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Yay for the new project! I'll get started as soon as I can. :-] Bossk.... Hmmm... I've never done him before.
And thanks to everyone who's complemented me so nicely. big_smile


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Aw, thanks! But I didn't draw Boba, that's cujo's work. Just so you know. I wish I was that good. :-]
Oh, and put some of your stuff up! I'd like to see it!


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Aw, thanks guys! I'm glad you like it. :-]
And cujo, can't wait to see the new stuff!


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Pheonix023 wrote:

Oh he means that it is a picture of boba from the SW holiday special....blue and yellow armor.

Ooooh... I get it. Sorry, I've actually never seen the Holiday Special... Is it any good? (Sorry if that's a bit off-topic...)


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Oh, I knew I was missing something! I was working from pictures to try and get all the colors right. I'll add the red visor into the shaded version I'm working on!
Thanks for the critiques! :-]

((Which Boba did I color wrong? I didn't quite understand what you ment there...))


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So, I thought I'd just go with one of your simpler ones to begin with. Let me know what you think of it. It's flat; I'm doing another one with shading to see which style I like better. I thought the flat worked, though, 'cause it lent it a very comic-book like style. Hope it's ok.
Boba Fett:
http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c348/ … 1213907027

Oh, and you're work is great to color. :-]


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(Mind if I join? smile)
Then Boba and Jango decide to eredicate all the pieces of Cheesepuffia that remained, just to rid the world of any memory of such a place.


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Thanks everyone!!! I'll try too be a good addition here. big_smile Thanks for the warm welcomes!

Agreeing with the above, his costume could use some new cloth.
But all in all, he's pretty cool. Partially because he saves Boba, but mostly (For me, because I'm an emotion-loving girl) because he has no feelings but falls in love anyway. :-]]] (At least, he does in 'Tales of the Bounty Hunters'.


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Skittle. Seriously. And it actually makes sense. A friend of mine combined the first letter of my first name (Sarah) and stuck it on my last name which she mixed up a bit, and was all ''OMG! You're a skittle!'' And it stuck. People who I barely know call me that now...


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Yay, thanks so much! :-]

Here's some of my stuff:
I didn't draw this, just colored it: http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c348/ … 1213823079
I drew and colored this:
http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c348/ … 1213823158
Did not draw, only colored:
http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c348/ … 1213823226

I love all the SW characters, but Boba and Han are my favs.
But really, all I wanted to do was color the ones you have up here. There's no need to draw new stuff for me unless you want to. :-]]]

**goes off to hook up tablet and start coloring**


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Um, can I please, please, please, please, please color your work? It's like, amazing.
I do a bit of drawing, but I LOOOOVE computer colorizations, and it would be so fun to color your stuff! May I? Pweaseeeee? (Oh, BTW, I'm new here. Sorry if this is kind of abrupt. But I love your work. big_smile)


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Heh, maybe so. big_smile


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Haha, my Fettish has the lamest beginning...
A guy at my homeschool co-op who I had a crush on was this huge Star Wars fan. So of course, I had to go and watch the movies (The ones I had been so scared of when I was little...) and figure out who is favorite character was. Turned out, his favorite character was Boba Fett. So then I had to research him. And read about him. And check out 'Tales of the Bounty Hunters' from my library. Which resulted in my falling in love with Boba Fett. big_smile And that's how it happened. I haven't been a fan for very long, but I've already started outlining a plotline for fanfiction in my head and doing Boba Fett computer graphics. **points to avatar** big_smile


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Hello all. I'm FemmeFettal93. Just intorucing myself... (Man, I hate these introduction things...I feel so dumb...) Anyway, Fett has to be one of my favorite characters. Him and Han Solo. I'm conflicted. big_smile I look forward to meeting everyone and getting involved in the forums. See ya around!