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Karson Fett wrote:

{SMILES} I wish I could do that, when I get mad I stay mad for a little bit, then come back later an say sorry.
My Civics teacher is like that.

lol i wish my teachers were like that


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-F3TT- wrote:

HAHAHAHA! *hugs*
I don't watch TMNT,but this is awesome.Great point. smile

....someone else i KNEW would be one to laugh at me lol. Good to know u at least think i made a good point. wink no hard feelings cause u gave me a hug afterwards smile


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Sev Fett wrote:

Geez.  My reputation proceeds me.  I love how you apologize for insulting me when I was in fact the insulter in the first case.

But seriously all I know is that the bad samurai dude has an alien in his stomach.

Sorry, that is just my nature. I can't hurt a friends feelings without apologizing soon after lol. And LOL i don't know much either, just enough to compare my delta boys a little bit. wink


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Sev Fett wrote:

Well I haven't really watched the shows.  Don't think Raphael was THAT obsessed with killing.  That aside...


no jk.  tongue

LOL i KNEW you'd be the one to do that!!!! LOL no hard feelings that was funny smile


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I would have to say Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi


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mine is:

"As you wish."


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LOL i agree

*WHEW* i am just glad you didn't laugh at me lol wink


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Yes...many of you might laugh at me for this comparrison, (especially if you are not familiar with the show) but i found that the characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are kinda like Delta Squad.

Leonardo: Boss

Donatello: Fixer

Michelangelo: Scorch

Raphael: Sev

Yes I know it is a bizzare comparrison but i can't help it...fell free to laugh at me lol wink


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does Halo 3 count? cause if so, yea halo 3 for me lol wink If not then Call of Duty 3

(off topic, but -F3TT-, love the new icon)

Sev Fett wrote:

Man I think Ordo is crazy.  I love Fi's quote about him.  "He'll rip your arm off and hit you with the soggy end."

Or something like that.  Had me rolling around.  Because it's true.  I like the game he got into at the end with the ARC that he had taken out at the beginning.  And then there was the one where Fi or someone was making fun of his kama.

LOL yea that quote about Ordo sounds about right. And it was Fi making fun of his kama, he called it a skirt lol

Werda Verd wrote:

Jangotat's not bad, but I freaking love the Nulls.

i COMPLELTEY agree, the Nulls are beyond awesome and i share your love for them. if i had to pick a favorite Null, it would be a tie between Ordo and Mereel.


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Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:
MandoGirl0415 wrote:

i am OBSESSED with clones, especially commandos...

Wow...You just described me.

lol, YAY!! I have that in common with someone!!! ur my new friend lol jk


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-F3TT- wrote:

It is nice to see I'm friend of someones! Thank you Mando Girl!

just speaking the truth -F3TT- wink I'm a Mando of honor lol

Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

((But (one of) my fav ARC trooper would be Jangotat who appeared in the novel: The Cestus Deception. But thats as much as I can narrow it down))

Oh yea i remember him! He was cool too wink


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Sev Fett wrote:

Gah!   Reminds me of the original Medal of Honor for Playstation.  Curse those German Sheperds...

LOL!!! Too true

Sev Fett wrote:

Pretty much.  Ugh it was terrible.  The loss of a good man.  But maybe there is hope for him.  We notice Venku was wearing some of his armor so...

i really hope he is able to regain the skills he lost, this is gonna sound rediculous but i was really disturbed by what happened to him. And they were ready to pull the plug too! after that book i pretty much turned my back on the republic and most of the jedi order and all my alligence was transferred to the Mandos and the GAR.

And its good to hear ur favs too -F3TT-!

Omega is my second favorite squad and Fi is my second fav trooper he really is so funny and, if u read what happened to him in "True Colors", i was pretty much devastated


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i absolutely can't wait. i have loved this series from the beginning. i am OBSESSED with clones, especially commandoes...i am counting down the days!


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i think trandoshans are cool...but they scare me half to death in Republic Commando

revan07 wrote:

my favorite clone
commander cody
favorite squad/ legion
501st legion

the 501st is cool too

-F3TT- wrote:

Thank you,Mando Girl.Nice to see you on boards. smile

ur welcome

Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

I think Mustafar would be better though, build some bases in the mountains, lava could be a good deterrent...And you don't have to pay a heating bill tongue

LOL, very true

-F3TT- wrote:
Karson Fett wrote:


It is. smile
Is manaan in KOTOR? *Sorry,that's not in topic...*

yes it is


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I like the:
Jedi Order
the GAR

Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Sev would be my second favorite, then Boss, and i just dont think i like fixer...Hes cool, but he doesn't really bring much personality to it.

lol i agree he is cool and all but no real personality and too by the book