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someone get a mod in here to shut this guy down.


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just cousins


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wow, trying to guilt trip me?


really dude.


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lol, true


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alright, haven't shown my face around here recently, went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago, got a decent picture taken.

kinda shadowy...but it works



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promoting is bad, get out.


...that is all.


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Fett_II wrote:

oh i'm lefty for that.


just wow.

thats awesome! i gotta get out to spencers


my problem is that i don't post in anything rpg, animated series related or pointless (such as favorite ice cream.....i mean really who cares.....its mint btw.)

and unfortunately these seem to be the only topics around these days.
anybody else in the same boat?

Cin Vhetin wrote:

Your pictures are awesome Regimas. Love the bones on your armor too. Adds a little something special to it.

thanks big_smile

lol, yeah i wish i could get to all the conventions, the only big conventions i can get to are in Chicago.

and a million dollars would help my costuming as well tongue

This Saturday i went to a star wars costuming convention at discovery world, near the shore of lake Michigan.

There was seminars on costuming and the R2 builders. there was a large display of fan made costumes of all kinds, from chewbacca to zam wessel. i went with a friend of mine (jaerog on the site) and we went in armor big_smile

we had our picture taken with people 100+ times in the 4 hours we were there. the 501st was there with the fast growing Wisconsin garrison. We were even approached by the commander of the Wisconsin squad, Trent Thornton. who seemed interested in having us troop with them in the future. he even took some pictures of us by the lakefront.

and , drum roll..... i finally got a visor in my helmet. now Orthar can stop pestering me wink

and as an added bonus i come bearing pics











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the last post here was a year ago dude, dead topic


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check list, bigger sigs, maybe bigger profile pictures, maybe a poll making tool

i cant take any more clone wars issues of star wars insider....
cant stand kiddie star wars...

bunch of ninjas....

im so glad people like glopino and masterchief are gone, they made me want to leave.

anybody have any bffc resurrection ideas?

i myself have been keeping busy with my armor and props.

i just recently made halo marine armor, an iron man arc reactor and am working on a business out of making halo odst armor.

so i have been keeping busy

i have kept in contact with sev, revan, si and recently cujo. all the rest have just up and disappeared.

i think we need to somehow bring back the golden ages of the site, maybe old members or fresh topics will cure the staleness.

oh great all seeing webmaster Aaron! what are your thoughts on the matter?

grace us with your insight!

this is just kind of a reminiscing topic, nowadays i don't see a lot of my old friends here

anymore. have they moved to something like the mercs or the 501st (i hope not) or have they

just grown weary much as i have of all the bland topics this place harbors. from what i hear, i

entered the bffc just as the golden age of it was declining. i used to be so eager to check the

bffc, i did it constantly. now im like the phantom of the bffc opera....i lurk in the message

boards and leave a haunting note in the chatroom so people know i still exist tongue

where did Ralin, Revan, Si, Devil girl, Mel, cujo and Adeptus go, you guys used to rule the

boards with a fist made of awesome!

what happened!?


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good god your a woman.

(just kiddin wink

will maybe see airbender

saw D9-recommend

will see james camarons avatar


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YES!, i was hoping i would get points for the quote...


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Then explain all knowing one.


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BFFC therealmccoy wrote:

Plus this is a Boba Fett Fan Club, technically we're idolizing someone else other than god and by posting pictures and watching movies and discussing said fictional character 30+ years after their creation we could be considered to be worshiping said character.

Sounds like a first commandment breaker to me. Uh oh. Shame on me.

you have no idea how much respect you just gained in my eyes....i laughed so hard...


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Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.

may the force be with you karson wink