I really don't own much Star Wars merchandise, and the stuff that I do have is pretty small, like T-Shirts... 'cause to be honest, I think some of the stuff is a waste of money. tongue I guess my favorite thing is my Boba Fett hoodie. It's was 50 freakin' bucks from Hot Topic. But I where it every night 'cause it's so big & comfy. wink

Oh, I guess he could have made that mistake. It might of been a fuzzy memory he had... lol.

I remember when I was first told by my mom's old boyfriend that C-3PO and R2-D2 weren't really robots. I found it nearly impossibly to believe that a midget contolled R2... tongue


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Ah, well, hopefully I'll be able to get to Barnes & Nobles this weekend. I hope there are lots of good reference pictures in it, I'd like to draw a female Mandalorian...
And I appreciate the thought, Miba. smile

Because the first books I ever read were the Young Jedi Knights series, which includes the scene where Nolaa Tarkona accuses him of being a woman...

Huh. Y'know what... when I was reading the Bounty Hunter Wars last year, this kid in my Biology class saw me reading it and he kept asking me questions about it one of the was: Isn't Boba Fett really a girl? And he seemed serious about it. I was like 'what ever gave you that idea? Haven't you seen Episode II? But he told me he read a book where it said Boba Fett had long blonde hair... I didn't ask much more about it because at that time we got in trouble for talking during class and I forgot about it later. So is he delusional or is there really a book that has Boba (or someone else in Mandalorian armor) with long blonde hair??

Oh, I must have been around 9 when Episode one came out. I'm 16 now... I didn't really know much about Star Wars up until about 2 years ago, lol. Also, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who thought the Trade Federation ship was the Death Star. Why does George have to make it so confusing for the young kids? XD


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Well, I looked into signing up for Hyperspace along time ago and it seemed way to expensive, heh. Guess I'll just have to try my luck at Barnes & Nobles (No Borders in my town).
Maybe someone would be kind enough to scan in the article if they have access to a scanner??


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Chrys, would you mind uploading the video if you still have it? Sounds kinda humourous... as much as I don't like the whole Boba Fett flirting scene. Everytime I watch the movie with my brother he calls Boba a 'pimp' when we see that scene. >< And when I try to explain the truth, he just says I'm jealous. -_-;;

Anyway, everyone here has a really good evaluation of Boba Fett's morals. smile

Why would you think that? He doesn't exactly look/sound feminine. (I'm not trying to make you feel stupid) I'm just curious...

We all had them... simple misunderstandings like 'Lifesaver' and 'Dark Vader.' I know I'm not the only one.
Also, I thought Boba Fett didn't have a face, that his black visor was actually an emptiness under his helmet!! tongue
Another, that I had when I was a bit older from when Star Wars Episode I came out, is that when I saw the first scene with Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon flying towards the Trade Federation space station, I thought that it was the Death Star and that it used to have a ring around it!
I probably had more, but I can't remember if I did...
Well, what about you??


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Wow, how much did it cost you to make that?
Damn, I'd love to have a Fett costume. I do have the money for it, but I don't think my parents would want me spending my hard earned money on a silly costume, especially since I'll be having to attend college in less than two years.
We have a costume day at our school every year around Halloween. It would be so awesome if on my senior year I came to school on costume day dressed as Boba Fett!! I'd seriously consider doing it if the cost was less than $250, but I highly doubt that... heh.


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It's still extremeky weak because the enemy is still capable of shooting back even though their skin should be burning off...

When I first read 'animated style,' I thought it would look awful, but I must say that it's one damn cool Boba Fett statue. I think it's really neat, and I love how he has two gats... GANGSTA!!!11


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Don't you have to be member of Hyperspace (Official Star Wars fan club @ starwars.com) to get the magazine though? Or can anyone buy it...like at CVS or maybe Barnes & Nobles?


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I have had this game since it first came out, but I don't play it much anymore. My brother is a member of Clan DSF and he plays almost everynight online via PS2.

It kinda sucks 'cause Boba Fett, Jango Fett, and Han are all low tier compared to all the other Heros who are Jedi (or equiped with a lightsaber). Boba's flame thrower is practicly useless...


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Ugh. I never have felt more embarrased to be a Star Wars fan the moment I was in the movie theater hearing Darth Vader scream "NOOOO!" It seemed so awful and it's been done before too many times... In Spiderman 2 they had Doc Oc scream out "Noooo" when the robot arm things on his back took over his mind. Guess what, it didn't work either...


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I'll be having a hot date with my cash-register while working at Ace Hardware... In other words, I'm a single loser...


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Well, I prefer the 'Classic' because it's what I saw and fell in love with as a young kid. The prequels sometimes have a choppy feeling to them, not to mention the all too occasional lame dialogue ("This party's over!") and a few cliche moments... And I don't think I have to mention the infamous Darth Vader "NOOOOO!" tongue
Now, I'm not saying I completely dislike the 'Prequels.' They do have fantastic visuals.


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Well, the no drinking/no drugs is for obvious reasons, he doesn't want to screw up his mind/body with that crap. It's possible that he's seen what alcohol and drugs do to people from his travels.
As for not marrying... maybe he's afraid of loss? It's reasonable considering that he lost his father at a young age and doesn't want to risk going through that again. It's a possibility...

Zuckuss and 4-LOM.
I loved their story in Tales of the Bounty Hunters, "Of Possible Futures" where they go over to the Rebellion. And the two of them have such a nice bond in that story, it's just so sweet. Sorry if that sounds corny, but what can I say...