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to buy han solo figures maybe? … -wins.html

Where can we see a picture of the bed?

I guess it doesn't ruin the Sintas-canon. I mean, does Boba ever actually say Sintas was the only woman he loved/slept with? As for MY personal image of him-- I would say it easily tarnishes it.

Namely because I know this interferes with our "Tales of the Bounty Hunters" Fett who claims to Leia "sex between those not married is amoral." I was intrigued that a bounty hunter would express such black and white views of morality and adds unique depth to his character.
However, that Fett may be long gone... =/

Awesome, thanks for the round up Sadriel. I'm digging the shirt you found at your base in Korea... will have to snoop around for it next time I'm at the mall.


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Wonder is this will be 3D as in "let's add some depth", or "cool, crazy effects flying everywhere 3D". Personally, I'm hoping for the latter. big_smile


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Old: Firefly, Battlestar Galactica

New: Supernatural, Dr. Who


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Me overlooking Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna. smile

I picked this up at Forbidden Planet in Belfast (currently studying abroad in Northern Ireland until end of May smile ) for £4.99... anyone heard/seen it before? I thought it was relatively inexpensive for the product, and I got excited seeing Boba Fett merchandise so I didn't think much when I bought it
... I didn't waste my money though, did I? Mine is still sealed, so I'm debating whether I should open it or not if it's a collectible. Or it very well could be worthless, lol, and in the case, I'll open it and have fun with the pop-up action, haha.

So anyone got any info for me?

Pics: (lol)

People get other interests... simple as that.

Boba Fett will always be a love of mine, but there's only sooo many times I can talk about how awesome he is. tongue
I've been a member for several years now, but my post count is lower than many who have been here only a year or two. I do try and check back every few months because I have some fond memories here, but it's true it's not the same place it was when I first joined. I post in a topic these days and it's either ignored or I get a dull response.

Plus I moderate on a much more active forum, so a lot of my internet time is consumed by my duties there.


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Ohhhh, I definitely have a masked character fetish of sorts, haha.

Other than Boba, I obsess over Yoshimitsu of Soul Calibur/Tekken, HUNK of Resident Evil, and Phantom (Erik) from Phantom of the Opera (yay for phan-girls! tongue ).

Boba is pretty similar to HUNK (a mercenary and solider of the evil corporation Umbrella, he's known as Mr. Death for being the only member of his squad to survive on many of the missions, similar to Fett being the "last man standing"). Both have a strong air of mystery and bad-assery about them. tongue
There really are no similarities to Yoshi or Phantom other than that they're masked, haha.


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I have PS3 and I love it. Personally, I hate the clunky Xbox controller and I mean the online may be better but you're paying for online access which only takes more out of your pocket. Online on PS3 is completely free unless you purchase downloadable content for a game or such.
It really depends on were your loyalties lie, I suppose. If you're into Halo and Gears FPS games, then get Xbox. But if you want to play Square Enix games such as FINAL FANTASY XIII VERSUS and Kingdom Heart III you will want to have PS3 for sure.

Anyway, if it's for your son he will probably want a 360. But as for me I'm happy with my ps3 and it's sexy sleekness. I don't even have an HDTV but the graphics look amazing to me.


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But still, if it's a city and nothing like the lifestyle KT imagined for the Mandos than it could totally contradict her work. >_<
So yeah, it really seems like that don't give a damn about established canon whatsoever, because "makin an awezome TV show for da kiddies so Lucas is rollin in moar cash" > (is greater than) writing a novel for the REAL fans, apparently.


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I would REALLY like to recommend DEAD SPACE for all you sci-fi fans. OMG it's amazing. If you like the Alien films or the Doom videogame series, you'll enjoy the story. It's scarier then most horror games I've played too... really one heck of an experience! I had a hard time playing in the dark, haha.

To Resident Evil 4 fans, it plays very similarly control wise, but I'd have to say it does it better (you can walk and shoot).
PLUS the main character, Isaac Clark is VERY Boba like... you don't see his face until the very end of the game, he wears a pretty awesome armor (RIG) and unique helmet, and appears a bit stoic & remains silent (doesn't have single line of dialogue, lol).



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Miba wrote:

Oh, thank God! KT is going away! smile HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Though I must admit Clone Wars does kinda suck. Just like I said it would. Didn't I say this would happen? I did, didn't I. No one listened to me. But I was right, wasn't I? TV, so freely accessible. So much easier than reading. The new generation of fans will grow up stupid cause they'll see that and think it's canon when it's not. I felt sick when I heard Boba was going to be in it. He is, isn't he? I don't even want to know what horrible thing they do to him. The villain who always loses and comes back in the next one with some grand scheme that's foiled by the Super-Jedi. Well I hope you're all happy. You got what you wanted, and what I, and only one or two others, predicted.

I wouldn't be so thrilled... I mean, with her departure, someone else will only take over the legacy of Boba Fett and the Mandalorians, and no one else will be able to give it the appropriate justice...

Annnnd Miba, I've always liked you and respected you, but you need to get over the whole "told you so thing" about the Clone Wars. I think the only people who expected Clone Wars to be phenomenal were 12 year olds...

@McCoy: A simple name change might be easy, but since when do Mando's have bustling cities? I thought their settlements were supposed to reflect their nomadic roots. Maybe that's where the Clone Wars interfered too much, that Sundari is far too modern to fit into KT's Mando culture. I mean going by the picture it looks like the buildings are like skyscrapers, something you'd find on Corruscant.
But damn, you think if the Clone Wars team was gonna feature the Mandos on their show they would atleast speak to Karen for guidance! I don't know what's worse.... their ignorance or their arrogance! >_>

The two antennae do look sort of... eh, odd.
Legacy, I take it this series if post-movies?


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Just log in if you want to see them.
Facebook has a link you can click if you want to share with non-FB members. You have to make sure you click it if you wanna link to FB on forums.
Or just get a photobucket account...

Me rockin' my Kohl's Boba Fett tee. XD My pose is really weird, but I felt strange just standing still... T_T … oto4-1.jpg

Roller coasters, any and all. The faster and bigger, the better.
Luckily I don't really get nervous about them. tongue


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You two ever hang out alone? Maybe just casually say "hey, wanna go to the movies sometime?"
If she says yes, then she might be interested.
If she declines... it might be a lost cause, lol.
Good luck though, man.


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Um, Mods should move this to the Fan section, I think.

Also, it's really not a good idea to post people's artwork without permission from the artist. hmm


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Yeah, same for me as well...
I have the latest version of Firefox, same for you guys, or no?
Could anyone with a different browser verify if it's restricted to Firefox or not? @_@


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Hmm, sorry about that. Most websites allow a bit more space. I should have been more careful... sorry for the confusion, Sintas Guy. >_<
Thanks for helping him out, Cin!


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I got one in a size 8 little kids section and it was the last one left, about 2-3 weeks ago!!! o_o
Haha, it's JUST fits me, thankfully I'm quite slender enough. Just have to wear a tank top under neath so my midriff don't show.


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I always shop at Kohls, gotta pick one up soon!
I don't care if they're men shirts, I wear them all the time... especially the wife beater tee's I wear them under everything.

So I guess LucasFilm is aware of the insane popularity the Mandalorians have gained?

I hate to sound so bitter (not really), but I liked the Mandos when they were more obscure. Now everyone and their uncle who owns cut-up trash can armor claims to be a "Mando."

He looks kinda lame to me. What is he some sort of alien Clint Eastwood knock off? Incredibly uninspired if you ask me.

Boba Fett was cool because he was like nobody else in Star Wars... this guy is most likely just another expendable villain.


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Manji, it's cool. Love the fact that it's b/w. 8/10 cause I can't read the small text.. tongue

Anyone cares to rate mine?

You're not supposed to read the small text, it's just detail.

I'd give yours a 9/10, it's very unique and well made.

Jumpy... I'd say 8/10... looks good, kinda bland though, but nothing wrong with that.