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You're most welcome!
Welcome to the board, btw!


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Hope this is suitable...


Ahhh.... that's good to know, thanks for the reply.
Guess he is at the perfect age then!


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MandoGirl0415 wrote:

HAHAHAHAHA That wasn't what my Avatar was when I posted that last post.

Ummm... nope. My eyes wouldn't deceive me!


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Ummm.... Saul Rubinek is an actor... Artie is the character he plays.
Joanne Kelly is not the name of the character either, that's the name of the actress who plays Myka Bering.

It wasn't bad, but I was hoping for something a little less tacky. I agree the purple neutralizing goo is a bit questionable, and there quite a few plot holes I noticed in the pilot. Pilots are usually worse than the actual show though, I'll keep watching in the coming weeks, but if it fails to captivate me I'll probably lose interest within three weeks.
Tricia Helfer is guest staring this coming episode, so I'll definitely be watching for her!


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Miba wrote:

Glad I'm not the only one. We should all learn from Boba. Don't drink, don't smoke, don't do drugs, and don't sleep around.

I don't think there's anything wrong with a few drinks for some fun social drinking, (I've never even does this myself, the most I've had in one sitting is like half a glass, hahaha), but binging and getting completely wasted for "recreation" is kinda reckless, in my opinion.
Same with drugs. wink

But yeah, it's a pretty good lifestyle choice I think, I dunno, getting drunk or wasted just never appealed to me.
But Margarita's taste good. XD

Miba wrote:

I should most certainly dearly hope no one will vote for Boba in this, seeing as he is NOT a villain.

I agree, I was about to post the same thing. hmm

But I suppose to the biased fans of the film's heroes, he is a villain. I mean, he does capture Han and take him to Jabba without a second thought.
Anyone against the hero/es is a villain I guess.


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I haven't been active for the past several months, but I REALLY like the changes that have been made. I noticed them instantly, looks great!


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It was also an unlockable in the Bounty Hunter videogame, although the quality wasn't amazing, it was still readable.


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BFFC Admin wrote:
Manji_Ninja wrote:

I'm still single.

Not for long, I bet, if those new pictures on Facebook say anything. wink

Welcome back to the boards. I missed 'ya.

Shameless flirt. XD
Hmm... I guess I must look more attractive without the specs then. I recently got contacts, haha.
Those aren't even the best photos I have of myself to be honest, hahah, j/k!

I think my facebook is facebook.com/jesstompkins

If you add me, just tell me who ya are. I think the only person I have from here as a friend is Aaron. (And I will try to stay active here, haha).


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BFFC-Mel wrote:

I love the Resident Evil games, number 5 is coming this year... goody big_smile


Even though the story disappointed me a bit... hmm

Code Veronica has to be my absolute favorite in the series. I don't have a Wii, so I'm sorta sad to see that The Darkside Chronicles is Wii exclusive, just like Umbrella Chronicles was... RE2 was probably my 2nd favorite. I know rail shooters are sort of weak, but I'd love to revisit the locations. Can't ever get enough Raccoon City, if ya ask me.

So yeah... Resident Evil series are among my top favorites. Then with KOTOR, Dynasty Warriors series, and Final Fantasy X would be up their as well. But I honestly don't game as much as I used to.


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...I'm nearly as abstinent as Fett himself. XD


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Some of my old Fett shirts are faded/kinda old. Have to see if I can get a hold of this... Thanks for sharing, Miba. wink


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Probably my Boba Fett bobble head doll that sits on my desk. XD
Or the custom T-shirt I got that has Fett on it with "Fan Girl" written below in Star Wars Font. Hahahaha.

I think he'd do a lot more than just simply unmask for me! ^_~

J/k.... maybe. =P

This might be deep, but maybe George Lucas was going for a bit of irony when he decided to unmask Fett in AOTC? Like, Boba is this hidden, mysterious character in the OT... but in AOTC/ROTS he's the face of the whole freakin' Grand Army of the Republic! Ironic, no? To have his character exposed on such a massive scale when he went to such great lengths to keep his true identity hidden...
Pffft, yeah right. GL isn't that thoughtful. XD


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I still don't like the animation... everyone looks like they were beaten with an ugly stick.

I might buy the show on DVD when it comes out just for some Clone action... I stopped watching it back in like November and haven't felt the urge to start watching again...

When and where is the casting? I WENT TO BE IN IT!!!!!!!


Daniel doesn't look half bad in the fan made armor... I guess he's 20-21 now? If the show is supposed to take place right after RoTS... may he be too old to play a young Boba?

How many years pass between RoTS and ANH? I guess that would give us our window of opportunity to see if Daniel's real age would fit in the time-frame or not...

I'm still kind of apprehensive about it... I only watched Clone Wars for about a month before I got bored of it and stopped watching for good.


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It most likely won't happen. -_-
I think the game received mediocre reviews and didn't sell a whole lot. The gameplay wasn't anything special (actually more frustrating than anything else), but the visuals (especially CG cut scenes were gorgeous!).
If they created a BH2, it would need a major upheaval in the gameplay department.... many of you have some pretty good ideas.


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I grew to like him a lot more after I played SW:Bounty Hunter on PS2 a few years back... his personality shines through a bit more, and he sort of establishes a cute little relationship with Zam Wessel you don't see in the movie.

AotC doesn't really provide you a whole lot to find his character very intriguing or even likeable for that matter (other than looking badass), I honestly would recommend playing Bounty Hunter if ya can, or check out the comic "Jango Fett: Open Seasons."


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Billy Mays was awesome. He and his immaculately trimmed beard will be missed. :'(


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My Fettish has rubbed off on the little 6 year old boy I babysit. He loves using Boba in the Mos Eisley level in SW: Battlefront Il, haha, but he puts the funniest emphasis on the name Boba... he says it really quickly so that it almost sounds like "Bobo" heheh.


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7/10... not the biggest MJ fan, but nice way to show your respect. wink


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I'm still single. I never like any of the people who end up liking me. XD

Plus it's hard to find a man who lives up to your expectations when you admire Boba so much! tongue


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I recently turned 20 last Tuesday. :'(
I'm so sad not to be a teen anymore. I don't want to get older. XD


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Aside from the events towards the end, I thought it was kinda boring...


Etain's death was so dumb. I wanted to see her die... but to go defending (without a frakking weapon!) some RANDOM clone she doesn't even know was just lame. I thought Etain was smarter than that... I mean, who would really do something so rash mere minutes away from escaping?

I DID want her to die... but I was hoping Niner or someone else would obey Order 66 and kill her on the spot, and Darman would have to choose between his brothers and Etain. THAT would have been epic. Talk about the ultmiate star crossed lovers! I just wish it had been more dramatic. It was so brief and random in my opinion.

It is also disheartening we may never know of Sev's fate... -_-