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so...i guess im new here. got 3 fett tatts, and a TON of star wars stuff...mostly fett.  yet i must say that im not too sure ill fit in here.  i hate the idea of jango fett and all the clone troopers to tell you the truth.  just not my thing.  i liked the mystery of boba fett.  i like the myths and theories.  jango fett even looked like a clown in the movies.  boba fett never talked the way jango fett did in the originals.  im just so against going against all thats been done already just so george lucas can make a bunch of money off a new boba fett.  hell with that i must say.  it destroyed my faith in lucas and any love i might've had for the prequels.  so ya!  other than that i guess we'll all get along fine im sure...ha....you guys all love it i can tell....ah well....im sure ill feel plenty welcome...


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sadly its opened, like i said i was young... but i found a c7 goin for 1000 yesterday.  mine'll be on ebay if anybody wants it.  since i cant even find a picture of one im bettin it wont be all that cheap.  never know tho.  if i cant get over $500 then im content w/ keepin it!  it was my first action figure of the red cards...and im only 23 so i didnt get much of an opportunity to buy the originals, tho i have a ton of em now.  ill try and take pictures of my fett stuff before i sell it and show you all.  i know itll be appreciated!  thanks...later on.


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do all my tatts count???  i think they do....


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how rare is the full circle no chest emblem boba fett??  right after i got mine i was pissed at first...i was young...but i looked on ebay way back then and found one goin for like $900.  anybody know what its worth now?  i cant find one anywhere and nobody even has a pic...but i got one!!!  any help is greatly appreciated.  curtis!!!!!