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I like her for the most part, 'cause I have enjoyed reading her RC novels... but... isn't it true that prior to writing Hard Contact she had NO prior knowledge of Star Wars whatsoever? Like, she wasn't even a fan?

That just sorta bothers me... and how much power she has over the Mandalorians and Boba Fett's fate is just sort of unnerving...

I don't think he would... at least the Boba Fett I know would keep his identity hidden. But maybe he's changing. I haven't read how Traviss portrays him in her novels, I've only read the pre-prequel novels such as Tales of the Bounty Hunters and The Boba Fett Trilogy (think it's called that).

Either way, I am a bit afraid to read about this "new" Boba to be honest. I enjoy her RC novels, but I am nervous to find out just how much she has changed the Boba I fell in love with after reading Tales of the Bounty Hunters... sad

I lost interest after four weeks or so, to be honest, but I may go back and watch the others online sometime when I've got time to kill.

Plus TNT is going to start airing all of Season 1 later this month.

If you want to watch them online, check out this site:
http://www.sidereel.com/Star_Wars%3A_Th … Tv_series)


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Wow, so many people I don't know. But a few familiar faces as well... It's cool see so many of the old members who still frequent this place... I need to stop by more often. Always was such a great community.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v483/ … oto4-1.jpg

Here's me... I think I look sort of androgynous.

I went with two friends of mine to visit a friend of there's that I hadn't been acquainted with yet. Well it turns out she is a fan of Star Wars and her favorite character is none other than Boba.
The three of us also played Star Wars Trilogy Trivial Pursuit...  which I managed to win, though it was a close game with the other Fett Fan. big_smile

BFFC Admin wrote:

It's not immediately possible with this web application. The only option would be creating additional "Fans" forum and calling it out separately, i.e. "Fans - ..."

That's too bad, I'm not familiar at all with this type of forum, so I wasn't sure if sub-forums could even be added since there are none to begin with. Ah well, hopefully it can be implemented sometime in the future.


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I happen to love anything zombies, any of you read Max Brook's novel World War Z? If not, check it out, highly recommend it.

Why not create sub-forums in the Fans section? No offense, but it's so unorganized and hard to navigate. I'd say it's also one of the most active areas of the forum, and because of this, old topics are bumped down and ignored, while the same/similar topics are made again and again.

So, why not create sub forums for different topics relating to fans like "Health and wellness" (for those topics about personal subjects and lifestyles), "mulitmedia" (for discussions on non-SW movies, videogames, TV, and music), "debates and current events" (for news and worldly discussion), or something along the line of that.

Then again, I don't know if it can be done on this forum, but it should be looked into. It'd make things a lot more organized and easier to find. wink


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That's awesome. RC series is my favorite in the SW universe, I'm excited to see it continue on.


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Thanks all, you're too kind. ^^

@Devil Girl: Awesome pic, I see your hair is growing back. smile

@Alo Fett: Haha, you look like you have a good sense of humor in that 2nd picture. tongue


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That brings up another thing... can Hutts (aka Ziro) even speak basic? God he was an awful character. I thought his design was rather neat... but why that voice?

And thanks for the info, Fett_II.

This certainly is a good way to help promote the Star Wars  fan "fat guy" stereotype (sarcasm to the max).


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Hmm, if I'm  not wrong this is also the start of a new show to air on Cartoon Network just like the 2D Clone Wars cartoon? Sorry, I've been outta the SW loop for a bit... when will this new show air and how long will the episodes be, anyone know?

You all have no sense of humor is you think of that sketch far too seriously. tongue

But yeah, let's also see a return of the Admiral Ackbar Cereal. That was indeed brilliant.


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Not even text message? Anyway, I may try your suggestion later, thanks.


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By the way... is this a free service?


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http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v483/ … oto5-2.jpg

I'm uglier in person.


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I'm a mod on a forum here: http://z13.invisionfree.com/koeiwarrior … hp?act=idx
It's a huge and very active forum, so helping look after takes away most of my online time... althought lately I've been trying to find more time for this place... ^_^

Otherwise, I spend a good deal chatting on MSN, going to classes (in 3 more days), going to the movies, playing videogames, and the usual.

I've seen the OT in theater's during the re-releases in the late 90's.. though I barely remember it, I must have been like 6 or 7. Then all of the prequels as well, but my memory is fuzzy about TPM and AOTC... but seeing ROTS was fun, seeing it on opening night at a sold out showing with all the hyped fans, it only happens once. big_smile
And yes, I've added CW to my resume as well...

Sharra Fett wrote:

This may not be as impressive as the rest of you guys but I recently bought a Boba Fett boggle head. Now he can be with whereever I go.

Ha! I have the bobble head too! It's here in my college dorm on my desk... I love flicking his helmet every now and then. XD

And... I hate to interfere, but as a mod Draco, shouldn't you be encourage members to stick on topic? Carrying on a argument over Jango Fett really has no place here in the "Where is the Fett in your life" topic.

Anyway, other than the bobble head, I have several T-shirts, a hoodie, a key chain, large pin, regular action figure, 12" action figure, random pics printed from the internet, a mini Master Replicas .33 scaled Boba Fett blaster rifle... and I think that's it. ^^


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Miba wrote:

The least they could have done about the music was keep the original opening scroll song and the end credits song!!!! That annoyed me more than just about anything else.

Hm... you know I even liked the new opening scroll music with the drum beats... though I WAS annoying how there was that AWFUL 80's voice over and not scrolling text. -_-

WTF, I think trolls are simply rating the film Clone Wars incredibly low scores without even seeing the movie... not saying it was phenomenal or anything... but not that terrible. hmm

regimas wrote:

hope bobas not assaulting statues in this one...

No way, that was the best part. >: )

This is AWESOME news, I can't wait... bring on the Han x Boba love. ^_~

Wow, thanks for the info guys! Yeah, I did luck out, it's now my prized possession, haha.
Awesome, you know I figured that the original owner had to have AT LEAST payed $25... looks like I was right on the money.

@Jesse Fett: If that's true, that's insane. yikes But maybe it's an older version??


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I want to Download it but it won't let me. I think since you copyrighted it, it's only for private use. Can you send it to me? (I left you a message on that site.)