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holy crap. Ralins alive.

its been awhile...


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e-mail sent big_smile


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yes but....allow me to elaborate...

you veteran members remember "masterchief" right? everyone called him green?

i was scared this was the same guy.

my suspicians are well founded...


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master fett huh......name sounds familiar....
i have not felt your precence since the board spamming of 08.....


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its nice to see more posts from the admin turnin up



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didn't expect such a heartfelt response from the silent overlord wink

found someone have we?


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ooh ok

great topic

lol, i have been cooking up evil plans in an underground lair as of yet...


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yep, will try to make it


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alright i will try to remember, if i don't show i apologize, i was probably busy being distracted.


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Je'karta Ka'rta wrote:

Perhaps bandoleers of concussion grenades? Or thermal detonators?



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yes, yes and hell yes

back on topic,

if you guys want to talk about spell check im sure glopino or masterchief opened up a topic at some point...


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spell check=savior

yeah just message Aaron the webmaster and he can change it.

not a ton of "hardcore" mando fans here anymore, most of em went to other sites, i stayed to watch the fort.

i will gladly accept more advice through my e-mail and i will scan and send you some of the concept art i have been working on.

on the contrary!

i want more advice

hell yes i did.


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very true, i always preferred live ammo in the star wars universe anyways...

must investigate further

i am considering making a new set of mando armor and i thought i would open this up as a way to get input and ideas.

first off this set is going to be a spec ops mando, lots of black and silver.

i want it to be loaded up with holsters and ammo and have a very military look to it.

beyond that im looking for fresh ideas.

what would a spec ops mando look like, and what would he carry?


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thats deep man.

and true


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you people must be new to the internet....


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any new guy who joins without an introduction or a mention of boba fett, and his first post is some sort of self-serving venture, then yes i become hostile


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thank you fett2

now moving on.