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dont worry Fetterthanyou
im not lame enough to try to cut eye slits in a mando helmet
im working on fixing that


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oh yeah, i forgot to mention that, i feel stupid.
when i bought it the visor was busted so i ripped it out and am looking for a new one.

thanks again for telling me how to do that, my pics are on the creative page on my own thread.
hope to hear from you there.

still not finished with the leg armor, and more pics are on the way.
would love as much feedback as possible.
thanks, and ignore the weird photo shopped boots in the last one, forgot to put em' on






thanks devil girl, i got it figured out now
pics of my costume soon...now that i know how to do it......

ok, this is probably a stupid question cause i am not very computer savvy,
but how do you find the code for the pic that goes in between the img tags?

yeah, one question
how do i add pictures to my thread, it wont let me copy/paste anything into the message.


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thanks, i look forward to talking with as many of you as possible,
where can i put pics of my armor?


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where do i begin...
ive been to tons of sites looking for a good mando forum with little restrictions and knowledgeable members,
found it.
i have a full set of custom mando armor
i collect hundreds of figures and play the sw video games, i make my own props, helmets and costumes and have a room that looks like a special effects studio.
i re-arranged my name to make a mandalorian name for myself.
Geurel Regimas
good to be here, locked, loaded and ready to go.


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i have a full set of custom mandalorian armor.
i have been rejected by the mando mercs. because of their strict policy's.
i would be completely on board for a independent mandalorian/bounty hunter club.
i can offer tips and tricks to help build tutorials.
in other words, where do i sign?

At your service- regimas