till then.

You could hear the real panic in the telemarketers voice as he got grilled, to funny.


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BFFC-Mel wrote:

I think Jango was a bit of a showman too. Look at the display he does with the pistols. I think if someone did that in front of Boba he'd just shoot them - Indiana Jones style tongue

You are exactly right.

Jango was a bit of a showman and it irks me that he spins his pistols in the movie and in the BOUNTY HUNTER game.  That little bit of showmanship is actually really poor weapons handling, something professionals just don't do.

Twirling pistols around, no doubt they have a hair trigger, is dangerous for the spinner and anyone around.  Think what would happen if a blaster went off.

Boba, the constant professional maintains his armor meticulously, so for him to maintain the "worn" appearance is intentional.  If he were to shine like a new penny it would announce his arrival, besides how hard would it be to blend in if you looked like C-3PO?

Just a thought


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I believe the reason that this movie hasn't been hyped as much due to the fact that it is a low budget film in comparison to the other mega block busters this summer.  Why spend more in marketing that in production?

Kung Fu Panda was the most anticipated kids movie (skadush) this summer and the little snipet that was the trailer was all it took for me and my kids to decide that we needed to mark AUG 15th for this movie.  Once again the marketing genius of STAR WARS was evident as they rode the wave of KUNG FU PANDA, besides STAR WARS has a fan base and a year long marketing caimpaign thanks in large part to their toys and video games. 

When the dust settles, this movie will have no doubt made many times more than it's budget, placing it atop the franchise in earnings to cost numbers in its first run.

To top it off, it looks good, but not sure how much it will differ from the CARTOON NETWORK version three years back.


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I am new hear and all, is this a series you are trying to create?

I like the desperate feel you paint for this guy as he tries to figure out how to at least take a few of these beasts down with him.

Makes me think of STARSHIP TROOPERS when the CPL palms an explosive and decides he is just trying to kill more bugs.

draco fett wrote:

Jango? Why not Boba? Jango is a coward, as he hires mercenaries to do the jobs he was hired to do. He is also an idiot. Jango used two wrist-rockets on two guards, who were right next to each other, and who were running away. One rocket or two blaster bolts would have worked.

For fear of stirring the hornet's nest with you Draco, but I need to point out that hiring another to help you out is not cowardly, but "outsourcing" and smart.  Why close the distance with your enemy when someone else assumes all the risk and you reap a good majority of the benefits?

As far as the rocket thing, I say that is smart.  "Someone worth shooting once is worth shooting a bunch" was a saying we had in IRAQ, and using rockets is in line with tthat thought.  Were they running away as in fleeing the battlefield for good, or were they more apt to retreat temporarily, regroup, reorganize and then reattack or were they seeking high ground to press the advantage?

We will never know as Jango silenced the question as they will be doing none of those, thus increasing his odds of mission accomplishment and eliminating the chance of being killed by a "lucky shot".

Besides, unless you are in a Jon Woo film, people can't shoot that great with a pistol at anything more than 25 meters, and hitting a moving target, forget about it.  Not impossible, but not likely.  The rocket is an area weapon and is almost assured a lethal hit.

Our military's elite units have become fond of dropping smart bombs dropped in pairs as opposed to getting into a gun fight, even with our superior training and technology.

Finally, if you are in a fair fight you should rethink your tactics.

I am a fan of Fett for a few reasons, but to say one would be the way he handled himself in the Sarlacc.

He didn't feel sorry for himself, he didn't try to plead with the sentient being in the Sarlacc, he continued to resist even while being dissolved slowly in acid.  It would have been easy to go mad with pain and let the eternal darkness swallow him, but he held on to his will to survive and focused his entire will and being into escaping, or at least hurting the Sarlacc.

It is reminiscent of the frog being swallowed by the bird, but it holds on to its throat, refusing to go quietly into the night.

Fett also lives up to his own moral standard, no one elses.  We should mimic his resolve to our principles, I don't think they should be ours though, otherwise you are trying to live someone else's and not your own.  You have to live life and conduct yourself by principles that you agree with and hopefully they are grounded in solid foundations of law and order and good will toward men.

Fett would approve this message


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Fetterthanyou wrote:

Starship Troopers is by far one of the stupidest movies I have ever seen.... Ever.

With that said, I enjoyed the movie. If you take it seriously you are obviosuly going to have problems with any movie like this. It is extremely exaggerated to a laughable degree, which is what makes it fun to watch.

Dizzy: My mother always told me that violence doesn't solve anything.
Jean Rasczak: Really? I wonder what the city founders of Hiroshima would have to say about that.
[to Carmen]
Jean Rasczak: You.
Carmen: They wouldn't say anything. Hiroshima was destroyed.

I have some buddies with a shirt that state something similar to that:

"If violence hasn't solved your problems, you aren't using enough of it"

Blunt force trauma and repition will solve almost any dispute, one way or the other.  A shame that isn't the UN response to dictators.

Fett in "Hard Merchandise"

He was talking to Neelah after all the festivities on KDY.

She said "you could be a hero.  If thats what you wanted."

"Hardly." Boba Fett's voice was flat and unemotional as it had always been.  "Heroes don't get paid enough."

Classic and true, heroes don't do it for cash, so think about that whenever you hear someone say sports star so and so is a hero, heroes don't get paid well.


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Almost forgot, Chewie sans shirt as I am hairly like a Wookie.  In fact, I have been called Chewie on more than one occassion