Ralin Drakus wrote:
MandoGirl0415 wrote:

I think i would like to live on Manaan since i LOVE the water/ocean.

There's plenty of water on Komino, but might not be the best choice if you like sunlight    tongue

lol yea i like sunlight every now and then wink


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I DO! I don't usually like bugs, but he looks really cute actually. i give it an 8.5/10


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Masterchief wrote:

............when you're new.

I was the same.

Everyone gets over it.

You'll cope. smile

LOL, that sounds like something a friend of mine would say to me LOL. thanks

I think i would like to live on Manaan since i LOVE the water/ocean.


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oops...i thought i clicked edit...srry won't happen again

awww i feel sooo loved smile Thanks you guys!!!!


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but i AM a girl


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Ralin Drakus wrote:

lol, I thought your user name made it obvious, but you never know.............


lol..yea i forgot to mention that. i can be a little absent minded sometimes lol


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I don't have any friends yet cause, as you know, i am like a week old on the site lol


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i don't have a b/f...not really rushing to either. yea i want one and all but i don't want to get one then he's a jerk to me. and i don't want to date just anyone i want to actually feel something for the guy. so don't worry, u'll get one soon enough


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I'm a girl, and proud of it smile well my obsession with the Fett might make that obvious wink


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i might as well give it a shot wink

Valthonin wrote:

Mutt Williams and the Search for More Money

LOL...wow i needed that

I loved it when Jango, Boba, and the clones came in. I must say i am obsessed with them tongue

...i love shia dearly but NO! NO ONE replaces indy!!!!


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that was cruel...but i will admit that was a tiny bit funny. I almost started to cry sad...but i am better now big_smile


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now that i think about it...its kinda hard to decide...i think i am actually on the fence with this


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Boba hands down


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mine is the Deecee 17, like the ones the Republic Commandos have because of its easy switch from blaster rifle, to sniper rifle, to the anti armor.


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its nice to be among fellow fett fans big_smile


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Mine started when I saw Attack of the Clones. I loved Jango and when he died...i was soo sad...then i saw how upset poor boba was...and i was even more sad and i sympathized for him. Once i saw the later ones i was like "wow boba's cool". And ever since i have been a big Fett fan.