I am impaitiently waiting for:

Star Wars: the Force Unleashed

Rock Band 2

RepCom II (Wishful thinking)


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I can't believe that b****! I think you are such an awesome person terra! I couldn't ask for a better friend. She is jealous that you have a better life than her terra. You should threaten to sue her for harrasment and decimation of character.

Devil Girl wrote:
Sharra Fett wrote:

My opinion seldom goes along with the critics.

That is like me as well. This is why I no longer read film reviews.

Yea same with me. Some films that I hate with a passion, the critics love; and movies that I loved to death, the critics burn at the stake.

Fett_II wrote:

better later than never.

lol that is very true Fett.

I only saw ROTS and The Clone Wars in theaters. I got into Star Wars a little late in my life...

I got Darth Vader yesterday...I need to get movin'!!

Umm...i haven't seen the holiday special...some may call this a blessing. I liked the Clone Wars yes the plot was pretty flimsy but the action sequences were great I must say. After everything I have heard about the holiday special I would say the Clone Wars ranks higher in my book than the Holiday Special.


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The towns people then got together with their torches and pitchforks and went after draco


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regimas wrote:

hope bobas not assaulting statues in this one...

Yea it wasn' tmy favorite part of the first one either. I actually have to change the channel until it was over when i watch it. I am weird I know. tongue


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Yours, -F3TT-, will give me nightmares for many nights to come...9/10! tongue

I am a huge Carth goupie as well...and if I wasn't I probably wouldn't have noticed the voice tongue


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and phelps set another world record


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Really reg? That is awesome! I think that means I have some youtube surfing to do...:P


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Well I got the soundtrack from here:


I don't know if AA got it from another place. And don't feel like a fool! I only found it because I obsess over the game. I hope I was helpful! big_smile


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Yea I have the whole soundtrack too, i was able to put it on my iPod and everything


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Yea I didn't laugh either...I probably would have if it wasn't just 2 seconds of a dance looped for 30 seconds.


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

A little, in CLICK with Adam Sandler he makes fun of a dude by calling him the speedo torpedo, but just cause the dude wore a speedo... But i swear phelps is some kind of fish....

I agree...Fish is the only word capable of describing him. What I would give to be able to swim like him!


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

MICHAEL PHELPS: THE SPEEDO TORPEDO....provided he wears speedo products

LOL did you come you come up with that AA?


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Yea I saw the relay final last night. I was so happy for him! But you can't help but luagh at the fact that everyone wants to know about Michael...but almost no one cares about the rest of the Olympians in that category.

One quick question...was the relay final the last of the swimming?


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Yea...I have been hoping and praying for another Repbulic Commando game (not that i enjoyed the first game). And this will hopefully either set a second game in motion...or they are already planning to make it and they just aren't telling anyone (that would be cruel).


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Si Titran wrote:

MandoGirl.... its just a matter of personal taste.

I know Si, trust me I have aboslutly no problem with that. Like I said I just don't expect many people to care, and I wanted to make it clear that I am not the type of person who will curse you out for not liking the same things that I do. All I meant was that I just am not expecting anything by this Avatar.

And thank you for the rating wink I love yours 9/10

Wow...way to go Phelps!


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Welcome BobaFett101! I doubt you'll get any minuses, I love your Avatar! I give you 9/10 wink


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Yea, poor Dar would probably be inconsolable...I just wish that she would have left the Order when she had the chance. She woulda been safe then.


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Commander Appo wrote:

.I wonder if Etain gets killed in Order 66......hopefully not.

...Unfortunatly, I have a very bad feeling that she does. sad