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Glad you all liked it... Hmmm, maybe I should create the LFFC? tongue

That's quite a coincidence because it was also my brother who told me it was "That's gonna be a sour batch." No lie.


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There are so many glitches in that game it's not even funny... Like in Mos Eisley Assault Mode, there are places in the level were you can get a character stuck, and then you re-spawn and the body will still be there stuck in the wall like they are falling... it's really strange.

Hmm, it's been I while since I've played, but I enjoyed the Coruscant levels. The Bando Gora levels always freaked me out, and I don't think I ever really played them, I think my brother beat those levels. The Bando Gora were scary! LOL! It was more like Resident Evil almost...

Oh, and that one level on Malastare where the dug goes down the chute and you fall for the first part of the level, bouncing and sliding.

Hahah, I remember that! And then Jango says 'That's gonna be a sour batch' when the dug falls in, but the first time I though he said 'That's gotta be a son of a b*tch.' LOL, I really am a idiot...


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Miss Chrys and MC Chris are two different people, let's just leave it at that! Did you visit that link I posted? It tells you about him. BFFC Chrys is a girl, firstly....


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LOL, that's so funny! tongue I think you this should view this website, might clear things up for you : http://www.mcchris.com/


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Hahaha, I used to do that with my own Lego's. Mostly with the Pirate ones, but once or twice (Ok, every time) I'd put a guy head on a pink and red body with girl hair. XD

Hahahah! LOL, that just reminded me of how when Episode I firsr came out, my mom bought my brother Lego sets with Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Darth Maul, and Jar Jar. Well, my brother and I, being as silly as we were, would always have the other characters trying to steal Qui-Gon's hair. So, Darth Maul or the Emperor would wear Qui-Gon's toupe and he had to get it back... Isn't that just so weird? We used to get a huge kick out of it too! tongue

or like Darth Fett or Vader Fett, Liea Fett, Han Fett, ooo the possibilitys

Yeah, now you're thinking. No one can beat Lando Fett though: http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a114/ … t2copy.jpg
My brother made that...

big_smile Thanks guys, you have no idea how much I needed some boost in confidence today.

Have you ever thought about doing one with Jango Fett training the ARC Troopers?  Sorry, I just have a thing for the ARC's.  Awesome artwork, by the way.

No, I haven't, but maybe I'll do it someday... Do ARC troopers wear different armor than clone troopers, they must. Is it like the Republic Commandos?? So, I'd need a good reference pic of an ARC trooper if the armor is different.

how do I post Pics?

First you'll need to scan in your pictures onto the computer. Once you've done that and saved them, all you'll have to do is host them on a website. I use photobucket.com, it's very straight-forward and FREE! Photobucket will provide you with a URL, and all you have to do is copy and paste it. Very simple.

You know Manji, one of these days I'm going to ask you for an art-trade.

Wow, I've never done one of those... how does that work exactly? I've heard of them on dA, but never done one my self. Well, I'd be up for it though! big_smile

Here is a drawing of a female Mandalorian I did... she supposed to be the red-armored one from SW Insider. It's only my 2nd drawing done in ink, so it's not my usually style, but I kinda like it. It's a bit dark, I guess.


Oh, alright... I was thinking I wouldn't seen 3D SW until I had kids, lol! You know, George Lucas still has a lot more plans for Star Wars and well, he isn't exactly in his prime anymore... what if he ends up dieing before the TV series is made? I wonder if they would still go through with it... Not that I want him to drop dead or anything! I'm not that kind of person.


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Uh... the original trilogy! *whacks Boba Dyde over the head* tongue

Supposedly you will be able to make your own character using existing pieces of characters in Lego SW 2... a bit strange, but just think of the possibilities! Lando's head on Boba Fett's body: Lando Fett! big_smile

This is slightly off topic but , I also thought George Lucas wanted to make 3-D versions of all the SW movies... is this true?
And also, when will production of this live action show begin, any ideas?

^___^ Thank you so much! I must say that I love it when I get comments like that! big_smile

Thanks you everyone for the nice comments! smile

Well, I usually will take my time with a drawing, sometimes I will work a little bit over a few nights. All together it probably takes me about 6 hours on average to complete a drawing. I'm really slow but I have alot of patience.


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Well, Lucas Arts says they're going to add a skill level for more advanced players, so hopefully it will be a bit more involving... I mean, it Lego Star Wars 1, it was impossible to lose a level, when you died you only lost all of your lego pieces you collected, lol!
The best past of Lego SW was the dance floor on Kamino, am I right? wink


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I don't have the original VHS tapes... I used to have them when I was younger, but the might have belonged to my mom's boyfriend... I can't remember.

I don't think they're making a cartoon, I think I read some where that Lucas wants to make and animated Star Wars show that's kinda like Toy Story, that sort of animation.

As for the live action Star Wars show, I don't think Boba will have too major of a role that will end up ruining everything he stands for. It will probably focus on Luke and Leia growing up or something... or is the TV series supposed to take place during another time frame>?

Yeah, the ending had me confused for a few minutes, because from the last quote it sounded like Fett wanted them to just kill eachother. But I've just assumed they walked away, because I know both Han and Boba survived past that scenario!

I have always had a passion for drawing, and recently, I have taken a love of drawing Star Wars fan art.

One of my best drawings of Boba Fett big_smile

Palpatine giving his speech in the senate. I really dislike Palp, but I'm good at drawing him for some reason, he's easy...

Emperor with guards... this is an older drawing, you can tell how my style has changed a bit...
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v483/ … patine.jpg

Sidious with lightsaber, started do draw Luke, but didn't finish...
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v483/ … un2301.jpg

Drawing of Anakin... on the Dark Side!
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v483/ … anakin.jpg

Commander Bacara... My most recent, completed last night.

And finally, just a silly drawing my brother and I did of Star Wars stick figures, you see, I was trying to draw Jango and didn't like how the helmet was looking, so that's what we did, lol.
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v483/ … sticks.jpg

I hope these didn't take to long for anyone to load on their computer! ><
If you wann see more of my art work, I have an account at Deviant Art: http://crazyinsanejess.deviantart.com
I mostly draw fan art, I have some Resident Evil 4 fanart posted on there.

Oh, and if anyone has some sort of request, I will be more than happy to draw for anyone here at BFFC! big_smile

Please post more fan art in this thread if you like to draw!!!


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I can't wait! I loved the first Lego Star Wars, it's such a fun and easy game that anyone can play. Plus, you can play with any character you want in any level. It's really cute, you should buy it. You can probably find a used copy for $10 at EB Games or something.


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I got mine today at Walden Books. I really enjoyed the Mandalorian article, as well as the one on General Grievous's past... really sad. I haven't taken the time to read up on the Mandaloorian language, but I'm sure it's really insightful.


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My brother dressed up as a Sith Lord for Halloween. He bought the robes online and got the Darth Vader Force FX Lightsabre for his birthday. Viola! Instant Sith! I, myself haven't dressed up as a Star Wars character...


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BFFC Chrys wrote:
Manji_Ninja wrote:

I guess my favorite thing is my Boba Fett hoodie.

I'm still waiting to see if the local Hot Topic will put it in the clearance aisle (I can't believe they've held out this long).  But lately I've been tempted to give in and just buy it.  Do you think it was worth the money?  I mean, have you regretted it?

Nah, not really. I mean, I got a size small, and it's freakin' huge on me (But then again I'm rather thin), so I really don't like to wear it to school because it's a pain to carry around. But like I said, I wear it everynight to bed over my pajamas, 'cause it's so soft & comfy, lol, In fact I'm wearing it right now. Not to mention, it says 'Capture by Design, Kill by Necessity' on the back, and you will probably be asked alot of random questions about that if you wear at school. People usually ask me if it's some bands logo, but I'm like, 'no, it's Boba Fett from Star Wars!' big_smile And then they walk away slowly and give me a strange looks like I'm a major dork. Well, that only happened once. wink

LOL, these are all so funny! Y'know, my little half-sister just saw Episode 1 a year ago, and she really doesn't understand much because she is only 5 and only has Episode 1 at her house. Well, anyways, she's thinks Darth Maul's name is 'Star Wars,' I think it's so cute. She's a little tomboy and the last time I saw her last summer (She lives up north and I live in NC) she would always pretend she was 'Star Wars' everytime we played an imaginary game.

Also, this is another one I had. Upon first seeing Darth Vader unmasked, I though he looked really funny. The first thing I said was 'He looks like he has an egg for a head!'
And I though Princess Leia was the Princess of the whole galaxy...

I really don't own much Star Wars merchandise, and the stuff that I do have is pretty small, like T-Shirts... 'cause to be honest, I think some of the stuff is a waste of money. tongue I guess my favorite thing is my Boba Fett hoodie. It's was 50 freakin' bucks from Hot Topic. But I where it every night 'cause it's so big & comfy. wink

Oh, I guess he could have made that mistake. It might of been a fuzzy memory he had... lol.

I remember when I was first told by my mom's old boyfriend that C-3PO and R2-D2 weren't really robots. I found it nearly impossibly to believe that a midget contolled R2... tongue