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This is such an incredible idea! I wish I had thought of it! big_smile


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Awesome! I just met Mr. Bulloch this past weekend! What a wonderful, humble individual. And he cares so much about us passionate Fett fans. Absolute pleasure to meet him. He even kissed me on the cheek... big_smile


BFFC therealmccoy wrote:

I just can't stand that helmet...

cute corset and model tho smile

BFFC therealmccoy wrote:

I just can't stand that helmet...

cute corset and model tho smile

Agreed. But I think us Mercs have a right to be snobs. big_smile


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Other than Boba Fett, who are your favorite fictional characters (from any series/comic/movie/book/game/etc.) ?

Mine include:


-HUNK, Wesker, Jill & Claire from Resident Evil.
-Isaac Clarke from Dead Space... possibly my favorite protagonist from any video game. In the first game, he's very similar to Fett in terms of how he is portrayed: he doesn't speak and you don't see his face until the final cutscene.
-Commander Shepard from Mass Effect (I play FemShep). Garrus is also my favorite squad mate and romantic pursuit, haha.
-Ghost from Modern Warefare 2. It's the skull mask and accent, lol.
-Meryl from Metal Gear Solid. Love strong soldier womenz.

-Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim, 'cause she's just bad ***, yet relateable.
-Ripley from Alien/s! Again, I love strong females.
-Jareth from Labyrinth... um, David Bowie just rocks in this film. xD

-Dexter. What's there to say? He's Dexter.
-Gaius Baltar, Saul Tigh, & Gaeta from BattleStar Galactica. Each different, but each very interesting people.

-Erik, The Phantom of the Opera. I was a massive sucker from the hopeless romantics in high school. Plus I adore the musical (yes, it's based on a book of the same name).
-Severus Snape (Harry Potter). I'm not a fangirl who loved him only after reading "The Princes Tale." He was my favorite since age 11! Despite that he was a nasty, greasy person, I found his sarcasm hilarious and his scenes/dialogue never dull. Paired with his enigmatic ambiguity and he was always the most interesting in the series, bar none. The Princes Tale only made it more "acceptable" to like him. Alan Rickman is also fantastic in the movies. 

Well, that's my list. It could probably be longer and if more people post and keep the discussion going I'll probably have more to add at some point.


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BFFC therealmccoy wrote:
Kail Zem wrote:

where did you find the boba fett sayings?

books, video games, comics, etc

my favorite is always gonna be "This IS my face."

Me too. So simple, but powerful.


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Damn, that could probably fit me... the price on the other hand, does not fit my budget. =/

BFFC therealmccoy wrote:

I don't think he'd work as a main character. Secondary, seldom-speaking character, yes.

I agree. As much as we love Fett, SW isn't really about him. He's only become as large as he is thanks to his massive fan following. He could have easily never been discussed again after RotJ if no one had taken an interest in his character. =P

Interesting cast. =P


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Don't know if any one here is a fan of the TV show Supernatural, but one of the stars (who portrays Sam Winchester) has revealed in a recent interview that he's a fan of the Fett-man.

http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-f … red-212515

THR: If you were to attend in costume, what would it be?
Padalecki: Boba Fett. I’m in San Antonio sitting in my bedroom that I grew up in and I have four Boba Fetts in here (pictured). I have an irrational childhood love of Boba Fett. (Laughs.) Ever since I watched the movie, I always wanted to be a bounty hunter; it sounded so cool to me as a child. I always remember the scene where Han Solo is dying and I just got the sense that Boba Fett was just really cool. I always wanted to dress up as him. And he had that great rocket on his back. That must be it, I always loved the Rocketeer, too!

http://screenrant.com/captain-america-d … hc-123936/

Director of the Captain America film is apparently interested in making a movie about our favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett.

From the article:

Towards the end of our conversation I asked Johnston if his former boss and mentor, George Lucas, had seen the film. The director gave us this somewhat surprising and thoroughly intriguing response:

    “You know if he wants to see it, I would show it to him. I’m trying to get George to make a feature based on Boba Fett.”

Um... really? Hasn't his enigma status been tarnished enough?

But I dunno, what do you think? Would you support a Fett feature film, or out right object it? Discuss.


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DoomFactor, I'd love for you to share your favorite scene with us too!

Anyway, if I'm going to watch a SW movie, it's usually ESB, simply for the Fett scenes. xD

I always look forward to the bounty hunter scene on the Star Destroyer, so that would have to be one of my favorites.

I also love the scene where he is taking Han Solo (in carbonite) to his ship and walking through the hall ways of Bespin-- I love that you can hear the clicking of spurs as his boots hit the floor. big_smile

Least favorite would be the obvious infamous scene from ROTJ Special Addition in which Mr. Fett "flirts" with an some gross looking alien whore-- I mean, "dancer girl." wink


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Welcome to the forum L3X1V0R3! I like the sound of your enthusiasm!

What examples of Fett do you find softened his character? If you mean the recent stuff, do you really expect him to the same guy as he approaches ~70 years old?


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Buahahahah. It's okay girls this thread is for us and this type of discussion. xD

I most have accidentally stickied this though... and since it's not exactly hugely popular, I shall un-sticky.

I have to join in here as I have a HUGE thing for Boba. I mean, if he came to my door saying he had a bounty on me, I'd just let him take me

I think another attractive part of him is that he'd never take you/me up on that offer. "Sex between those not married is amoral." --Boba Fett, Tales of the Bounty Hunters. You always want what you can't have, right? =P


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Shameless self-promotion. wink

If you want to do a screen accurate Boba (aka not "Booba" Fett) couldn't you just wear a couple sport bras or sometype of wrapping to bind down the lady parts a bit? I mean, if you're slim like you say your boobs shouldn't be too, too big (well I know if would be easy in my case, but then again I'm a B cup at best, lol).

I actually would love to be a female Boba or Clone trooper one day when I have the money for it.


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Haven't dated since high school... I enjoy the single life, for the most part. It allows me to focus on myself, my independence, and my education.

As a long time member of these forums, I've always noticed that the BFFC has had a substantial amount of female members and that a good chunk of our most frequent posters on the forums are female. And for those of you who may not know, I am also female. ;P

So I guess I'm just interested in asking: what is it about Fett that has captivated so many loyal fan(girl)s? Males are more than welcome to join in the discussion as well, but as a female I guess I'm just interested in knowing why other females have taken an interest in a character like Fett too.

In my case, I guess it was the armor and enigma factor that had me interested right off the bat. Heck, many males probably started liking Fett for the same reason I did: He just looks frakkin' awesome and badass. When I found out that he didn't actually die in the Sarlacc, my interest escalated, and that's when I started reading the expanded universe and gaining a much broader knowledge of all things Fett. And to this day my "fictional crush" has remained, haha.

I dubbed the topic "Bad Boy Image" because there's that saying that all girls love a bad boy and want to "change them." But I don't necessarily like Fett for that reason. Sure, I guess the notoriety makes him a bit exciting, but I've never seen Fett as particularly bad or evil. So for me it's really not about that. I think that I really liked the fact that he's sort of a lone wolf who doesn't need anyone to complete them, especially since when I was in high school I didn't really fit in or have many friends (so I really related to his character during those years).
Even learning about his messed up past and failure as a father and husband never deterred me from liking his character less. In fact I find that his flaws make him more interesting and human. Even when he was fleshed out to the point of having his "daddy-complex" in the Legacy of the Force series I just found his attachment to Jango adorable. tongue

Back to the "enigma factor," I am always obsessed over characters that have a concealed identity/face. Yes, kind of weird. o_o;; I don't know why at all, especially since they're usually male. xD

So those are just some of my reasons, haha. xD
Any of the other girls brave enough to speak up? Please don't leave me hanging, lol.

I recently purchased Boba Fett Omnibus and initially wanted to read them in order, but ended up jumping ahead to read Twin Engines of Destruction since it's always been a story I've wanted to read first hand.

This comic features Boba hunting down his doppelganger Jodo Kast, who, as far as I'm aware, made his first and last appearance in Twin Engines (correct me if I'm wrong, please).

Now, I actually found Jodo an intriguing character, despite his cockiness and foolish choices. I think we can all relate to his desire to be the best, even though he did take a cheap short-cut in order to gain his so-called "fame".

As we all know, Boba wins the fight and leaves Kast for dead (well, actually Boba essentially blows him up, giving him no chance for survival). Do you think Boba's response was warranted, or should he have given Kast another chance?

I honestly felt this was Boba at one of his harshest, must brutal moments with his decision to trick Kast into thinking he might have had a chance to save his own skin by selecting the correct serum (a gamble, but at least it was some form of a chance). But instead he blows Kast to oblivion! I mean, sure, it was one heck of a bad *** ending to that comic, but I couldn't help but pity Kast just a little! I mean, I think he taught Kast a serious lesson by whopping his arse that if he left him alone Kast would have been too humiliated to ever consider donning Mandalorian armor again.

Thoughts? Or was Kast simply someone who did not deserve a second chance?


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wishingtobe wrote:

So someone told me my youtube "rap video" was on here. and there it was. I feel sorta cool....kindof...:)

Oooh, what video is this? smile


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If you're playing SW: Bounty Hunter, I remember my brother used to make Jango Fett jump and roll around REALLY quickly so that he'd making funny, spastic sort of grunting noises, hahaha. It was pretty funny.

Not really a glitch just spamming a sound effect I suppose, lol


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I don't think enough people saw this in the holiday thread so...




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You too are not alone.
You are so not alone. wink

I think I've had my Fettish since I was about 14. Since I first started liking Boba I've also noticed I have a high attraction to other characters without a visible face (e.g. wearing masks, helmets, coverings, etc.). That's probably a fetish in of itself, hahaha. xD


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fairyblood wrote:
BFFC Manji wrote:

Probably should pick up the Forced Unleashed II comic while I'm there next time too...

Mmmm, it was ok.

Yeah but I want it for my collection anyway. I was flicking through it in the store a week ago or so and I was kinda surprised that Boba was helmet-less for the majority of it. Thought it would be just that opening scene!

One of my X-mas gifts came in late today. big_smile

Welcome aboard mate! wink