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fairyblood wrote:

I got a Star Wars shirt that has head shots of him and a few other random characters on it, a Boba book mark, and Robot Chicken Star Wars.

I saw that book mark at Barnes & Noble. I was hoping my mom would see it during her Christmas shopping. xD Oh well, just have to get it myself. Probably should pick up the Forced Unleashed II comic while I'm there next time too...


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I remember you!! What sort of Boba presents did you score? smile


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Um. Wow. Can a T-shirt get more nerd-tastic? xD


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Thank you everyone! I hope I'm doing okay... ^^;


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We got a light dusting in coastal NC... this hardly ever happens!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody!
I got some sweet Star Wars cookie cutters for X-mas and one is Boba shaped... yummy! LOL. I'll definitely share some cookies with ya'll when I bake up a batch. ^_^

Anyone get any sweet Boba/Star Wars related gifts?!


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There's been nothing to contradict that Mace Windu survived that fall, as far as I know. =P

I think Boba was traumatized losing his father so suddenly at such a young age. I mean, one minute, his father is standing there right at his side, the next he's laying headless in the dirt. I mean, Jango's death happens pretty dang fast in the movie. In the eyes of little Boba it was incredibly shocking and probably didn't sink in instantaneously.

I haven't watched the Clone Wars episodes with young Boba yet (I know shame on me), so I'm not sure at ALL how he treats Mace Windu, Jedi, or even other clones. I can say I don't exactly blame Boba for holding a grudge, especially as a CHILD. What happens to an individual during childhood can shape them for YEARS, even their entire life! When you read anything written by Karen Travis depicting Fett you definitely see that he is STILL struggling to cope with his father's death even as a grown man.

In some ways, I think Jango's death kind of prevented Boba from growing up. Yes, Boba did have to grow up fast in order to look after and fight for himself. But I don't think he was ever able to learn or develop certain ideas such as "forgiveness." He held steadfast grudges and never really learned how to give anyone a second chance... and I do believe that you can pretty much pin it all down on Mace Windu killing Jango in the midst of his young son.


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College and work was preventing me from visiting as off, plus lack of things to talk about...
But now that I'm on break I've had time to check-in daily!

I think currently that even though there's quite a lot to talk about these days in regards to Fett and Mandalorians, people are just busy or are posting on different forums. sad

BFFC therealmccoy wrote:

I really want to get Breckin Meyer to do an interview for us. I do have a mutual acquaintance I might have to tap to make this happen.

I'm assuming that's Boba's RC voice actor? big_smile That'd be pretty sweet, I'd like to know if he's a Fett fan...

@Aaron: Haha! So glad you posted that clip. I forgot about that once. "Why do I have a T-shirt canon?" *No Fat Chicks* LOL.
Can anyone tell me what he's saying as he's falling into the Sarlacc though? I can't seem to make it out...
The Dos Equis parody was pretty good as well.


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I wouldn't worry to much on missing the story in the first MW. I didn't play the first game but I had no trouble following the story. Besides, I can't imagine it's terribly deep or complex. I'd like to go back and play the first game though, just to know more about Soap's origins and his relationship with Captain Price.

I don't really play online, but I've heard pretty much the same thing about Black Ops online Ralin. Stick with MW2.


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The Clone Wars style helmet/mask is oddly long... what a load of rubbish for a costume though, looks more like pajamas in my opinion, haha. =P


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Ghost is like the Fett of Call of Duty. Mysterious and badass... with a cool accent to boot, haha.


I was really angry when he died. >_> If they make a 3rd MW, he won't be in it. sad

Black Ops is pretty fun, I enjoy Zombies... but, MW2 is a far more epic game and online is vastly superior too.

Oh man, it was pretty hilarious. I stayed up until about 2am because after part III they re-aired part I and part II. big_smile

Clone, looks like the full episode will be posted online December 27th... hopefully the commentary feature will be optional so you can enjoy the jokes without distraction...
http://www.adultswim.com/shows/robot-ch … index.html

Boba was a riot as always. xD His characterization is hysterical.

I absolutely can't wait for this. RC's characterization of Fett is utterly hilarious. Absolutely love that the specials are always so Fett-centric.  big_smile

Darn, stupid bots have to ruin everything. >_<


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Thank you Aaron! It sure was a bit sudden and unexpected, but I am excited nonetheless!

I hope some of you old timer's remember me. I haven't exactly been super active in terms of my posting over the years, but I've always been consistently back again and again. It'll be a pleasure to work with this community, so don't be afraid if you have any questions at all, I'll be more than welcome to help out as need be! smile

BFFC therealmccoy wrote:

haha if only i knew who you were!

I'll just say that it effectively unified Fett with modern Mandalorian culture

"Lucas McCoy, you're breaking our hearts!" :'(


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What? How could I have not responded to this thread... ?

Anyway, it didn't start until my teens for me. It was when the original SW trilogy was released on DVD in early 2000's. My brother got them for Christmas and we had a marathon. Sometime during ESB and ROTJ, I was just... *BAM* captivated by Boba Fett.
Sometime shortly there after, I remember responding to on an internet forum (not this one, but a videogame realted forum) on the topic of favourite SW character, and I commented how I thought it was sad that Boba had died in the Sarlacc. Well, another member was kind enough to inform me that he survived in the books. My life was changed for ever. Possessing this new found knowledge, I hunted down any Boba Fett related novel I could find. Read Tales of the Bounty Hunters and the Boba Fett trilogy, and I was hooked on the character for good!

I think I've been a Fett fan for over 5 years now. Sure my passion sometimes ebbs and flows, but Boba will likely always be one of the largest fictional character obsessions I have ever had! big_smile

Well, I can see it as your avatar... looks sick! O_O
That's devotion, man.

If you want to share a larger image, you'll have to create an account on a photo sharing site, such as tiny pic or photobucket (I recommend photobucket).
Upload from your PC. When it's uploaded, copy & paste the URL or you can place it between image tags [ img ] [ /img ]
WITHOUT the space, and it should work!

Hi everyone, nice to see new members!

Please stick around and POST.

It's been very slow here lately. sad

Haha yeah, I'm certainly not complaining either about his looks as far as aesthetics go... it's just detrimental overall to his entire essence, imo.

I hate to say it, but I doubt we'll get additional on the story that would alter Boba Fett's reason for trusting such a women. -_-

Ariana wrote:

Manji_Ninja, we should totally get together and gang up on Lucasarts smile
This thing has ticked me off way more than it should! I feel like they have totally ruined Boba Fett for me. I mean, he was this mysterious guy who seemed deep down to be a decent guy. Now, he's a booty-hound, and apparently doesn't watch his back like we thought he did. Really, what kind of bounty hunter doesn't check someone out before they sleep with them?!
I don't like seeing his face either. I am totally into the masked thing. I mean, as a girl, I have spent a lot of time contemplating what this mysterious man would look like, but I never actually WANTED TO KNOW!!!
And yes, Xasha acts like a whore from the very beginning. I wanted her to disintegrate after the first page.
I am hoping (without hope) that they come back and say that Fett wasn't really having a fling with her... that he knew all along what she was doing, and that he had some reason for letting her do it.
Okay... :::::Nerd rage complete:::::.... for now.

Haha, sounds like a good plan. wink

Seeing his face bothers me mostly because it's unnecessary. We already have a pretty good idea of what he looks like thanks to him being a clone of Jango. Even with Boba being a clone, I've always associated his face with his Mandalorian helmet. Of course that's not to say I've never wondered myself what he looks like, being the fangirl that I am, but it's the helmet & armor I was attracted to in the first place anyway. =P
As Boba says himself: "This IS my face:"
http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/multimed … c_face.jpg

I don't care if Xasha is a whore or not-- Boba wouldn't tolerate someone as obnoxious as her either way. "Bang" That is just stupid. But she seems to imply they've worked together/had contact before in the way she responds "OUR luck will change." Had to chuckle at Boba reply "Mine always does," indicating that he honestly doesn't give a damn about her future prospects, haha.

About the jealousy thing... can't say I relate 'cause as you said he is just fictional after all. I'm just slightly irked because Boba is a true professional who typically works alone unless he has something to gain from having a partner. Does the comic ever reveal why he had her along with him on Nar Shadaa?

Anyway, I'm gonna try to find this comic at a local shop tomorrow, hopefully they will have it. Wanna know the full scoop for myself...


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I haven't played the first yet-- but I'll definitely play the sequel either way just to see Boba-- hopefully it won't disappoint in that aspect.

Ariana wrote:

Actually, in Revelation, Fett tells Admiral Daala "There was only ever Sintas," after she told him he cleaned up well for an old man. She made a comment suggesting that Fett had broken a few hearts back in the day, but his thoughts were that if so, it was only distant admiration.

Ah, thanks for that Ariana. I'm still on Bloodlines, can't wait to read more of Legacy of the Force. Got way too much reading to do for college that I hardly have time to read for my own leisure anymore. sad

As for the preview:
It's way too freakin' weird, and all I see is Jango... =/
Also-- Xasha. I was already annoyed with her from the first panel. Boba Fett would never work with someone so unprofessionally-drinking, flirting, walking around in nothing but a bed sheet??!! I hope she dies too. ^_^

Also, Ariana: read the spoiler... sounds... disappointing... =/
Sounds like they have to tarnish his character to create a plot device.


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21... think I was 15 when I first joined the BFFC.