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MEL, I appreciate you giving out some of the laws of the land and keeping NOObs like me from making avoidable mistakes.  I know I have made the double posting error before. 



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Thanks, the third one looks the best and I'd like to use it as my avatar, can you get it down to uploadable size?

Once again thanks

Ms SITH, I too appreciate your efforts in this, I was hoping more for just the helmet or the cartoonish logo sans MINNESOTA VIKINGS on it.



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I have always liked the PUNISHER for his above the law, but not above justice way of dealing with people.  I see many of his motives as rooted in the purest of intentions, and while he does terrible things, it is to bad people, and are deservingly so of "punishment".

While training with FETT, JANIA is presented with this dilemma from former JEDI JUSIK.  Sometimes, in our attempt to redeem people from their personal "dark side" we are doing the entire universe no favors allowing their cancer to fester and grow.  Simply cutting it out is very pragmatic and smart.

FRANK CASTLE and the MANDOs are very similar in their methods, and I believe in their psychological construction as well as they are able to start down the slope, but not descend into excess as VADER and later CADEUS did.  It is only a matter of common sense and what is best, not an ideology that motivates them


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I am seriously not good at this sort of stuff, I was hoping someone could find a viking image, or something classy and shoot me the work.  I googled VIKING IMAGES and there were some pretty cool first few images, maybe even the MINNESOTA VIKING logo.

Great post and I think you are right, there are areas of gray that you can make your fortunes off of, but there is a metaphorical line in the sand that one can not cross.  Fanatics similar to the VONG are a plague to the human race and we have seen them come and go throughout our history, the BABYLOINAS, PERSIANS and MEDES, GREEKS, ROMANS, MONGOLIANS HORDE, CRUSADERS, MULAHS, NAZIs, COMMUNISTS and now we have ISLAMIC FASCITS.  You can be assured when you try to reinvent the world in your own image and permit nothing else you are bound to fall as the many will come together in overthrow the few. 

Who else was surprised to see FETT working with JEDI when faced with the threat of the VONG?


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He stalked back and forth, checking his comms, rifle and then his chest rig; he discovered there had been no change, the same status time and time again.  COMMs were down, his rifle charged, sights ready and his REPUBLIC ISSUED armor still in tact.  Just as he finished his routine he added another curse for his assignment to NABOO and then to this storage facility for of all things sexy and military; FOOD. 

Aside from the great view from the barracks and the occasional night out in THEEDS; this entire assignment had been an entire waste of time, not at all why he had joined the ARMY of the REPUBLIC.  He had dreamt of piloting a spacecraft, maybe being an elite commando, or a sniper, but instead he was assigned to the QUARTERMASTERS and then to THEEDS.  He didn’t plan on reenlisting, even if there was a war, if he didn’t do some real soldiering he was out. 

When the first explosions started his heart jumped at the thought of “gunning down” some MANDOs, the popular guess to who was causing the trouble, but quickly they were dashed and the trail of destruction lead away from him and his warehouse full of gorga roots and chunie fruits and toward the palace.

“I’d do anything to change places with those palaces guards, we’d get this MANDO thing sorted out in no time”. He said to one of his buddies from initial intake.

“Oya Vods”


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NACHOS, hands down.  I order them where ever I go and they are best with chicken.

I’ve seen that scene in a few other comics, and I loved each of them, it shows a never say die attitude, even though it may in fact kill them and a desire to win that surpasses the bounds of most people’s limits.


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While I agree with CA about the relevance of your topics, I too love the Chinese food; over 1 billion people eat it a day so it has to be good right?


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Five ten an two ten (5'10" and 210 lbs) and built like a fire plug


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I will be 30 at the end of summer and am starting to feel the wear and tear of living a little harder that I should, I also hate that my runs are slowing down and the weight is starting to pile on, one ounce at time.  I know it is part of the aging process, but it still is less than fun. 

To quote Toby Keith, “I ain’t as good as I once was, but I good once, as I ever was”.

To getting older

While revealing BOBA’s early beginnings was risqué as much of his appeal was in how mysterious he was, I think it was well done and called for.  I liked the back story as it introduced the casual FETT fan to a much deeper character than just a jet back and stumbling into the Sarlacc.

It made him vulnerable (and no, I am not getting all OPRAH on the BFFC) but through his adversity he became a more interesting character.  It also helped lay the foundation as to understand some of his motivation to being the BOBA we all have a soft spot for.

As for him being a clone, it was an perculiar way to explain his orgins, and even made JANGO a more complex character.  I wouldn’t say it is a mistake, but much of the SW universe has many CLONES. 

Luke did the DEATH STAR, ANAKIN the TRADE FEDERATION SHIP with one shot. 

OBI dies in IV and QUI-GON in I before we get to know them.

Just a thought

At times I think I would be a light sided JEDI as I have a fairly high moral code, but while reading the new series with JACEN SOLO descending from the light to the dark side I found myself identifying with many of the choices he was making when he was more gray than light or dark. 

In many ways it was a wake up call, and a call for personal restraint as it is very easy to begin making choices that seem expedient and completely appropriate at the times, but they leave you changed and your righteous walk a little off from its path. 

I won't debate many of the points individually, but I believe that we can see the practicality in many choices that while illegal or immoral they could be the "right one" at the time.  Would anyone really begrudge one death to save a million, but once we begin making those choices we have begun descending the slippery slope.

I do prefer the MANDO approach in many of these situations as they are “grayer” than one of these polarized opposites, instead of living lives by the absolutes, but by principles that guide our life.

Just a thought


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TRAVISS dedicated her SACRIFICE book to a guy a few classes ahead of me in the MEDICAL SERGEANT training course, she was my favorite author before and now will always be.

Thanks for all the support, I am in the US ARMY, and am currently an instructor teaching advanced trauma medicine to young up and comers.  I did a tour in NORHTERN IRAQ last year and was in DC after 9/11 doing security for the PENTAGON, but since assuming full time custody of my little MANDOs (or Ninjas) I have been sidelined for now as an instructor, but should return to the FORCE in the next two years.

Appreciate all the love and support you all have shown, and to NIGZY "CHECK CANOPY!!!" or "JUMPERS HIT IT!!!"



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A bit of an oldie, but surely a goodie; JIM CROCHE's classic "Time in a Bottle" 

Goggle the lyrics and you'll see what I am talking about, simple and beautiful


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Viking1 wrote:
Fett_II wrote:

of course Lando Calrissian is the biggest pimp in Star Wars. he won control of Cloud City through a gambling game of sabacc.

Well in "COURTSHIP of PRINCESS LEIA" Han won a planet in a highstakes game with Warlords and such, granted it was a witch infested planet, but he won that all the same, that and LEIA.

Almost forgot about the cape, great point.  Capes are real BA


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peter wrote:

The biggest pimp in star wars would be with out a doubt Prince Xizor! The dude had more style then all of Alderran put together! He had Leia under his spell in SOTE and had his own fembot in Gurri! Cant get much more pimp daddy then that!

Yes he did have a lot of mojo, but it was in his DNA with the phermones and all so not really all that "pimpish" is it was genetic.  LANDO was only a human and way cool, even in his older days when HAN and LEIA were chasing grandkids around he was living well and had his own pleasure cruise boat. 

He lived the pimp life style and is even imitated by BEN SKYWALKER later while trying to be "cool" with the ladies.

Besides lest we forget his classic commercial

"Nothing gets them in the mood quicker, than malt liquor! Schlitz Malt Liquor"

neither I nor LANDO endorsses malt liquor, but it is a Billy Dee commercial


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She was in between patients and way into a second shift, and her eyes were tired, as were her back and mind as well as her soul, but non the less she continued to put on foot in front of the other, it was her way, it was her job, she was a healer of broken bodies and business had been good, to good lately.

She could sense when her domain had been upset and since the most recent arrivals, her clinic had become a hornet’s nest with activity and a tension that could be seen with the unaided eye.  AS she blew through the double doors her eyes took in the scene and seen three people whose outcome was in doubt, the female warrior nearly twice the size of her slight frame, a newly arrived man with difficulty breathing and one of her medics, a nice enough fellow, but a bit unpredictable who had a mammoth cannon in his face by an equally mammoth man who had a deadly, deadly look on his face.

The other two would have to wait, if the room erupted in blaster fire, no one would get treated and there would be more casualties than they could handle.  She was no stranger to violence and violent men as she had spent her earlier years off planet working in a military triage unit and then with a relief organization, this would be easier than some of her experiences in some of the Civil wars she had assisted, she just had to speak their language, and she didn’t need a protocol droid to help, it was the language of force and violence.

“Put you “FREIKING” blaster away” she ordered with all the force her 5 foot frame could project as she strode through the room placing herself between the medic and the MANDO, the blaster was leveled at her face.  “I won’t permit you to bring your war into MY clinic.” 

She turned to look at the medic who was caught holding the bag of anti-coagulants and sized the situation up.  “You were mistaken, this bag is to be used on bed number three, no go and get THAT patient the RIGHT drug and leave this to me.”

The large man began to follow and protest, but she stood her ground and pushed him into the operating suite and to the prone female’s side.  “If you value your friend’s life, you’ll let me do my job, which DESPITE who you two are, I will, but on two conditions.  One, no violence in here, more than her life is at stake.  Two, she is out of the battle.”

He glowered at her, but knew the authority in her tone and knew there would be no debating the points with her, vengeance would have to wait for a time.  He accepted her terms with a nod and watched as she went to work.

“Patient’s vitals are dropping”

“Get me a pressor, stat”

“Charging, clear the patient”

He was in awe of the skill she displayed and how she managed crisis after crisis that to the battle seasoned warrior was overwhelming.  They had lost the woman he had called his fiancé on a whim three separate times, only to see her come back by some heroic act at the surgeon’s petite hands. 

Finally, after 90 minutes the storm of activity had played itself out and she lay stable for now.  The surgeon was covered in blood and looked exhausted, but satisfied. “The first 24 hours are the most delicate and she’ll have to stay here.  The clot, I’ve never seen anything like that in a person her age, most unusual, but we located and removed it, there was minimal damage to her brain, but there is still so much we don’t know.  We’ll know more soon.”

As she pulled her smock off, she spoke softly, but still with a tone of authority to it, “I have other patients to attend to and your word, stay by her side and I, and only I will check on her.”

Not much for gratitude or “nice emotions” he grabbed her hand on his way out and offered a weak “Thank you.”

That’s all I got for this scenario, I’ll write more of the hospital scene if you guys want


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I am back, vacation was fun, and I can’t wit to get back to RPGing.  I have been a soldier and now I’ll be the medic, both I am proficient at.

This is a bit close to reality, and I promise it should be good

He knew who they were when they came in; there was no mistaking the look of the two, they were dangerous, and were some how tied to the chaos and fear that had griped all of THEED. 

Despite the fear they radiated, he was compelled to them, he was an experienced medic and was commonly a triage coordinator, so it was not unusual to see him approach an incoming patient. 

He moved to their side and got the brief from the medical droid as to her state and recognized it for the dire situation it was.  He nearly drew back at the penetrating gaze of the big man fell on him, but he buried his eyes on the patient to break the stare.  She still looked strong despite her helpless state and on a subconscious level he feared she was going to wake up and throttle him.  He knew he would be broken in half if the fiancée ever discovered what he intended for her. MURDER

The droid had planted the statistical probability in his mind that her odds were poor, but he was going to ensure that there was no other outcome.  There was countless ways to kill under the guise of healing, he had to choose the best way, and make it happen.

Maybe an overdose of insulin, it would freeze the muscles at a cellular level, to include her heart.  Insulin was completely untraceable, as the body is flooded by it immediately after death, so it was untraceable, but it wouldn’t be an appropriate treatment and suspect as he administered a vial.

Another standby technique, just as lethal was to allow an air bubble to enter through her IV line and kill her, once again untraceable, but difficult to pull off with the droids running the lines, he had to be more creative and ruthless.

Suddenly it came to him; he could run a blood thinning agent into her line.  Sure, she had an aneurism, and while she would be having surgery some protocolls called very blood thinners, in this case it would be fatal as she would bleed from every micro abrasion.  It would be further complicated by the fact that they couldn’t reverse the agent once in her IV.

He considered his options and went to draw the anti-coagulants and lend a helping hand.

Somebody stop me……


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Viking1, do they like, paint his Death Skull or his Insignia on stuff? Like on the sides of vehicles and weapons and stuff? Like AR Fett's rifle with the laser engraved Mythosaur skull.

I've seen where the crewmen write stuff on the bombs and rockets. I'd like to see a bomb with "NO DISINTIGRATIONS" or "WHAT IF HE DOESN'T SURVIVE?" scribbled on the side.

Cool topic, man.

We actually borrow heavily from the comics and other popular cultural symbols.  The PUNISHER skull was all the rage for t-shirts and hats, and there has always been a STAR WARS following, a few of my buddies have a second set of “dog tags” with JEDI KNIGHT as their religion. 

That is in good fun, but there was one guy I heard about, a little too much sun I think, who had a kid’s light saber on his gear and would use it to point to things with his IRAQI counterparts.  Of course, anytime we use the chemical lights, we have to have a light saber duel or dance like we are in a rave for a few seconds and then we regain our composure and go back to looking serious.

We did have various skulls painted on the trucks, but it was considered an OPERATIONAL SECURITY violation as they were able to ID which unit was which based off the specialized insignias.  Homemade patches have been forbidden as it is considered a violation of the GENEVA CONVENTION as there are no real MANDO units in the US ARMY.  Where we show our “fandom” is in the undershirts.

I plan on wearing some MANDO and FETT memorabilia next time over.

I do appreciate the support you have shown the men and women and various posts and in no way was it intended to turn into what it was, but that is the beauty of the open forum.


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Just a quick note to you all:

I am immensely enjoying the RPGing with you guys, yes it is my first time on BFFC.  I was a bit taken back with how awesome the MANDOs were being played at the initial, but when trouble was dealt to you all, you rolled with it.  I am impressed to see that and look forward to RPGing more later.

Look forward to seeing the progress when I am back SUNDAY


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"IT", for better lack of words appeared seemingly out of no where, and was lunging at his chest.  He quickly brought his rifle up to deflect the vibrodagger swooping down, it caught the blade, but ruined the rifle in the process.  A quick backhand from "IT" shattered MYERS face and had him seeing a mixture of blood and stars, the vice like grip around his throat brought him back into reality, a painful one.

Staring his death in the reflection of the high sheen of "IT's" helmet he hardly recognized his own face, it made him think about waking up this morning for some odd reason, he should have been late for his meeting after all.  Trying to breathe, he spit out the blood and a few teeth on the helmet, seeing his own gore ruin the strange alien's armor made him smile through his boken face.

This seemed to infuriate the strange warrior beast as it threw him to the pavement and raise his spear high stabbing him in his chest, penetrating his armored chest plate, pushing past ribs and flesh to impale him to the hard duracrete.  MYERS was dying, with only a moment or two to live as he stared into his killer's helmet trying to imagine what he, he assumed it was a he, looked like.

The charge rolled out of his hand and onto the ground next to him and between the beast's legs


Sorry AA, you're going to take some shrapnel for the "clean kill" and trophy hunting


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A few you have caught on to the fact that I am a military man.  There is a following of MANDOLORIANS in the US ARMY and I was wondering how many other JOES, SEAMEN, MARINES and yes even AIRMEN are out there?

"So sound up like you git a pair!!!"  R. Lee Emery


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I feel similar to this line of thinking in many ways, people who do the job of fighting wars for their nation or their fellow soldier (the best of reasons) are the real MANDOs, individuals who are truly honorable.  While the mercs, the Blackwater operators who do the same job as US soldiers, but for different motivations are those who are Bounty Hunters and lack true honor. 

All that said, I don't take umbrage with soldiers who have done their 20 and gotten out and now are cashing in, but the 25 year olds who are chasing the money, well there are reasons they don't have CONTRACTOR DAY as a national holiday.

Hope this wasn't to far off your target.

Great signature by the way


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"COME ON!!!!"  MYERS was shouting as he sput a few more bolts on target when to his suprise a MANDO was making a sprint for a speeder, his speeder, the one rigged to blow.  When the unlucky MANDO was close enough to get in he thumbed the switch.


The explosion lit up the night sky and temporarily quited teh kill zone as all turned to admire the explosion.  MYERS took the opportunity to press his temporary advantage and was on his feet moving slowly and shooting at any targets available.  The MANDO was out and MYERS wasn't sure if he was dead or not, either way a few more bolts in him wouldn't hurt.

As he drew near some wreckage he stopped to change a spent energy cell and thumb the safety off the last charge. 


Someone, RD or whoever finish me off, but give me a good send off.

I'll be out of town for the weekend so good luck and I'll pick up as a member of TRU reinforcing the palace and have some characters ready for you guys to kill.