I would not like him if he was a chicken.

Hello what do you  think Boba's fav color is? Mine is green. What is yours?
Please post!


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I think the battel with Darth Maul is one of the crazyist battels!

Fett_II wrote:
Sadriel_Fett wrote:
Fett_II wrote:

Jango's Slave I didn't have green on it, but I think it's a trick of the light that makes that top part look blue.

I noticed a lot of the toys of Jango's Slave 1 has the area where the wing stabilizers are located, painted a really dark forest green.

now that i think about it, part of my Jango's Slave I is a little green looking. thnx for pointing that out Sadriel.

So I guess when I look at my Slave 1 model it's realy Jango's too!:o

My they are nice posters!

I like him cause his cool last name: Fett; it just appails to me.:)


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Why did Boba Fett cross the road?
To catch the bounty!;) Funny Isin't It?


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I wish I had a boba fett helmet with a blue vision thing for my avatar!


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Hi I'm new please help! big_smile

Boba Rules!:D

If Boba was not real, I'd have to say Jango!Poor Boba if he was fake!:(

I'd Say Boba.:)