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Michael Jackson


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Mel i LOVE your Avatar...10/10 hands down.

*drool*...wow...I LIKE him big_smile. He truly is the first sexy looking twi'lek male i have ever seen.

Ralin Drakus wrote:

hmmmm....... no wonder they're so rare.  They run around with no shirt or armor so they can show off and get themselves shot    tongue

LMAO thats great RD. And probably VERY true.


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Yea...I hate my math teacher...in HER class (not my school in her CLASS) she thinks anything below a 95 is failing. I am lucky if I get an 80 let alone PASS math. So yea this is going to be an extremely miserable year for me sad


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"They have Etain listed as male" LMAO that made my day. I need to buy it! I completely forgot it was coming out today! Thank you Si!


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(I think this falls under the category of the anniversary)
What I want at Ground Zero is the Freedom Tower to be STARTED in the LEAST. For a memorial, I would like the footprints of the Twin Towers made out of marble and a fountain in the middle of it so it can also act as a reflecting pool. On the marble I want the names of all the victims.

This is just meant as trivia. I recently found out that Bon Jovi's keyboardist's (David Bryan...my title) sister worked in the WTC on 9/11. She got out in time, but it just bothered me for some reason.

I was in Manhattan this past Thursday night (September 11th) for the anniversary. Me and my family go there every year to take pictures of the WTC Lights. They are absolutely beautiful. I can actually see them from my top deck at home...the effect of the lights hitting the clouds from that distance truly is beautiful.

I would say about 10 blocks away from Ground Zero there is a temperary memorial with American flags and the names of the victims written on them. And in the middle is this: (it was actually there for awhile, the flags were put there recently)
It was in the pramonade directly below the Twin Towers and is only missing one piece depsite having tons of steel dropped on it.


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Cujo wrote:

lets throw a blanket on this fire.
this thread is not a soapbox for us to sort out anyone else religion or politics, much smarter have tried and failed.
this thread is a memorial for your own memories on the day, and to remember those that fell.
and be nice.

I am sorry Cujo, It had just upset me...alot.

To get back on topic, I would like to bring up something else. I don't know about anyone else, but I am VERY upset that there is no Freedom Tower yet, hell there isn't even a memorial, after SEVEN YEARS. And yet Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium are pretty much done after less than a year. It makes me so mad. The Pentagon has a permanent memorial right outside where the plane hit. Ground Zero is the victims', families' cemetary. They didn't have a body to bury. This is all they have. And this year may have been the last year for the procession into Ground Zero by the families and the last year for the WTC Memorial lights *see picture in first post*. I don't know about anyone else here, but until there is AT LEAST a permanent memorial for the victims, they can't take away the lights.


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peter wrote:

But what you say is wrong, these people don't have the lives that you lead. They believe that your religion is wrong the same way you think that they are wrong. What difference is there that they killed Americans on home soil when you send a troops over there to kill insurgents on their soil.

Ok...I really need to comment on this because this post bothered me a lot. God forgive me, but the religion they follow IS sick and twisted. What kind of God requires that you kill THOUSANDS of INNOCENT people to get into heaven? The leaders of this group used (and still do) their religion to brainwash people into willingly dying to kill thousands.

And Osama Bin Laden DESERVES to die after what he did to us. I can name at least 5 FAMILIES that I know personally who LOST someone. I know PERSONALLY at least 15 people who were there 1-10 blocks away from the WTC on that day. You're going to tell me that a mass murder like Bin Laden doesn't deserve to die? Especially since he is PROUD as HELL for what he did.

And you want to know the difference between killing these people on American soil and killing soldiers on a battle field? Its the fact that those people that died that day. Their jobs wweren't to die for their countries. Their jobs weren't to defend their country, their families, and their freedom. Those people that died that day were innocent, everyday people. Whereas killing soldiers on a battle field in a war (as absoluely horrible as it is) is different. Those people have decided to become soldiers and to die for what they believe in. On 9/11 those were the innocents. I know too many people who lost someone that day and I almost lost too many people to ever agree with this post.

This thread was meant to share your memories of that day, your feelings about the day, and, most importantly, to remember all those who have died. RD is right, if you want to start a thread on this topic then go ahead.


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Cujo wrote:

thanks for making this thread MandoGirl415,
Its always important to reflect and remember those who where lost.  I was in a Med library at the hospital where i worked and did not even know the U.S. had been attacked until i saw all my co-workers were huddled around the tv.
A very surreal day, my brother was there but got out in time, he still is very distant when you ask him about it. His recollection of the day is quite gruesome.

I was sorta nervous about making this thread. I wasn't sure if it would be allowed. However, I am glad I did now.
I am very happy that your brother was able to get out, and please tell him that every September 11th I'll be thinking of him.
My Aunt worked 5 blocks from the Trade Center she saw everything. We were so scared for her. My dad would have been under the Trade Center in the train station when the plane hit, but he took off for my brother's first day of school. God knows what would have happened had he decided to go into work. One of my best friend's mother went into work late to take my friend to school, so she was never able to make it into the city...she worked in the second tower on the floors the plane impacted. She lost all of her friends that she worked with. By the will of God she is alive today.

Ralin Drakus wrote:

Great thread MadoGirl.  I really felt bad when I realized what day it was.....had completely spaced on it in the days up to now.

I was in Cape Cod at the time...we were supposed to fly home the very next day.  When I woke up i heard something about a plane hitting the World Trade Center, and the first thing to pop into my mind was some tiny, single engine plane had probably bumped into one of the buildings, and the newsies were exaggerating as usual.  But when I turned on the TV.....all the smoke.....and then just a minute after I turned it on the second plane hit...................just turned my world upside down

Was the day I really began to seriously consider joining the military myself...

Everyone pictured a small single engined plane when they first heard the news. We thought it was an accident at first, but it was obvious once the second plane hit.

BFFC-Draco wrote:

I remember spending the entire day thinking of ways to kill Osama. I would still love to.

I think we all would love a crack at him. I couldn't agree with you more Draco.

Commander Appo wrote:

I remember exactly what happened that day. I was in kindergarten and my mom had come downstairs crying, telling me to turn on the news. My dad had worked a block away from the WTC, so she was worried that he had died. I turned on the news and I saw the Towers fall. It was the most horrible thing I have ever seen.

I am very sorry you had to experience this event at such a young age. I am very happy that your father made it out safely though. I will think of him every September 11th, it must still bother him at times. Especially when the anniversary comes around.


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Si Titran wrote:


I second that motion! Yea I have a math test on monday that i am most likely not gonna do well in cause my teacher kinda sucks. If you don;t get what she is explaining she just goes "I don't understand what the problem is, it can't be any simpler than this"...so yea great help that was.


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Seven years ago today, terrorists flew four planes into the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and a field in Shankeville, PA. I remember exactly what I did that day, and what I even had for lunch and where I ate it that day. I just wanted to say to the Americans on this board Never Forget and curious to know if anyone remembers where they were when it happened.



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Mandalore Hunter wrote:

Mandogirl, that made me rotflol, I don't think there's a high enough number to rate it...so, pi...

LOL thank you MH!! I'm glad you found it so funny!


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i HATE it when your school assigns you the worst teachers in the school and on the very first day of school you have 5 hours worth of homework. I also hate how the summer flies by and yet the school year lasts 2 eternities.


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Ralin Drakus wrote:
BFFC-Draco wrote:
Fett_II wrote:

it's right here.

That's the first thing that came up when I Googled it too.

what was the first thing you thought of?  John Wayne or gangsters?

And no brownie points for you, Google is cheating  tongue

John Wayne...my favoritve actor big_smile


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I like yours jumpy!! 9/10!


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I recognize it...but i don't know why...if no one knows it RD please tell us sad


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I love yours Mandal! 10/10!!

Werda Verd, awesome! 9.5/10


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I agree with Draco. I believe that God INDUCED evolution. In the creation of the universe, the Bible says that God created it in 7 days...who knows how long 7 days is to God? For all we know it could have been BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of years that the Bible is refering to.

lol. I have to agree Appo. I like the clones with a witty personality (Scorch and Fi), the sweet ones (Darman), and even the slightly frightening ones, (Sev big_smile)


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Devil Girl wrote:

Thanks Terra big_smile

Eek I dread to think what the third item will be.

Edited to add, Nope after reading something on another forum that I post on (a lovely lady who is really having a challenging time with her autistic son and not getting any help) I have nothing to moan about. I have even met her and her son, it is so sad as he was such a happy wee boy but then she said seemingly overnight he changed and now he is nothing like how he used to be.

It even makes it easier for me to deal with Devil Boys fowl mood that he has been in for the last week.

oh my god...That makes me so sad. Its only after you hear something like THAT the you realize that your problems are insignificant. I know that my problems are meaningless now. Please tell this woman that she is in our thought and prayers.


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I ahve Empire at War and Empire at War: Forces of Coruption. They are both very good Sev, so keep looking wink And Halo Wars looks pretty good. My brother will end up buying it and then I'll end up playing it smile


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No i am not from Jersey, i thought you meant you hated everyone here as in the site. I am a New Yorker (and proud of it) sorry about the misunderstanding Si smile

I hate it when people who used to hate you suddenly try to be your new best friend (and try even harder to be subtle at being more than that.)

Red Ring of Death happened to me...I had to send my 360 away and didn't get it back for like 2 months...it was a very depressing time.


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Si why do you hate everyone here?


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BFFC-Draco wrote:

I hate animal cruelty, especially the fur trade. I also hate PETA.

Me too draco.