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They were almost in the kill zone, a few more seconds and then he would detonate the speeder, signaling the inexperienced  crew to begin their concentrated fire, when someone got a little excited and did something stupid.  SGT MALATINE threw his grenade and began the ambush prematurely.

"Frapping imbicile" he thought at the young trooper's actions, he hadn't stuck to a plan that had a very slim chance of sucess to begin with and no there was seemingly no chance.  Grenades were social munitons, you throw one, throw some friends otherwise what could happen, did.

A MANDO picked up the grenade and chucked it down the alley, he suffered a little bit of permacrete spray for his trubles but nothing debilitating and far from lethal.  Then MALATINE and two others began bounding forward and shooting wildly form the hip with a war cry at their lips.  Sexy in the holos, but far from functional and poor soldiering.  MYERS knew those men were done for along with their chance for victory in this, now it was a matter of taking some of them out too.

He picked up his rate of fire, sighting in and squeezing his trigger over and over again.  More than not of his bolts hit their mark, but it seemed that only he was hitting as the rate of fire had dwindled to only him and another.  Soon he was through three energy cells and things were getting desperate as the MANDOs were beginnig to reorganize and advance.

"Just a little further, come on, come on, take the bait you mercenary sons-of-a-diseased-wamprat." he wanted them to come in line with his still unexploded speeder, "COME ON!!!" he yelled.  He still had one more charge, that was going to be his final act of defiance, "COME ON!!!"

While I have yet to meet any die hard FETT fans out there, yet, there are plenty of MANDO/SPARTAN wannabes through out the military. 

I have a few buddies that are big, big fans of the CLONES and look forward to more CLONE related things.  They are not far from being FETT lovers soon as the dive deeper into it.


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I have a soft spot for the COMMAND and CONQUERs and also the AGE of EMPIRES.  Fun and a great time killer.


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Valthonin wrote:
Viking1 wrote:

Kill MYERS but give him a good send off, no evisceration or beheading please, clean combat.


There are plenty of other NSF for you to kill, those charging or those fleeing, come on V!!!


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MYERS had spent his first official day as a new officer going through the process of improcessing, it made no difference he had been a NSF for the past 10 years, he had to fill out all the initial intake paperwork again. 

It was well into the night before he was done, he even had to work through his lunch date with his fiance, much to his and her disappointment in order to attend a mandatory lecture on personal finance that began one hour late and provided no new insight into maintaining wealth.  He decided to swing by and grab a bottle of 'firewine' to salvage something of the night when the MANDOs came.

He was no expert on all things military, but you didn't have to be to recognize the handiwork of MANDOs, large explosions were their trademark introduction. 

Ruefully he muttered "So much for tonight." and checked the charge of his blaster and decided it was time to upgrade, thankfully he still had his TRU equpiment issue in his speeder.  CHIEF RANDING had said he should keep it if he ever needed another job, he was on his way to turn it in today, but hadn't had time to.  He hastily donned his armored breast plate and his TAC hemlet and loaded his rifle, thumbing on the sights.

In no time fear and panic had siezed the city of THEED, another calling card of the force that had awaken the city into the nightmare of an invasion.  The COMM tower had been blown effectively cutting off the higher HQs from the rank and file patrolmen, leaving them to their own best intuition and training.

For MYER, he was on his way to link up with the other members of TRU, only to discover they had vacated, no doubt to reinforce the palace.  He was on his way when a bloodied SERGEANT intercepted him asking for orders. 

"Sir, we were cut off from our patrol..." he started to well up at the thought of what had befalled his squad in a few moments.  The large monster with the two swords had killed so many, so fast

"Easy SGT MALATINE" he said reading the bloody name tag, "Let's see if we can sort this out.  You with me?" he asked, trying to refocus the trooper.

"Sir, yer sir." he sounded off.  It still struck MYERS as strange to hear that title applied to him.

Soon MYERS had eleven men of different patrols cobbled together, they wouldn't have passed inspection and were a poor attempt at a fighting force.  Six rifles, seven blaster pistol and three charges and only he had any armor to speak of, still it was all he had to work with so it would have to be good enough.

He thought of the most likely avenue of approach and figured to lay in an ambush, he knew his odds were grave, but he had to make an attempt, at least to slow the beast he knew the MANDOs to be for the others to figure out a response. 

He laid his rag-a-muffin force into their positions, hidden form observation with clear fields of fire in to the major intersection, the intended kill zone.  Still lacking a heavy casualty producing ambush initiator, he improvised one and rigged a speeded to blow.  He didn't figure it would penetrate their armor unless they were right next to it, but it should be a good distractor and maybe get one.

He briefed his men to lay down heavy fire when he blew the speeder and to retreat after two energy clips were spent back to their fall back positions.  He didn't want to throw their lives away in a suicide misssion.

The sounds of death were moving closer to their positions, and he could feel the tension growing along the firing line, one young trooper threw up.  He had picked well, and the figures stalked forward cautiously, looking for signs of trouble, but their initial sucess and desire for more action caused them to step into the kill zone and into their first real resistance.


RD hope to have set the stage for you

I figure one big explosion, more flash than boom, and then the two energy clips of concentrated fire on you guys.  Three troopers plan to charge you, so have fun while four will break and run early so by all means enjoy. 

Kill MYERS but give him a good send off, no evisceration or beheading please, clean combat.

I'll write his last breaths and then move to another troopers perspective

That is a really cool image and I would wear that on my armor or on a tshirt with great pride. 

The simple approach is often the best, and I think it says a lot with out saying much.

I also like out how it a distinctive image that BFFC would be privy to.



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The sirens sounded to late, but all the warning wouldn't have made a difference.  the MANDOLORIANs came in fast and hard and where used to the task at hand, and their pilots were not, the whole world was not.  For hundereds of years, as long as living being could remember, NABOO had remained a tranquil planet, a dream of paradise. 

That dream was over today and along with it an entire squandron and its pilots in the first moments of the battle were wiped away in a one very lethal run.

The immediate explosions were over and only a few sympathetic ones filled the hangar, that and the sounds of the dying.  Those sounds were soon drowned out by the distinctive fire of heavy blaster, up close and personal.

His name was Jyron Baileen, a ship fueler of no renown. He was pinned underneath the wreckage of a scaffolding that had collapsed in the opening barrage, he had been on break enjoying his meal one moment, and now lay dying in another.  His moment of death came as an armored figure strode over him and leveled the largest blaster he had ever seen in his direction.  Fear didn't have time to register as his world went white and then dark, eternally so in an instant when the figure with the T shaped visor, something out of a scary movie pulled the trigger....

This scene was played out all through out the hangar as the living were killed and the dead stayed dead as the MANDO assault on NABOO began.




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Sorry... I forgot to introduce my character and went in to story time, my bad


AGE:    29


RANK:  NEW 2LT (formerly a Senior Sergeant before an iniaitive to put senior enlisted men into greater roles of authority in efforts to shore up defenses in an increasingly dangerous time)

APPEARANCE:  CRAZDAN is an attractive enough male in the prime of his life, he radiates confidence, but not arrogance and is sure of himself in most situations.  He has a warm personalty and a robust sense of humor, often heard quoting some obsucre line from the recent comedy holos or impersonating the celebrity of the moment. 

He is powerfully built from his younger days as a "kik boll" a NABOOIAN version of RUGBY, where he developed his leadership style, but has begun to slow down as 30 approaches and has put on a few kilos lately, but his artist lover and soon to be wife (he has a  emerald love stone in his pocket, but yet to give it to her) SASHANE thinks it makes him even more attractive as she views him through forgiving the eyes of the love.  He keeps his brown hair cut short, but not overly so and has a pair of darkened lenses always on his head or on.

WEAPONS:  He only carries his issued holdout blaster, for now, but will look to procure weapons as necessity deems it so.


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That was supposed to be "CALL the cops and the morgue"


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S far as pistols go, it more important the shot placement, but once again.  People who shot people, swear by the .45 as their weapon of choice.  For home defense, I'd still recommend the GLOCK series due to it's lower cost, and ease of operration. 

That an a shotty, aka the "Room broom".  Deadbolt you in the kids in their room and when the handles turn, BLAM BLAM all the COPS and the morgue.


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draco fett wrote:

There are obviously better ones by now, but I love M16s.

The M16 has since evolved into the M4 Carbine used by SPEC OPS and is a very functional weapon and has been winning battles for nearly 50 years.  As with any piece of hardware, it is the user that makes the difference.

Footnote, but it is now known as the "musket" due to its gigantic build compared to its newer, sleeker off spring.


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Lest we forget ARMAGEDDON, who wouldn't have wanted to be "all go, no quit HARRY STAMPER" and be the guy who saved the world?


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Perfect for when the MADOS drop in and start laying waste.  Think big explosions

In NABOO SECURITY FORCES HQ.  Senior Master Chief Tarn Randing, a career service menber with over 50 years of uninterrupted service has just entered into the Tactical Response Unit also known as TRUe and while grabbing his morning caf, he says...

"I got a bad feeling today boys, deep in these bones."

"You say the same thing every day, and nothing, NOTHING ever happens." replied his equally as experienced but not as highly promoted, career WEAPONS SPECIALIST Freuz Lanviel sniped from his daily spot behind an exotic rifle working on the sights or tweaking a trigger for one of the operators.

"Yeah, I know, but I feel it today, no kidding.  It woke me up from a sound sleep and all."  The CHIEF Randing said as he stirred in his cream and applied his usual 5 sweetners.

As he pulled the cup to his mouth and blew the forst sips to a tolerable level, the explosions started and then sirens began to wail, not a warning, but a funeral dirge as the MANDOS, the stuff of legend appeared in their reality on NABOO.

What I was trying to say the had th advantage of not having eye fatigue, ability to see infrared and such.  True, the CLONES can accomplish this with technical advantages, but in an open battle arena the DROIDS were laying down waste. 

I also made some inferences form the STAR WARS games and knowing of our own ABRAMS series tanks that can shot 4000 meters while on the fly.  Though in a galaxt far far away they would be able to shoot while moving.


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He was the lowest of low, the scum of NABOO and no one would ever treat him with true respect.  At least that is what his former squad mates said after he begrugingly accepted a commission as an officer in the NABOO SECURITY FORCE.  His days of honest patrol work and serving the people of NABOO were over now, he was a slave to the living beast of mangement..

He was CRAZDAN MYERS, the former SECURITY SPECIALIST of the NABOO SECURITY FORCE, and highly decorated for distinctive service in what amounts to "hazardous duty" on the serene planet of NABOO.

"What was I thinking?"  he mused to himself in the mirror as he woke up, his joints were stiff well beyond his 29 years, the product of hard living and continuing to train despite all the indications that a break was needed. 

"You were thinking how dashing you'll look in the uniform."  his lover called from their bed.  She was a vision of beauty as the satin sheets hugged every degree of her generous curves.  She beackoned for him to return to their love nest, but he knew better as he didn't want to be late on his first day to meet with his division commander.  Prudently he stepped into the refresher and braced for the coldest setting it had.

Ten minutes later he was dressed in his crisp flightsuit, fitting him a little tight through the chest, but otherwise a flattering fit for his athletic build.  He had been a former kickball standout in school as well as a minor celebrity in the intermural games the NSF (NABOO SECURITY FORCES) so his body was well conditioned and he carried his 100kgs well on his 1.87 mter frame.  The small, but functional holdout blaster on his waist was highly polished and a symbol of authority for the passive citizens of NABOO.

She pleaded for one last kiss from her studio on the verand.  He warmly embraced her wrapping her diminutive frame in his large arms and chest and meet her nose to nose.  "I love you" she cooed

"And I you" he replied in their tradition.

"What are you painting?  It looks like a bowl of fruit"

Playfully she smacked him "It is a self portrait, you nerf ear."

Laughing, he kissed her and headed for the door, ready for the day.  It was the perfect as far as last memories of a loved one goes, when they came....


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US MARSHALLS was a great action movie, along with anything MR NORRIS has done.


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We were talking about scary movies today, and SAW came up for just how gruesome it was, but the AMITTIVILLE HORROR was something else.


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1911s are an incredible weapon and proven over and over again in combat.  Despite all of the evidence form "people who shoot people" the military insists on an inferior 9mm round that is interchangeable with our NATO allies.  While I would prefer to be shot with neither, people in the know swear by the .45 as the weapon of choice despite their limited round magazines.  On another note, the grip is easier for a smaller hand to hold, so it is an easier weapon to put rounds in the KILL ZONE.

THOMPSONS were a great weapon, but the MP5 is far superior, despite my arguments above championing the .45 over the 9mm.  It's size, multi employments, track record and rates of fire make it the weapon of choice for a sub machine gun.


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I have read a lot of dissappointment in DENNING, and though I loved some of his D&D books, I found his latest installment overwhelming bad and as I had previously stated, "wanted to unread the series after INVINCIBLE". He did it again going off point, while cool, was still off point. 

ZAHN another guy I liked from D&D books is okay, but I am far and away a fan of TRAVISS as she takes a good bit of time developing not only some smaller characters, but trying to establish a link to the readers.  It feels that there is the huge rush to "resolve" something, but I like the slow approach and building the characters up and letting the mythology develop.   BEsides it makes sense from a marketing perspective, selling more over time and letting talented authors blossom these characters in exile.


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I sent RD a personal link but I am stepping up to play the role of a few faceless NABOOIAN security forces that will die brilliantly


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Now tell me:  "I am smart enough, good enough and gosh darn it people like me."


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A few have said they liked it already on different posts, but here I am seeking your judgement?

Wow!!!  I know that this is a fan site for BOBA, but wow GUSTAVO really, really like the FETT.

Have a little STAR WARS with you FETT


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I was left upset at the whole thing personally.  I think I had to high of hopes after the gems of PIXAR produced.  I seen this is more anti consumer propganda.

While I think we should reduce and alter our lifestyles dramatically, it wasn't what I thought it was going to be.


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