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Welcome fett.horn/fan87!!

I hope you feel welcome here and have fun smile

I wish I'd heard of Infamous...everyone else seems to have had.


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hat. So Boba put on his purple cashmere scarf and proceeded to...


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I would LOVE to be a singer, everyone I know says I have the ability.

I'd also love to be a marine biologist or a forensic scientist, both professions have appealed to me for years...I'd like to be a tornado chaser too. I think they're so awesomely beautiful.

While I'm at it I wish I could be a Jedi turned Mando. That way I could epically win at everything.


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I love Christmas! It's the ONE time that I get to see most of my family in the same room. I never see them. So knowing that I'll have 3/4 of my family at my house to celebrate something is a spirit lifter.

The music is also wonderful (the good ones anyway). It always makes me feel happy and gets me into the Christmas spirit.

Lastly, it gets most of my friends together. I ususally see friends in intervals, never all at the same time. For Christmas we all get together to have our own Christmas party and we just have fun with eachother.

So yes. I personally love Christmas. It's one of my favorite Holidays.


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Manji_Ninja wrote:

Ummm... nope. My eyes wouldn't deceive me!

LOL I made that post back in April. Trust me....Michael Jackson was NOT my avatar back in april lol.


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HAHAHAHAHA That wasn't what my Avatar was when I posted that last post.


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True Warrior wrote:

I always believed and percieved Michael as a molesting pedifile, but I've also always honored him as a genuis artist of our musical generation. But now as Im seeing so many interviews and news coverage on his pedifile trials, Im convinced that he was never a sexual person at all. I believe that the man had some obvious problems and twisted perceptions on his own reality. One of which was that he fantasized about being a young kid with such innocence and purity. After all, with a history like Michael's, its easy to become confused.
So I have come to the conclusion that I truly believe that he didnt molest those kids since his life revolved around trying to live in a fantasy of innocence. I also think that Michael's main goal in life was to help the children of the world and assist their lives into becoming more close to a Disney movie than ever before. I also dont believe that he was gay, I think he was metro-sexual.
Regardless of the truth, my opinion really mean nothing. 
Michael Jackson was a great, inspirational, black musician who has contributed more to the world than most poeple knew. So I give my honest apologies to my judgements of a confused, lost soul..........and I give my utmost respect to the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson. 1958-2009


THANK YOU! That is EXACTLY how I feel now. I always beleived him to be a pedofile up until recently when I saw interviews with him, especially the one when he decides to climb a tree in is "backyard" for a news reporter. I mean he got so incredibly excited and just literally BOLTED up the tree. And then so incredibly innocently and child-like he asks the reporter:

"Are you coming?"
"Most certainly not"
"You don't climb trees?"
"No I do not"
"You're missing out"

That is just such an incredibly child-like answer. I personally don't believe he was capable of any type of sexual act. As my mom and I say, we believe him to be asexual. And yes, he was a little...eccentric, if not crazy, but in truth, many very talented people are even just a little crazy. He was such a tortured individual, I hope he has found peace now.

It is really sad he died, I'm actually having a difficult time wrapping my mind around it. I'm a big fan of him, his music, and especially his performances. He has to be one of the best, if not the best, entertainer that ever lived.

RIP Michael, the King of Pop. You will be dearly missed, but will live on through your music.


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I personally loved it. It had awesome action, CGI, and plot. I was personlly un-offended by th twins and thought they were quite funny.

i thought it was better than the first. And I have a new found respect for Optimus for it. I will admit that I kind of...cried when they killed him...yes I am weird but the friends I saw it with reacted the same way so I can't take all the blame


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I have to say, after hearign everyone bash it I wasn't expecting much. But I personally thought it was REALLY good. I mean it was definately better than the third one, but I really thought this movie was really good. I didn't understand all the hate for it.

And I loved Sam Worthington (Marcus Wright). I mean...c'mon! He was...somethin' alright. big_smile


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o_O...wow...this just shows I don't spend enough time on here. The site looks AMAZING!!!!! big_smile


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BFFC-Mel wrote:

I loved the Wolverine movie, but then the fact that Hugh Jackman got naked probably helps tongue

Amen to that.

I thought it was a decent movie. Not as amazing as I thought it would be, but decent. The only reason I LOVED it was the above reason...I mean c'mon what more can I ask for? tongue

Action was good, as well as the acting. The CGI wasn't bad in my opinion.

Overall I gave it a 7/10


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Omg! That sounds adorable! Your kids are lucky to have you for a mommy wink

Yes I do live in the Big Apple...and very proud of that fact as well. One of the advantages is the famous people hiding in the crowd. It's like playing "Where's  Waldo" looking for famous people...and that is something I am constantly doing big_smile

I've never seen a "fake" iTouch. I'm guessing it doesn't really work all that differently from a "real" one. I use mine for music, movies, the MANY Bon Jovi vids I have, and whatever free games I can squeeze out of Apple.


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I'm very sure it was him. At first I'm like "Hmmm...he looks like Samuel L. Jackson". Then I'm thought "Wait...he REALLY looks like Samuel L. Jackson...I think that was Samuel L. Jackson". I walked passed a couple of cops and they said "You know that was Samuel L. Jackson that just passed you right?" I started to hyperventalate and nearly fainted lol.

I got a couple of things. I got V for Vendetta on DVD, tickets to see South Pacific, and an iTouch (the one i was MOST shocked about) It was easily THE best birthday I ever had.

AAWWWW Happy first to your little one Terra!! She sounds absolutely adorable! Thanks for more bithday props big_smile


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LOL! Oh my God....that image is now in my head...and is majorly amusing.

Thanks for the birthday props smile


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OH MY GOD!!! I WENT INTO MANHATTAN YESTERDAY FOR MY BIRTHDAY AND I WALKED RIGHT PASSED SAMUEL L. JACKSON!!!! I NEARLY FAINTED!!! If only i hadn't passed him while in the middle of the street I woulda guilted him into taking a picture with me and signing something...


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Today's my 16th birthday big_smile


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I love yours Fett_II! I JUST saw that movie yesterday. It was awesome! 9.5/10

By the way...did my Avatar change? Cause on my end it keeps reverting back to my old Av


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Oh! I've seen the Blues Brothers! big_smile Good movie wink


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Happy be-lated Easter!

I ate penne alla vodka for dinner....it was goooood. And I had some ham and turkey...yummy smile


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You see....at first i was skepticle that it was an April Fools prank...I should have gone with my first guess. That is what all of my teachers have always said to do.

I laughed after the fact...but at the time I was very sad after I let my over-active brain over-ride my instincts

Definatly Vamp


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Masterchief, your only 13. If you ask me your too young to even be thinking about getting a girlfriend. Enjoy being a kid while it lasts! You have PLENTY of time to think about girls.

I am turning 16 in April...and I won't have a boyfriend for my Sweet 16 party...THAT has me REALLY depressed. sad And I have never had a boyfriend before...so it's not like I can even say that i was broken up with before my sweet 16 came around.


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Oh my God! The sequel is already due out?! I need to read "Order 66"! I had been waiting for it to come out on paperback....thank God the paperback is due out May 19th. I have some speed reading to do now.

The cover looks pretty cool...but i couldn't read the summery and risk spoiling anything tongue


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HAHAHAHA I love your's Appo! 10/10 one of my favorite lines from Search for Group big_smile


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I love your s tachyonblade! That's an awesome headshot of the Fett! 9/10!