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True, a wouldn't want a guy who has eaten his own family next to me in a foxhole, you have to admit that guy is already a survivor and he would do well with ARMY chow to boot.

CLONES died off according to TRAVISS, a few lived on in EXILE, but their advanced aging was never turned off in mass.

KT wrote a bit about the initial struggles VADER went through to find the new prototype to replace the FETT genome.  In one novel (I honestly forget at this moment) they talk about the STORMIES being individuals and not cloned, thus they were open to as much variety as any army.

While the DROIDS were superior in many ways to the CLONES:

They could aim better

Were fearless

Able to fight until destroyed or deactivated

Immune to fatigue and illness

All that said, they were inferior in that they did not have in their core the intellect and heart of warriors, only a preprogrammed set of algorhythyms approaching intelligence. 

Tech will always lose to the heart and inguneity of man, over time.


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Mr T , B.A. Baracus and Clubber Lang are technically one in the same.  While a potent trinity, no where on the scale of your number 1, they can not count as 3, 4 and 5.

Besides, CHUCK is #2 after the real TRINITY.

Come on


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The first article I read in the previously published men's magazine 'Stuff' was "WAR WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR???  ACTUALLY, A LOT"

Despite the tragedy that accompanies armed conflict there is a lot of very good and positive things that stem from war. 

It helped define the two Superpowers

Ushered in the NUCLEAR ERA

Modernized our methods of fighting war, thus reducing the number of casualties per engagment (WWI saw over 1 million casualties in one battle)

Medical breakthroughs, enabliling better quality and quanity of life for all

Japan as an ally, and innovator in electronics

Germany is a free democracy


and many more innovations that are to many to mention.

NAZIS, we all agree were bad people, but the GERMAN soldier (not the SS) were just like the rank and file STORMIES doing their job, and while I do not like what they did, even under orders, I can still respect the quality of their service and their fighting spirit.

Soldier to soldier

They are fun as a small distraction, but I see the appeal of a more streamlined board


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R2-D2, but Bender from Futurama or Kit the talking car are all pretty cool


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The M-4 with all the trim and a shorty barrel are hard to beat in room to room clearing, small enough to manuever with and still able to drill holes through out a courtyard with uncanny accuracy, but there is something to be said about the M2 heavy machine gun, it ruins people's days. 

My all time favorite, while somewhat impractical to using up close and personal is the M18-A1 claymore, whoever invented that is in hell somewhere, it is evil, but in the good way.


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As a dad of a 6 year old Padawan and devoted Fettling and a 5 year old girl, I get my fair share of kids television.

By far the worst is an easy one, BARNEY.  He is an easy target, but it is true.


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I have always been a fan of big forearm braces, they could be oversized in the middle and in principle could be used to absorb blows or deflect bolts.  The center could be honed to a point to serve as a blade and the ends sharpened.,  The thought is that the two of them together could be the size of a small shield and help provide extra protection.


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At first I thought it was the "Peanut butter Jelly Time" but it grew like a fungus on me, so now it is Macharania.


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Once again, thanks for thanking me on behalf of all the uniformed out there.  We don't do it for that, but it is nice to know that despite the constant buzz of the politics and rhetoric being thrown about that you all appreciate what we do. 

The ones who really deserve then thanks are the families that pray for us and send us goodies in the mail.

By the way I am a MEDICAL SERGEANT in the ARMY.

Like I said before, the TRAVISS CLONE stories are our stories, just take out the blasters and droids and there we are.

I think the fortress out of blankets is a "must do".  Forts from scrap wood and club houses are staples as well, look out for nails though.

Other than that I was into drawing scenes and zombie or ghost tales

III was awesome in its battle sequences, the duels were so fast and angry, a far cry from some of the original exchanges that my kid and I put to shame in the backyard.  I also loved to see the force used in them as it was up to that time merely a fencing match. 

It also helped to fill in alot of gaps concerning VADER and added to the mystique of OBI, he really was a Master.  The NEW HOPE was  less than conviencing to how good he was.

It also revealed why VADER fell and just how despicable he was, cutting down kids is pretty low.

There was much wrong, but there was a lot right.


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Thanks gentlemen


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Great point, it seems only we are fighting a war by rules which is admirable, but highly impractical.  Shame FETT isn't the SEC of DEFENSE.  Might get a little scary at ffirst, but a whole lot safer.


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While I have no doubt the FETTed ONE could easily defeat in one on one combat, I wonder how long it would take for him to track him down adn how much his bounty would fetch to a bidding public?

When I first read Practical Man exert in SACRIFICE by TRAVISS I was struck by the thesis FETT put forward when dealing with the VONG.  Sometimes it isn't enough to go after the credits, principles are worth more.  Our military faces this issue as many skilled soldiers are leaving for richer contracts in the private sector, but a what cost.

My question is would FETT roll to the richer contracts or stay green to wage a war of principle?  I believe he wouldn't "sell out" and would fight a fight against an enemy who fanatical ways are similar to the VONG in that they wish to remake the world in their image and leave nothing else but ash.

Any takers?


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Viking1 was my call sign in IRAQ, my ODA was the VIKING element as we were the boat team.  1 is the designation for the medic so I was Viking 1.  Could be the name of my ship like BOBA has SLAVE1 too.


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Stone Mando wrote:

luke skywalker.i never liked him.

I agree, when I played the RPG, I had made to kill the SKYWALKER as my end goal.  My GM rolled with it and let me work toward that, but I wasn't SITH, never liked the absolutes.  Of course when we got down to the chopping it was over fast, you can't make out with LEIA, beat HAN in sabacc, get the drop of BOBA or kill LUKE, laws of the UNIVERSE.


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Well said and well received.  I plan to polish up on JANGO, but BOBA and the CLONES as TRAVISS tells them is what rekindled my STAR WARS fandom. 

I love the way they tell the soldier story.  I tell people you take out hyperdrives and lazers and you have a modern day army


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Will do, and I am admitedly not a JANGO buff


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draco fett wrote:

Consieur of allthings strange? I think I might have to change my title.

Check this out.
Glowing rabbits and pigs: http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/Health … id=1498324

I thank you for this, I will cherish the glow in the dark pigs, forever.

On another note, a have a friend that used to provide security services for a nuke site in an undisclosed location for the Air Force.  He said they used to get the praire dogs and bust the chem lights kids get for Trick-o-Treating and would turn the "radioactive varmits" loose for the local farmers who had the NUKE under their farm.

Sort of cool

draco fett wrote:

That is a very good plan, but he shot both in the same spot.

Candy is always good.

Well, there is just no winning with you.  I would have shot two rockets off set by 21 foot, also known as "lunging distance" approx the distance a motivated person can cover in 3 seconds from a stand still.  Their interlocking lethal radius would overlap a bit and produce a very lethal area.

When we throw grenades at baddies, we throw two to four.  We account for an inert dud (lowest bidder afterall) and to get a more lethal area and also to prevent them getting kicked back PELE style.