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"so guys i was thinking we try a different way tobring down the krauts"said mike
"what"said ed
"well i was thinking we try to infiltrate the germans here"
"what"said zank as orange juice went everywhere
"well it might work only two or three would go"


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"good idea Ed, if we take out the fuel supplies then we should be able to 'borrow' a car from the germans" said mike

they alll started running for the fuel depot to demo it when all of a suden it blew up

"down everyone"said Ed as he tackled mike

"thanks ed"

"no problem mike, hard for u to shoot Krauts if your dead'

good point he thought

"ok guys time to get a ride, ed any ideas? i was thinking of a halftrack"

"yea that sounds good"

they all got on an abandoned half track and mike got in the drivers seat turned it on and they started back to what the called the pole boys hq...

it was just a old cabin in the woods acssesable only by foot
then they started the long process of figuring out what in the hell they destroyed...


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"god damnit edward i already know that" sadi mike as he shot a german with his 98k
then he swithced to his mp4o to give the group covering fire
"move damnit, now Zank i said move it!!"

they all ran for the trees as mike got to the place where the det for the tnt was he slamed the lever was and watched with pide as the whole base blew
"good job guys all of u i mean it"

karson yea what the hell why not i guess u can have two

but i was thinking we need a girl to be like a spy


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name:mike Checlovov
age: 17
skills: good sniper and leader of pole boys
history: he was 14 when nazis invaded he has fought them since he was 15
weapons: a german mp40 and 98k infantry rifle


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this rpg take place in nazi occupied poland
we are a group of kids who fight the nazis through guerilla tactics so make a charactor sheet and show skill and start postin smile


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Name: Ben Okinawa
Age: 20
Lightsaber color: Bronze
Species: Human
Planet assignment: Dantoine
Master, species:none
Astromech droid type (if applicable):  R6-D3
Planet of exile (for emergency use only): Kamino
Name and type of ship: Corillian frieghter (simmilar to the falcon) named the mist
Personality: silent, very skilled in the ways of the force, and the blade. Also a grey jedi


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sorry bout that didnt know


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i under stand that u have had some problems here
well i have made a deal with a local who hates the seps
so we have a buildng within range of the speach
do not try to contact me i will be out of your "safe coms"
ill find whatever intel i can for u guys
oh btw
u have a mando merc coming to help
and old training sarge
over and out alpha
good luck


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hey alpha ill be ypur eye in the skie for this one
hows things going down there???