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i created a thread like this called the redeem unfair minus karmas thread

what happened to it?


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ok my favrout side is my side


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i am back and ready for evil


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you all suck


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BFFC Admin wrote:

Thanks to all the members that hit the "report" link on SOS' post. But you all made your point.

Ralin Drakus wrote:

Ooooooooooo, a WW II thread.  Schweet.  I've been into WW II since I was a kid: the planes, tanks, and weapons used.  The leaders and heros from it. Etc.

Anything specific you want to discuss Karson?  Or any questions anybody else has?

Back to the topic. Ralin brought up a lot of ideas, above. Let's keep it positive.

hey i was just saying.....hitler was a great stragagest he had good reason he wanted to make a race of super humans (its true)

so dont think i am being racist i am just proving a point if the nazi's one we would all live in peace its like the empire in star wars.


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todays quote from wookiepedia

I am your god so bow down and worship me or i will uncreate the world!!!


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i am back, SOS Haruhi is back that is.

you may remeber me from my previous reign of terror but i was silenced...it was not over.

i am back for more evil muhahahahahahahaha


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Werda Verd wrote:

I don't even have words for that. I'll simply settle for saying that that will likely earn you a whole spree of negative points--including myself, as soon as is possible again. Seriously, though. What's your problem?

Anyone seen Band of Brothers? Thats a GREAT WWII series.

you're my problem.......... that and karson fett


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world war two was the best

go nazis


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Fett_II wrote:

hey i forgot that guy still existed.

of course i excist i am all of your arch nemeseseses


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i am back