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Name:Mike O'Connor
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: USA (Texas)
WOC: M4A1 w/acog, M14 w/scope, M1911 w/ removable silencer
Appearance: Average Height, about 210, muscular, Brown short hair in a high and tight, hazel eyes
Skills: a, stealth, stalking, interrogation, translation
Personality:Very shy, Trusting of his squad mates. Quiet.
Background: Mike joined the Marines right out of high school and his marksmanship was evident from day one of rifle training. Spent 10 years as Marine Force Recon Scout Sniper. Is here to become a Stay Dog Sniper. But was moved to be the Unit's scout.

Mike hated being late, but he hated not knowing what exactly he was doing, as a scout sniper he was trained to know as much as he good for he good of the Unit, and not knowing was starting to bug him. However it was 08:15 and he was stressed, the helicopter had a mechanical failure and he had to get on a new one.
"I ****in hate this god dammed cold" he mumbled to himself as he walked to the door and opened it so see a 4 Star General, a Captain, another SSG, and a Lance Corpral.
He smartly saluted the Officers and introduced himself.
"SSG O'Connor reporting for Duty, Gentlemen" he barked out as his drill Sargent had taught him 10 years ago.


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Ben slowly rides his horse into hopefull and looks around
"well its a peacfull little town"

he walked up to a young boy about 11
"you, where is the mayor of this town?"

He pointed to a house on the north side of town

"Figures, thanks' he said as he tossed the boy a gold coin

Ben started to ride his horse to the house of the mayor. he needed a job and thought sheriff would be a good place to start.


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thank you


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"well Janice lets get back to our room at the hotel. we need to contact the council"
they started walking back to the hotel when ben was shoved out of the road by a man running from the local police
"what in the nam eof the force was that???" asked ben

"YOU JEDI STOP THAT MURDER" yelled the police
"well janice i guess the council can wait" said Ben as he started to run after the man whom the police said was a murder


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Name:Doran Ominake
Occupation:Private Investigator(Grey Jedi)
Lightsaber model and color:two short bladed lightsabers. both are a bronze color
Clothing and armor:normal jedi robes
Weapons:smal throwing vibro-blades
Short character description:Doran was a vary good pupil in the jedi order he was very inquisitive though. sometimes to inquisitive. he questioned the councils teachings and was exiled. after words he started a p.i. buisness.
Misc. Info:very skilled with a blade of any kind.


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Name: Ben O'brien
Occupation(optional):none is a drifter
Age: 30
Appearance:was born in the bunkers in the Cascades(middle of washington) has no abnormalities
Weapons:one desert eagle in a sholder holster and a k-bar on his belt
owns a horse with a saddle that he rides from town to town


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when the troopers came up to his possition he was almost surronded by droids
'thanks troopers i needed the help"
"yes sir"
"help me mop up the last of them"
'65 said just as he shot a droid in the head
"sir im good im coming to your position now, my eta is 30 soconds"


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thank you


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Name: Gustav Schwartz
Homecountry: Germany
Rank: captian in heiricks navy
Ship: Lara Marrie
History: he was born in swizterland but his familly moved to german so his father could join the navy. his father was killed by a French Pirate so natrually he hates frenchmen. loves to sail and fence.

"men lets get moving we need to prepare for the admiral to come home hopfully he was successfull in his raids. lets move"


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"thank you sir i really didnt wnat to get blasted by droids"
as he lined up and shot two droids


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3065 held his rifle in his steady hands
"ok im taking the shot"
he fired but just when he did a droid took the shot for his commander
then a group of droids started walking twoards the barn he was hidding in.
"damn im going to have to use my shotgun. too bad" he said to himself as he slung his sniper-rifle and pulled out his fletteche shotgun
"im going to have a chance to make this baby worth the space it takes up in my pack."


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"lets move the less shots the better ok?" said mkie from the half track

"pretty nifty uniforms" said edd

"yea i didint think the dead germans i took them from really minded" said Zank


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" Roger that sir taking fire"
the sound of his rifle sounded through the batlle field as multiple droids went down.
" sir i have the commander n my sights but many droids are getting weary of my possistion i can fire but i cant verify any accuricy to the hit"
"should i take the shot??"


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Name: Doran Norad
Affiliation: Jedi(Legion)
WOC: a Bronze lightsaber
Appearence: human with a normal jedi cloak
Background: he was a padiwan when his master was killed by a "sith"


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" Hello this is sniper 3065. i am in position i am asking for the person ic command on this hell-hole"
"repeat is anybody out there, i see a fire fight but am unsure as to who to shoot i need someone to tell me what to shoot over."

" hey tressah"
" yes"
" what did that weequay want???"

can i join?????

Name: Doran Oberek
Affiliation: prisoner
Species: human
Gender: male
Age: 24
Brief History: Doran was once a guard here but he was inprisoned after he knocked up a dancer. he has a very calm nature. he is a good fighter because he was once a bounty hunter
Weapons: a vibroblade knife he had smuggled into his cell by an old gaurd friend.
his cell is right across from Tressah's

can i join????

Name: 3065
Species: human clone
Allegiance: republuic
Occupation: scout/sniper
Clothing and armor: kataran class armor with snow camo
Weapons: a dc-17 sniper with a 16x25 scope and a fleteche shotgun
Short character description:3065 was chosen to be a comando but was moved to a sniper team when they saw his skills with a sniper rifle
he has been a sniper most of his life


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guys please lets get back to the rpg


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Ben and janice are walking around a town in the shop district

"well janice i hope you get what the council expects you to get hear"
"yes i sure do"
they pass a small shop and ben stops and looks at the small carvings they have
"quite interesting arent they"
"yes sir very"


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well i did "borrow" the avitar. but i got the signiture from one of my friends he says it a lot at school. and i really am not up to snuff on my star wars stuff so thanks for  the Yuuzhan Vong thing


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this is after luke makes a new jedi order. also this is after the vaga yag war. the species that tried to make other planets like their own
we are just keeping the peace

Name: Ben Okinawa
Age: 20
Lightsaber color: Bronze
Species: Human
Planet assignment: Dantoine
Master, species:none
Astromech droid type (if applicable):  R6-D3
Planet of exile (for emergency use only): Kamino
Personality: silent, very skilled in the ways of the force, and the blade. Also a grey jedi


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guys holy **** please lets get back to the rpg and stop yelling at people
ok thank you


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guys i menat that me would infiltrate their ranks like spys