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yay, my states indecisive quarterback is finally going to leave us alone


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BFFC therealmccoy wrote:
Johan Kordav wrote:

rancor clan

Taglar is a good guy smile

Regimas wrote:

more people to join your crooked and vile website McCoy.....

.....wait im there too.....&%$# it......

lol I am not even a year member over at the Mercs actually
tho I did just get promoted to ver'alor of Naast (GA/AL) Clan

i shall bake you a congratulatory cake...and then promptly eat it.


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mind bomb.

they all rock so much.....*eyes glaze over*


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more people to join your crooked and vile website McCoy.....

.....wait im there too.....&%$# it......


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BFFC Cujo wrote:

i watched it at midnght- i have always been a huge fan of gi joe. it was fun, a good summer flick and a nice set up for the franchise. i was sorry some of my favorite characters didnt make the movie.

im playing the 360 game now big_smile

ah i saw that the other day, hope the effects are better than they were in the movie tongue


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i think we all concur that there is a problem.... Aaron!!!!

come save us common folk from this ...squishyness....

Boba fetts fists....try saying that 10 times fast....

seriously though...westars.


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july something....

near the end of the month.

hmmmm.....it was one of you..........but who could it be.....?

which of you is WJK?

whoever it is they will know what i mean....


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open seasons is great comic, read it just before you play bounty hunter.

i loved ravage and soundwave

i want to start this topic to discuss likes and dislikes of the movie.

saw it last night, it was pretty awesome, better than the first, but there were many things wrong with it.....many.


alright, im a white guy, but i was still surprised and mildly offended by the 2 incredibly stereotyped and racist robots. does anybody feel the same way or was it just me who thought that went too far?

(devastator was killed too quickly)


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i love this movie, just watched it 3 or 4 times in the past 2 days, i seriously recommend it


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True Warrior wrote:

I heard that MC Chris' Song "Fett's Vette" was played during the movie. big_smile


nope, not in the movie, just finished watching it 5 minutes ago


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i love this movie!!
everyone here should see it


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wow, thats weird...


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i would probably name it dolly....


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happy birthday!

thanks for a great site and the new chatroom big_smile


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i would have to agree, in this round the enterprise would win, its just more advanced.

i was skeptical but the transporter just has limitless possibilities, it could teleport a million tribbles into the bridge of the executor. game over.

Fett_II wrote:

oh yeah, i forgot to add darth talon.

she isn't bad looking for a sith alien... tongue

awww that sucks... the price tag on this game is 15 a month.......

ahh, yes

from the bounty hunter wars?

i cannot possibly express how amazing that trailer was.

i just cant....



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deadpool can heal and recover later, boba wouldn't know, but the second round, boba would capture him and carbon freeze him

oola's cool
mara jade or ventress are cooler though